Be My Love

Be My Love

by Dorothy Squires

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Sepia Recordings


  1. Sweet Dreams to You (To You Sweet Dreams)
  2. Save a Piece of Wedding Cake for Me
  3. My Man Didn't Come Back
  4. I Get Along With Somebody Else
  5. After All
  6. It's Spring Time Down Lover's Lane
  7. Here Comes Me
  8. I'd Give the World (To You Sweetheart)
  9. In All the World
  10. Maybe Someday
  11. Too-Whit! ...Too-Whoo
  12. Say Goodnight But Not Goodbye  -  Billy Reid & His Orchestra
  13. You Shouldn't Have Kissed Me  -  Billy Reid & His Orchestra
  14. We All Have a Song in Our Hearts  -  Billy Reid & His Orchestra
  15. Halfway to Heaven  -  Billy Reid & His Orchestra
  16. Just Like a Gramophone Record  -  Billy Reid & His Orchestra
  17. I Remember the Cornfields  -  Billy Reid & His Orchestra
  18. Once in a While  -  Billy Reid & His Orchestra
  19. Be My Love
  20. My Resistance Is Low  -  Phil Green & His Orchestra
  21. I'll Never Know Why
  22. At the End of the Day
  23. The Little White Cloud That Cried
  24. Mistakes

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