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Be The Change

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by Morning Dove

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My Book is about becoming a SPIRITUAL CHANGE in this world. But first we must become a change within our selves. We, as individuals hold the key to change within our own spiritual blueprint we came to earth with. We are spiritual beings living in the material world, to experience life and to grow by resolving blocks in our minds. We come to earth to learn what we need…  See more details below


My Book is about becoming a SPIRITUAL CHANGE in this world. But first we must become a change within our selves. We, as individuals hold the key to change within our own spiritual blueprint we came to earth with. We are spiritual beings living in the material world, to experience life and to grow by resolving blocks in our minds. We come to earth to learn what we need and to rise in consciousness. God has many mansions, and we are looking to increase our ability to receive more of God's light. The pain of life is only for us to learn from, and rise above. When we rise above, we can receive more of God's light. When we see life differently, when we see the true value of what we can become, we no longer fear life. We experience it and grow and become more.

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BE The Change

By Morning Dove


Copyright © 2009 Morning Dove
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-3033-9

Chapter One


In explaining God to you I need you to understand that how you see things will determine how you understand the reality of God. Your level of consciousness or understanding is determined by how open your heart is to different ways of seeing things.

~God is Spirit and those that worship Him, worship Him in Spirit and in truth~

You might see God as an old man that sits on a throne or you might see him as one who is ready to judge and bring judgment upon your every wrong move. I don't know what your understanding is and so it is my desire to help you see Him in a new, and universal way. For years I had seen Him as most people and yet I feel that God has led me to this point where there is a need for Unity in this world and it is my desire that you will embrace a Universal Way in which all people on this earth can unite as ONE.

To understand God you need to understand that God created from a basic substance, which is described in the Bible as Light. But we can now understand through science that light is another word for energy and this is where my thoughts are going. Keep in mind that understanding some of what was written many years ago in the Bible could take on a new view in today's world. The message has more to understand than what was revealed so long ago.God is about always becoming more and so the Bible, as written so long ago, has hidden messages that can now come forth because God knows people are ready for a higher understanding. What I am saying is that the same concept of the different levels of energy, is similar in the different levels of understanding. So if you lived in the days of the Bible, lets say the Old Testament, you would have read certain truths that were written for your understanding but the same truths written today can be written for you to have a higher understanding. In the world God created a pattern and yet in the pattern He created form. Form comes in many different ways. From living to non-living, forms have patterns but beneath it all, everything is made from energy or God's light.

When I speak of energy I want you to begin to envision energy on different levels. Let's envision the steps in a ladder to make it simple. Each step represents energy of different vibrations. Our material world is made up of spiritual energies that have been lowered in vibration in order to take on the form God needed to create. So what I am saying is that there is a layered structure of energy in this world. Each layer is a different vibration. So if we keep going towards higher vibration we will ultimately rise to the very substance that created this earth, which is Light. But you may ask where did this light come from? I can only say that God created the light because in the beginning there was nothing but God. The Bible says,

"All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing that was made." (John 1:3)

God was all that existed in the beginning. I believe that God created the light out of his own being and therefore it is not different from or apart from God. The word "apart" will be used over and over again in this book because it is critical that you know you are not apart from God and never have been.

~Light is simply God wearing a mask in the form of many different created substances~

To see God and to know God, you need to open your eyes, for He is all around you and is in everything. Only the carnal mind or the ego tries to prevent you from seeing God in everything. To see God in his fullness you need to have the Christ mind. The Christ mind is a level of understanding that you can attain by growing closer to oneness with God.

God in His highest form is a state of pure Being, a state of pure consciousness. Since a lot of this book will refer to consciousness let me define it for you.

~Consciousness refers to your perception of something or the awareness you hold in your mind of yourself, the world and God~

Take for instance how there is a difference in the understanding between a child and an adult. A child sees things according to their level of understanding and an adult sees things according to their level of understanding. Understanding and perception is based on what they know about something and is influenced by experience, emotions, family, country, and nationality. So there are not only differences in understanding or consciousness between age groups but also in nationalities. Take for instance someone arriving from China and coming to the United States for school. Many times even language and choices of words for the same actions have different meanings as a whole, in different countries. This is why many things can be lost in translation. It's not always intentional but is how we explain the same thing in a different language or culture. Take a look at music. If you put the same words and the same notes with different key signatures, you have a different composition and the mood that it creates will be different. The same is with language.

~Language barriers exist because of our different understandings of the same expression~

Which is often according to the levels of understanding where we live and when we live on this earth. We could go on and on and write a book about "our differences" but my goal is to help you see why we see things at different levels of understanding and know that these different perceptions aren't necessarily all there is to know about something, nor are they the final analogy.

So if you take the picture of God and you ask 10 people who God is and what does He look like, and then you chose those 10 people from different religions and countries, you are going to get many different interpretations. The truth is that there is a Universal picture of God and this is where we as humans need to join hands and come together to understand God. Let's find a greater understanding of God and allow our Consciousness to be raised so that we not only see God better, but we draw close to Him in a Universal way. Let's understand that we might each have a different way of seeing God because of the different levels of understanding we are at. That's ok, because our differences in how we see things actually adds a broader view of the Greatness of God.

~We are all from the Creator and we are all capable of becoming one with Him~

We are all as important as another. So walk with me through some thoughts and let's see if we can open up more understanding.

As I said God is a state of pure Being, and this side of God has no form. God is also a self-conscious being that has individuality and does have a sense of form, as we see form. Just in understanding these two aspects of God or two levels of seeing Him, we know God created form out of His own being. This is critical to understand in understanding the different aspects of God.

Let's look at something that we do understand in order to have a clearer picture of what I am saying about God. H2o is what we commonly call water, in a liquid form, but H2o can be seen in different forms and each form serves a purpose. If you freeze H2o it becomes a solid and is called ice. If you boil H2o it becomes a vapor such as steam. Each form is still H2o but each is created from its original being, namely H2o. It is not created apart from the main basic state of Being. So to understand this further, think about which form of H2o can be turned into ice. Only the liquid form or the self-conscious being of water can be actually made into another form. But the vapor or the steam cannot be made into ice, and this can represent, as an example, the same as God, with no form. God can only use the self-conscious being that has individuality and a sense of form, to created a form from His own being. God cannot create something that is apart from itself. God takes a part of Himself and creates the form He desires. So this also is very important to understand in knowing God. God is creative and with imagination and when He created all forms of life, He created them with His own vision of what He desired. That is why the Bible states that without Him was not anything made that was made. In other words, to create the world of form He put a part of himself into this world and all that is in this world. He is in everything in this world and cannot be separate from anything that is created and that includes non-living forms such as rocks.

This is very important to understand. Many people feel like God is somewhere else, some place unreachable and this creates a sense of separation, a sense of unworthiness, etc. The truth is God is inside of you. He lives in your being and is not separate from you at all. God is a permanent part of "you" and so cannot be separate from you.

~God took a part of him and made you and so you are a part of God~

Do you understand how important this is? Everything that was ever created is really God wearing a disguise. Everything was created by God and from God and therefore has God's consciousness within it. We are not separate from God and never have been. If you could grasp this alone, it would help you to know that everything you need, to change your life, to build upon your understanding, and to go beyond your current struggles, is right inside waiting for you to tap into. God is within. Jesus said,

"The Kingdom of God is within".

You can feel a sense of comfort to know God is in you and you are a part of Him. So many times when we struggle in this life, we feel like there is no one that cares and we feel so alone. This "alone" feeling is one of the most devastating emotions. When a person feels alone they also feel unloved and this connects our hearts to the one who created us. When we feel alone and unloved we loose belief in God and in the purpose of our lives. This will cause us to become so desperate. So, today as you read on, keep the warm feeling inside that God is in you and you are a part of Him right now. You always have had him and so as you begin to grasp this reality, know that He knows everything you are going thru and He loves you no matter what. He will never leave you and he never has in the past. The reason we feel so alone is because we have been taught that God is somewhere outside and we have to find him. We have believed that we are separated from God and so we have to find him and invite him to come into our hearts. But the truth is He has always been in our hearts and all we have to do is open our hearts to see Him. We have been taught that God won't accept us unless we are repentant and willing to turn our lives around into a "perfect scenario", "that we envision we must have". You see, the "alone" feelings are created by our own lack of understanding. We have a picture of God in our mind that has been created by the world. We have believed it to be true and we have shut off our connectedness to God by our beliefs. What I'm saying is that we have shut off our communication so that God can help us see the truth. When you believe that you don't have God in you and never will, this creates a vacuum that can never be filled until you change your belief.

To know that everything in the material universe is made from God consciousness, you will then know why Jesus said that if men should hold their peace, even the stones would cry out. However, not everything in the material universe has the same level of consciousness. God created a world of inanimate forms and then created a number of self-conscious to inhabit the inanimate world. Human beings were created to descend into the material universe and to gradually work their way up through the different levels of the world of form, until they expand their self-awareness, their sense of identity, to the ultimate level. What's very important for self-aware beings to understand and what gives them meaning to their existence is that they recognize they are a part of God or an extension, an individualization of God.

Look at a rock. A rock is an inanimate form but is still from God. A rock has God's consciousness embedded within it, but because it isn't self-aware, it doesn't realize that God created it. Therefore it will never be any more than a rock. But we as humans are self-aware beings and we have the ability to go beyond what we are right now and draw more of God's light into our being. If we are willing to learn and grow and expand our awareness then we can become very helpful to the spiritual world.

~The spiritual world cannot force help on the human world but if asked to help they are more than willing and that is when the two vibrations connect~

That is when a higher vibration brings light into the material world.

~It will take human beings that are willing to have the mind of Christ and be examples to bring more light to this world~

You see we have often heard of the Second Coming of Christ and I believe that

~The second coming of Christ is when the spirit world is invited by willing human beings to give assistance to manifest a higher vibrational light on this planet~ The Christ mind is what we can have while here on earth and is what the spiritual beings have already. This mind comes when you are willing to give up the human sense and take on the mind of Christ or spiritual understandings that draw you closer to becoming one with God. The mind of Christ raises your light, or your level of vibration and when this happens and it happens to enough people, the Second Coming of Christ will be made manifest.

~You see the difference between heaven and earth is a difference in vibration or energy~

In helping you to understand God, it is important to understand why religion has been so much a part of our world. God wanted religion to help human beings fulfill their potential and recognize themselves as sons and daughters of His.

~When people recognize the truth about things, it brings peace in many ways~

However, sometimes when the truth is made known it brings fear because it disproves your beliefs as you have seen them in the past. Take for instance, that you were raised in a religion and now you find that the teachings are not all true. This truth made known can actually cause a fear of so many things. And furthermore it can create a fear within you because you are questioning the doctrine.

So knowledge or truth can be liberating only if you are open to receiving it. But if you are stuck in a belief then truth can be fearful. Letting go is hard in this world.

~Many times our sense of security is based on things of this world and when those things no longer exist, we actually feel lost and very alone~

The fear we feel is a fear of whether we are doing the right thing or on the right path.

~Anytime a rug gets pulled out from under you, you will loose your sense of balance~

When this happens keep in mind that God is always changing and he never stays the same. So if you were in a certain belief for many years, and now everything seems to be wrong and you are jumping ship, so to speak, you have the right to feel that your world has fallen apart. Don't fear changing your understanding of a teaching. Because there are many levels of understanding or consciousness, give yourself the "ok" to learn more than what you have currently learned in the past. Don't fear God because you are now questioning a belief of the church you have gone to.


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