Bayou Classic 7438 20 Inch Round Skillet

Bayou Classic 7438 20 Inch Round Skillet


There s a reason serious chefs often choose cast iron cookware over styles that are made with more modern materials. Pieces of high-quality cast iron cooking equipment like this Bayou Classic 20 Inch Jumbo Cast Iron Skillet provide much more even heat distribution than contemporary non-stick models and when properly cared for will last almost indefinitely. You also have the ability to use this skillet both indoors and outdoors something that isn t usually possible with your average pan. Bayou Classic has been dedicated to providing reliable cast iron cooking equipment for more than twenty years. So whether you re looking to bake a pie for your family or cook up enough chili to feed a crowd of fifty they ve got the tools to help you do it. Skillets roasting pans griddles - you name it and you re sure to find one in their collection. You simply won t find a better outdoor culinary resource. 20 Inch Jumbo Cast Iron Skillet. Approximately: 3 D x 20 Dia.

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