Bear Market

Bear Market

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by Michele Martin Bossley

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A grizzly case of wildlife poaching.See more details below

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A grizzly case of wildlife poaching.

Editorial Reviews

Tacoma School District #10
"A combination of twists and turns, with an encounter with a bear and a conservation theme, makes this a good addition to a fiction collection."
CM Magazine
"A fast-paced story filled with interesting facts about bears, poaching, and animal rights activism…The camaraderie established among the three friends in this story is appealing, and the humourous quips between them are some of the best dialogue in the book…A solid addition to the "Orca Currents" library and is an appealing choice for mystery fans. Recommended."
CD Syndicated
"A really catchy read. Sure, there's the suspense element, but just reading the nuts and bolts about how her characters talk is oddly fascinating…The joy of Bear Market is just how forthright and sincere a read it is. The book captures the tween/teen energies of today's kids in a way I haven't read before."
Children's Literature - Amanda MacGregor
Thirteen-year-old friends Nick, Trevor, and Robyn decide to investigate when they learn that bears are being poached. Robyn, who volunteers at the local zoo, is able to get inside information on the bear killings. A veterinarian informs them that it appears the bears are being poached for their gall bladders, which fetch a large sum in alternative medicine circles. When the kids learn that Neil, the zoologist, has a system to track bears, they figure it could help them catch the poachers, or in the wrong hands, could lead poachers straight to the bears. Everyone becomes a suspect as the friends follow their leads. Through careful observation, clues, and luck, they are able to make progress on the case in ways the actual authorities cannot. As they near the end of their trail, they are surprised when they learn who is behind the poaching. From the "Orca Currents" series, the story is a quick read filled with fast-paced if somewhat implausible action. The fifth in a series of mysteries starring Nick, Trevor, and Robyn, the title can be read alone. The interesting perspectives from characters on animal rights, hunting, and conservation give weight to the slim plot. Reviewer: Amanda MacGregor

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Orca Book Publishers
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Orca Currents Series
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4.25(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.30(d)
HL550L (what's this?)
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10 - 14 Years

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The skinny dude looked frightened. "I think my boot's stuck," he whimpered.

The bear took another swipe, this time catching the edge of the guy's jeans. They tore easily. The bear grunted deep in his chest. Now the terror stood out on the skinny dude's face.

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