Bay and Her Boys: Unexpected Lessons I Learned as a (Single) Mom

Bay and Her Boys: Unexpected Lessons I Learned as a (Single) Mom

by Bay Buchanan

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Conservative leader Bay Buchanan shares the real meaning of family values—the joys, struggles, and lessons she experienced as a single mother to three sons   See more details below


Conservative leader Bay Buchanan shares the real meaning of family values—the joys, struggles, and lessons she experienced as a single mother to three sons 

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From the Publisher
Donna Brazile, veteran Democratic political strategist
“In her latest book, GOP political guru and former U.S. Treasurer Bay Buchanan goes behind the scenes to discuss her remarkable family. Bay and Her Boys is a practical, common sense guide to raising kids single-handily in a modern family. No matter if you’re a single Mom or married with kids or expecting kids soon, Bay and Her Boys will inspire you with heartwarming stories of her devotion to her children.”

Library Journal, 4/30/12
“[Buchanan] gives readers a touching look into her (at times) tumultuous home and combines these stories with ‘eight rules for single parenting.’ Of course, not every reader will agree with her views…but she makes no apologies for her beliefs and the text never reads arrogantly. Her style is inviting and humorous…Her advice is in line with the best of child development experts, and her honesty and pure stamina are evident throughout. Bravo, Bay!”
Hudson Valley News, 4/26/12
“A practical guide to parenting. [Buchanan’s] tough-love book is often wise, often funny. Bay’s rules and anecdotes will help any harassed mother take charge of her life—and do a better job. What better time of year than Mother’s Day to read a book like this?”, 5/3/12
“Straightforwardly written and forthright in expression…May be useful for single parents in confirming that they are on the right track…When Buchanan writes that ‘my boys brought out the best in me,’ she sounds sincere—and she clearly brought out the best in them in a variety of ways.”
Bookviews (blog), May 2012
“The book offers some very good advice for all mothers, single or married.”
Newsweek, 5/14/12
“Bay Buchanan has waded into the Mommy Wars with characteristic fearlessness, and her take might surprise you…Buchanan’s conservative credentials are gold-plated. Yet in her emotionally powerful new book, Bay and Her Boys, Buchanan rejects an ideological approach to the family…Buchanan has written an unvarnished, at times heartbreaking, account of a young mother whose husband left her with boys who were 4 and 2—and with a third boy on the way. She doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges.”
Buffalo News, 5/5/12
“[Buchanan] has landed squarely in the middle of the zeitgeist with her new book on single motherhood…In her book, Buchanan offers lessons and advice culled from her personal experiences—which are painted in vivid, and sometimes hilarious, detail.”, 5/13/12
“In Bay and Her Boys, we get a fascinating view of what Bay herself surely wished she could have seen that dreadful first day: just what happens when a sharp analytical mind and a truly indomitable will turn to attack full-force the problem of bringing three boys across the ocean of a fatherless childhood…A bittersweet testimony to the importance of family…The book is an often funny, often incredible testimony to the force of a full-throated ‘yes’ to life and family, even after a family has been broken…A fascinating tribute to the power of motherhood—single or married—and a heartening encouragement to all moms who feel beaten by the odds.”, 5/14/12
“An insightful, candid guide to bringing up kids, whether for a single or married mother or father.”
Politics and Patriotism, 5/22/12
“A revealing autobiographical journey…[Buchanan’s] narrative is passionate, pugnacious, and persuasive. There’s a lot of food for thought in these pages. This book would be useful to any single parent, regardless of gender.”

Hollywood on the Potomac Blog, 6/3/12
“The first step by a prominent conservative to be there for all mothers: standing with them, inspiring them, and arming them with tools that will help their kids succeed in life.”

Townhall, June 2012“Offers a solution to the problems of single parenting while documenting [Buchanan’s] own journey as a single mom…Provides a conservative approach to parenting as a single mom from someone who has been through it herself.”

Midwest Book Review, June 2012“Packed with striking moments and discussions of family values, a mother's role, and how mothers can have family and career options alike, with a little support.”

Book Review, 6/20/12
“This book…shows that a single parent can raise children successfully…This is an outstanding book for single parents looking for inspiration.”

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