Beach Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories

Beach Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories

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by Lisa Scott

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Beach Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories set in the summer sun on Cape Cod. Fun, sweet, and sassy love stories to squeeze into your busy life. Discover the loose thread that connects the stories and ties up in a perfect, happy ending.

Each short story is 9,000-12,000 words in length. Stories include:

"Ex On The Beach" She's trying to forget the fiancé who

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Beach Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories set in the summer sun on Cape Cod. Fun, sweet, and sassy love stories to squeeze into your busy life. Discover the loose thread that connects the stories and ties up in a perfect, happy ending.

Each short story is 9,000-12,000 words in length. Stories include:

"Ex On The Beach" She's trying to forget the fiancé who cancelled their wedding-until she sees her ex on the beach.

"She's Hot Now" She never used to get a second look; now Natalie's the hottie on the beach. Can she handle the heat?

"Girls Just Wanna Have Finn" It's girls' week at the beach--until the hottie from high school shows up. So who gets Finn?

"Washed Up" When she saves her dream guy at the beach, he wants something more....

"Hot for Summer" The beach goddesses are after the most eligible bachelor on the shore. So why is he hot for Summer?

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Meet the Author

Lisa Scott is a former TV news anchor who now enjoys making up stories instead of sticking to the facts. She’s dreamed of writing a book ever since she was in second grade and received lavish praise from her teacher for her short story on a group of crafty elves. (“So creative!” is the exact quote.)
When not begging her husband and two kids for a few minutes of peace to write her stories, she works as a voice actor and putters around in her koi pond and garden in upstate NY.
Go to to learn more about works in progress and the inspiration for her stories. Sign up for her newsletter to be notified about new releases. Friend "Read Lisa Scott" on Facebook to find out when new books will be released.

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Beach Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DELIGHTFUL Summertime Read. BEACH FLIRTS (5 ROMANTIC SHORT STORIES) by Lisa Scott is a collection of 5 short stories that range from roughly 30 to 45 pages each. Each short stands alone, but are ever so much more fun when read together, as the loose connections between stories are half the fun. This set has the solid connection of the same beach along the New England Cape.... and the summertime beach scene. Ms. Scott did a fantastic job with setting-- the sights, smells, sounds, setting-- it's all so richly part of the fabric of these shorts. The stories vary in sensuality levels....from sweet to spicy, never "hotter" than what I'd call PG. Sexy, but sex occurs (if it does) between the scenes. Language ranges from wholesome to realistic (some adult language, but it's not crass or excessive). Highly recommended to fans of short stories, romantic comedies, beach-going vacationers, and fans of contemporary romance.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
Beach Flirts! by Lisa Scott 5 Romantic Short Stories Ex on the Beach Heather Parker was on a beach vacation with her family. Single. This should have been her first anniversary as Mrs. Nick Hicks. What could be worse than to be surrounded by your happily married siblings and their children? Having your ex show up on the same beach, that's what! She's Hot Now Natalie feels like a new woman...on the outside anyway. Inside she's still the same person who hid from the world. On a beach vacation with a couple of co-workers things change. As one encourages her to move forward in and be a new woman, the other one seems to only remind of her of the past. Girls Just Wanna Have Finn Anna and her three good friends head out for a beach vacation. Sitting on the beach watching the guys walk by. Then her friends spotted Finn Donahue, a womanizer type of guy. The very kind of guy that Anna wanted nothing to do with. But she could still look without touching, right? Washed Up Michael Sullivan was washed up as an actor and his life was on a downhill roll. Then he met Molly Andrews in a rather unconventional way. The press assumed the two were dating and his agent said it would restart his career so a deal was made. He had a pretend girlfriend for the next few weeks. No problem. Wrong. Life is never that easy. Hot For Summer Summer is staying at her friends beach house and working at Scoopy's Diner while she decides what to do with her life. She always enjoyed her summers at the Cape and at Scoopy's. With business slowing down with competition in town, she decides to help revive the diner. And the hottie in town may just help revive her life along the way. Once again the author writes five fun filled romantic stories. This book tells of romances while vacationing by the beach. I enjoy the way the author weaves occurrences from the previous story into the next one, usually something unique. **Mild language
MollyzReviewz More than 1 year ago
Want a good escape after a long days work? Want a laugh out loud look into some fun loving romance? Grab up these amazing, funny romantic comedy collections by an absolutely FANTASTIC author! Lisa Scott takes a whole new world of laughs and puts them into 3 volumes of 5 short stories each, for the readers to enjoy. But, be forewarned.....these stories WILL make you laugh out loud so many times, that it's best not to have a drink in your mouth at the time. ;-) These three volumes are totally awesome. I had them all read within a couple hours. They're fast past, hilarious, sexy and sweet. These stories take ordinary women (and men!) and turn their relationship issues into 3 volumes of flirting, romance and fantabulous happy endings. Each story is it's own, but they are all linked together through awesomely created characters. Each story is awesome but if you really, really, REALLY want a laugh out loud The Hot Girl's Friend. I laughed out loud so many times during that story that people were probably looking at me like I'd lost my mind! Don't let Jane into your love life....there's no telling WHAT you'll be and why you're Oh and Not You....well, let's just say that THAT story, is totally, awesomely.........unexpected and will make your eyes bulge with wowness ;-). The Beach Flirts and Holiday Flirts were awesome too. They all had the perfect amount of awesomeness to them, like volume one had. In the Beach Flirts, I loved Washed Up...I mean with a woman named Molly finding love....yea. 'Nuff said. And Holiday Flirts? Well, Christmas will never be the same after reading these hilarious stories! Tingle All The Way is really awesome in that one. I loved it the most! So, if you are looking for that escape, or something to pass the time with, check out Lisa Scott's FANTASTERIFFIC collections of romance. They're 5 Book worthy, highly recommend and so hilarious that you'll wish flirting and romance were ALWAYS like this ;-). I can't wait to go back and grab her next volume in the Flirts collection when it releases, entitled Fairy Tale Flirts! It's sure to be a greatastic edition to the Flirts collection of fun, laughter and happy ever after! This review originated at Reviews By Molly in part with a blog tour.
bookloverSJ More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of fun summer romance stories, all set on the same beach. Lisa Scott has an amazing knack for quickly creating characters that readers care about. I loved how each story had a small thread that carried over into the other stories. After looking at her many other books and collections, I'm delighted to see how prolific Lisa Scott is. it's like a bag of potato chips. You won't be able to stop at just one.