Battle for Warsaw: 1939-1944

Battle for Warsaw: 1939-1944

by Michael Alfred Peszke

ISBN-10: 0880333243

ISBN-13: 9780880333245

Pub. Date: 10/01/1995

Publisher: Eastern European Monographs

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Eastern European Monographs
Publication date:
East European Monographs, #42
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5.71(w) x 8.66(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

1Historical Background1
2The First Campaign, 1921-September 193911
3The Second Campaign: In France, October 1939-June 194035
4The Beginnings of the Third and Final Campaign, June 1940-June 194165
5Attempt to Implement Strategic Goals, June 1941-Late 194387
6Strategic Plans Go Awry, Early 1943-Late 1943129
7Only Hope Remained Now, Early 1944-August 1944157
8The Warsaw Uprising Fails, Only Allied Loyalty Remains, August 1944-May 1945189
App. 1 Polish-British Treaty of Mutual Security255
App. 2 First Polish-French Military Agreement258
App. 3 Polish-United Kingdom Naval Agreement259
App. 4 Polish-French Agreement Regarding the Land Forces261
App. 5 Polish-French and Polish-United Kingdom Air Agreements263
App. 6 Polish-British Land Forces Agreement272
App. 7 Polish-Soviet Military Agreement275
App. 8 Revised Polish-British Air Force Agreement277
App. 9 O. de B. of the Polish Armed Forces in September 1939284
App. 10 O. de B. of the Polish Armed Forces in May 1945287
App. 11 Losses Suffered by the Polish Armed Forces in Exile293
App. 12 Military Debt to the British294
App. 13 Women in Military Service295
Chronological Table of Significant Events297

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