Bear Traxxx

Bear Traxxx

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by Kennie Kayoz

Kennie Kayoz and a group of poets from Coyotes Publishing ventured into the woods to write poetry and this is what they came out with.

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Kennie Kayoz and a group of poets from Coyotes Publishing ventured into the woods to write poetry and this is what they came out with.

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Take 333-parts poetry and 333-parts of hate you get Kennie Kayoz: the perfect lethal combination of poetry and hate, whom himself has been labeled as 666 by his high school whom according to them should have spent time in the psych ward for things that he's said and poetry written while at school.
Like the meaning of his name Kennie feels as if he's been born from the fire time and time again, and has been through various points in his life that have been utter kayotic. However he emerged from everything that life has seemed to throw at him many eBooks later Kennie is still looking at getting his name out there.

Feeling unwanted by everyone around him since the age of 16, Kennie has not had an easy life which carries out into everything he does with an obvious edge. What he writes is real, and is what gives his words a distinction of others. The once #1 target of bullying at high school which started his controversial writing skills which really got him noticed by his teacher and principal when during a
co-op class he wrote about being bullied from the moment he walked in the front doors at school in the morning till the moment that he gets off the bus at night the school was then set into "panic mode" as they then linked Kennie as a "Potential Threat" of pulling a "Columbine". They also pushed Kennie towards the schools psychologist to allow him someone to "Talk To", shortly after that Kennie found himself walking out of the doors never to return.

After many trials and tribulations in his life after he dropped out he still managed to write on and off as his writing became an eerie prophecy for his own life.

In late 2005 Kennie signed Crystal to Coyotes Publishing and just a few months later Kennie's struggles got worse as his father was killed by vehicular homicide.

At the start of 2006 Kennie decided to take a huge chance with his poe-hatery as he established the ebook called "End Of The Poe-Hatery Era" in which he gathered up all that could be considered "Poe-Hatery" and released it followed that he went on to realize that "Poe-Hatery" was exactly who he was so he decided to take another huge chance and release "Be Yourself" a eBook with collabs by various independent artists (in various genres) as well as other independent poets and he released it it got a huge variety of notice all through out the internet, but when Kennie realized that he was the only one plugging it and none of the other artists were doing anything about the release he immediately pulled the release off of the internet. Shortly after that Coyotes Publishing as well as Kennie vanished from the likes of the internet.

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