Battlecade: Extreme Fighting - Extreme Music Soundtrack

Battlecade: Extreme Fighting - Extreme Music Soundtrack


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Pavement Records


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Crowbar   Track Performer
Fear of God   Track Performer
Malevolent Creation   Track Performer
Solitude Aeturnus   Track Performer
Internal Bleeding   Track Performer
L.U.N.G.S.   Track Performer
Ugly Stick   Track Performer
Crawl   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Crowbar   Producer
Fear of God   Contributor
Malevolent Creation   Producer
Solitude Aeturnus   Producer
Steve Haigler   Producer
Lenny Moore   Producer
Mark Nawara   Producer
Mark Pinske   Producer
Internal Bleeding   Producer
L.U.N.G.S.   Contributor
Phil Anselmo   Producer
Ugly Stick   Producer,Contributor
Phil Fasciana   Composer
Jason Blachowicz   Composer
Dug   Producer
Crawl   Producer
Eric James   Producer
Jon Rubin   Composer
Dawn Crosby   Producer
Paul Johnston   Producer

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