BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions 1977-1979: Movement

BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions 1977-1979: Movement

A collection of Peel Sessions featuring such electrifying acts as the Jam, Adam & the Ants, Penetration, and Magazine could hardly go wrong, and indeed, BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions 1977-1979: Movement is the next best thing to taking a time machine


A collection of Peel Sessions featuring such electrifying acts as the Jam, Adam & the Ants, Penetration, and Magazine could hardly go wrong, and indeed, BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions 1977-1979: Movement is the next best thing to taking a time machine back to the heyday of British and Irish punk and new wave. Along with expected standouts such as the Buzzcocks' "What Do I Get?" and Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Hong Kong Garden," incendiary performances from slightly less venerated acts as the Slits' simultaneously alluring and threatening "Love and Romance," the Adverts' relentless "Gary Gilmore's Eyes," and the Rezillos' sly "Top of the Pops" make Movement comprehensive and essential for fans of classic punk. As the set progresses, it traces the style's evolution as it spawned post-punk (including such definitive songs as Joy Division's "Transmission" and Public Image Ltd.'s "Poptones") and synth pop (à la Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark's "Messages"), and embraced ska and reggae (especially effectively on the Specials' "Gangsters" and UB40's "Food for Thought"). Taken all together, BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions 1977-1979: Movement is equally dynamic and eclectic, and a must for anyone interested in any of these styles.

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Disc 1

  1. In the City
  2. What Do I Get?
  3. Youth Youth Youth
  4. No More Heroes
  5. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
  6. Love and Romance
  7. Science Friction
  8. She's a Wind Up
  9. Don't Take No For an Answer
  10. Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll
  11. Deutscher Girls
  12. Hong Kong Garden
  13. Another Girl Another Planet
  14. Get Over You
  15. Top of the Pops
  16. Love and a Molotov Cocktail
  17. Sound of the Suburbs
  18. Alternative Ulster
  19. The Saints Are Coming
  20. We Are the People
  21. S.U.S.
  22. Homicide
  23. Reader's Wives

Disc 2

  1. Movement
  2. Goodbye Joe/Strange Boutique
  3. The Other Window
  4. The Light Pours Out of Me
  5. Transmission
  6. Wardance
  7. Being Boiled
  8. Messages
  9. Sister Europe
  10. Premonition
  11. Poptones
  12. Jah Pickney (Rock Against Racism)
  13. It's Not Our Wish
  14. Food For Thought
  15. Gangsters
  16. The Prince
  17. Street Feeling
  18. Ranking Full Stop

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Barry Adamson   Bass
Adam Ant   Guitar,Vocals
Billy Idol   Vocals
Colin Newman   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Robinson   Bass,Vocals
Dave Wakeling   Guitar,Vocals
Howard Devoto   Vocals
Bruce Gilbert   Guitar
Bruce Foxton   Bass,Background Vocals
Wilko Johnson   Guitar
Graham Lewis   Bass
Pauline Murray   Vocals
Andy Partridge   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Shelley   Guitar
Feargal Sharkey   Vocals
Ranking Roger   Percussion,Vocals
Philip Oakey   Vocals
Stuart Adamson   Guitar
Gaye Advert   Bass,Background Vocals
Viv Albertine   Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Compton Amanor   Guitar
Mark Ambler   Keyboards
Barry Andrews   Keyboards,Saxophone
John Ashton   Guitar
Martin Atkins   Drums
Mike Barson   Keyboards
Mark Bedford   Bass
Nigel Bennett   Guitar,Vocals
Jet Black   Drums
Pauline Black   Vocals
Robert Blamire   Bass
John Bradbury   Percussion,Drums
Mickey Bradley   Bass,Background Vocals
Lee Brilleaux   Vocals
Desmond Brown   Keyboards
Selwyn Brown   Organ
Rick Buckler   Drums
Charlie Burchill   Guitar
Jake Burns   Guitar,Vocals
Tim Butler   Bass
Jo Callis   Guitar,Background Vocals
Robin Campbell   Guitar,Background Vocals
Nick Cash   Guitar,Vocals
Terry Chambers   Drums
John Cooper Clarke   Vocals
Henry Cluney   Guitar,Vocals
Andy Cox   Guitar,Vocals
Ian Curtis   Guitar,Vocals
Jerry Dammers   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Guy Days   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Diggle   Guitar
Laurie Driver   Drums
Earl Falconer   Bass
Brian Faloon   Drums
Fay Fife   Vocals
Derek Forbes   Bass
Chris Foreman   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Formula   Keyboards
Steve Forsten   Bass
Brinsley Forde   Guitar,Vocals
Basil Gabbidon   Guitar
Angus Gaye   Drums,Vocals
Lynval Golding   Guitar,Background Vocals
Robert Gotobed   Drums
Dave Greenfield   Organ,Piano,Vocals
Terry Hall   Vocals
Norman Hassan   Percussion
David Hinds   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Hook   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Martin Jackson   Drums
Jah Wobble   Bass
Tony James   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Jobson   Vocals
Rod Johnson   Drums
Tom Kellichan   Drums
Jim Kerr   Vocals
Duncan Kilburn   Saxophone
Adrian Lillywhite   Drums
John Lydon   Vocals
Candy Mackenzie   Vocals
John Maher   Drums
Alan Mair   Bass
Andy McCluskey   Bass,Vocals
Brian McGee   Drums
John McGeoch   Guitar
John McKay   Guitar
Ali McMordie   Bass,Guitar
Ronnie McQueen   Bass
Roger Morris   Guitar
Everett Morton   Drums
Colin Moulding   Bass,Vocals
William Mysterious   Bass,Background Vocals
Neil O'Connor   Rhythm Guitar
Damian O'Neill   Guitar,Background Vocals
John O'Neill   Rhythm Guitar
George Oban   Bass
Malcolm Owen   Vocals
Horace Panter   Bass
Angel Paterson   Drums,Background Vocals
Paul Weller   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Perrett   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
John Perry   Guitar
Howard Pickup   Guitar,Background Vocals
Fred Purser   Guitar,Background Vocals
Roddy Radiation   Guitar
Eugene Reynolds   Vocals
Dave Ruffy   Drums,Background Vocals
Steven Severin   Bass
William Simpson   Bass
Gary Smallman   Drums
Garth Smith   Bass
TV Smith   Vocals
John B. Sparks   Bass
Neville Staple   Percussion,Vocals
Nicky Tesco   Vocals
Lee Thompson   Saxophone,Vocals
John Towe   Drums
Brian Travers   Saxophone
Ari Up   Vocals
Michael Virtue   Keyboards
Martyn Ware   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Vocals
Richard Butler   Vocals
Hugh Cornwell   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Brown   Drums,Background Vocals
Neol Davies   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Humphries   Keyboards,Vocals
Stephen Morris   Drums
Bernard Sumner   Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar
Big Figure   Drums
Johnny Bivouac   Guitar
Dave Steele   Bass
Mike Kellie   Drums
Keith Levine   Synthesizer,Guitar
Joe Hughes   Bass
Jon Watson   Bass
Dave Freeman   Guitar
Jean-Marie Carroll   Guitar,Vocals
Pete King   Drums
Jean Jacques Burnel   Bass,Vocals
Paul Fox   Guitar,Vocals
Siouxsie   Vocals
Andy Warren   Bass
Tony Gadd   Keyboards,Vocals
Chris Payne   Bass,Vocals
Charley Anderson   Bass,Background Vocals
Billy Doherty   Drums
Ian Marsh   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Vocals
Alistair Campbell   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Kenny Morris   Drums
Geordie aka A. Lizzard   Guitar,Vocals
Gappa Hendrickson   Vocals
Donnal Benjamin   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Barbe   Drums
Danny Kurstow   Guitar,Background Vocals
Charlie Bernbridge "Charley H"   Drums
Bunny Mackenzie   Harmonica,Vocals
Brian Dolphine Taylor   Drums,Background Vocals
Big Paul   Drums,Vocals
Alfonso Martin   Percussion
Stanley Erraught   Drums
Neil Floyd   Rhythm Guitar
Ray "Mond" Cowie   Guitar
Mick Monelli   Keyboards
Michael Riley   Percussion,Background Vocals
Tom "Mensi" Mensforth   Vocals
Jazz Coleman   Keyboards,Vocals
Vince "Segs" Jennings   Bass,Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Killing Joke   Composer
UB40   Composer
Keith Levene   Composer
Marc Riley   Liner Notes
Bob Sargeant   Producer
Stuart Adamson   Composer
Lee Brilleaux   Composer
Malcolm Brown   Producer
John Etchells   Producer
Jeff Griffin   Producer
Chaz Jankel   Composer
Richard Jobson   Composer
Chris Lycett   Producer
John Lydon   Composer
John Mayo   Composer
Andy McCluskey   drum machine
Paul Weller   Composer
Mike Robinson   Producer,Engineer
TV Smith   Composer
John B. Sparks   Composer
Ari Up   Composer
Tony Wilson   Producer
Ted de Bono   Engineer
Nick Gomm   Engineer
Neol Davies   Composer
G. Lewis   Composer
John Sparrow   Producer
Bill Aitken   Engineer
John Martin   Composer
Jim Walker   Composer
Darren Evans   Artwork
Trevor Dann   Producer
Humphreys   Composer
Wakeling   Composer
D. Hinds   Composer
Burnel   Composer
Callis   Composer
Ogilvie   Composer
John Wardle   Composer
Dave Dade   Engineer
Helen Owens   Marketing
Pollitt   Composer
Stephen Nelson   Producer,Engineer

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