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Beans and Nuts

Beans and Nuts

by Honor Head

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Gwynne Spencer
Part of the "On Your Plate" series, this large-print, easy-reader text introduces readers to canned beans, green beans, bean sprouts, baked beans, nuts, peanut, and coconuts. Each book in the series includes full-color pictures with one or two sentences of accompanying text and a smaller print sentence of additional text, like a Powerpoint presentation turned into a book. Throughout the series, the term healthy is misused (Things are healthful, people are healthy, according to my usage guides.). In some of the pictures the plants are shown growing on a plant or a tree, but this is by no means a consistent design choice which is a shame since kids often have never seen the source-plant in its natural growth setting, especially young readers for whom this series seems to have been designed. For instance, while green beans are shown on a stem, peanuts are shown in the shell or partly shelled, missing a great teachable moment! Each book also includes a "cooking" section which is a two-page spread showing a finished product, in this case stir-fry and nut fudge—hardly the most nutritious choice. The book ends with a two page Things To Do quiz where readers can test their recall of the text with a matching quiz. Glossary is half a page, index is the remainder of the page. Publisher provided blurb says, "Latch-key kids will also appreciate the number of recipes and meal suggestions included in each volume." I did not see any recipes in this book and the meal suggestion, baked beans on a baked potato struck me as somewhat odd. A teeny tiny print warning about nut allergies is found only at the bottom of the copyright page in this volume. Reviewer: Gwynne Spencer

Product Details

Black Rabbit Books
Publication date:
On Your Plate Series
Product dimensions:
8.70(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
5 - 8 Years

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