Beat the Band to the Bar

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Arwulf Arwulf
This sampler of irreverent hot novelties, jazz burlesques, and big-band sendups recorded between 1930 and 1954 opens with a cheerful ode to thirsty musicians its title a satire on the "eight to the bar" boogie-woogie craze by Sam Donahue & His Orchestra. The next six tracks form an 18-minute medley of jazz and dance band themes served up by Richard Himber and either his Essex House Orchestra or his Rhythmic Pyramids Orchestra, with occasional vaudeville and pop parodies provided by vocalist Stuart Allen. Bandleaders and performers referenced in this medley are Henry Busse, Wayne King, Benny Goodman's Quartet and Orchestra, Tommy Dorsey, Clyde McCoy, Carmen and Guy ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Arwulf Arwulf
This sampler of irreverent hot novelties, jazz burlesques, and big-band sendups recorded between 1930 and 1954 opens with a cheerful ode to thirsty musicians its title a satire on the "eight to the bar" boogie-woogie craze by Sam Donahue & His Orchestra. The next six tracks form an 18-minute medley of jazz and dance band themes served up by Richard Himber and either his Essex House Orchestra or his Rhythmic Pyramids Orchestra, with occasional vaudeville and pop parodies provided by vocalist Stuart Allen. Bandleaders and performers referenced in this medley are Henry Busse, Wayne King, Benny Goodman's Quartet and Orchestra, Tommy Dorsey, Clyde McCoy, Carmen and Guy Lombardo, Ted Lewis, Horace Heidt, Glen Gray, Rudy Vallée with Vallée actually present, Skinnay Ennis and Hal Kemp, Paul Whiteman, Bob Crosby, Artie Shaw, Larry Clinton, Eddy Duchin, and Count Basie. Although these six sides were recorded between December 1937 and February 1939, the effect is that of one extended "Parade of Bands." Now that the listener is completely limbered up, the producers of this compilation pour on a titillating blend of knuckleheaded novelties and teasing takeoffs. Setting up a precedent for animated Popeye cartoons, Carson Robison and Hoagy Carmichael sing "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" backed by a wild little group that included cornet geniuses Bubber Miley and Bix Beiderbecke, ribald fiddler Joe Venuti, and young clarinetist Benny Goodman, who sounds for all the world like he's marching in a Navy band. Both Tommy Dorsey and Charlie Barnet lambaste various conventions in big-band gimmickry and Bud Freeman emits 80 seconds of superbly mangled music for V-Disc on behalf of the war effort. While authentic jazz musicians get their licks in, most of these recordings feature pop musicians poking fun at jazz-inflected pop music. Backed by Vaughn Monroe's orchestra, Ziggy Talent does a fine job with "Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long" and Woody Herman keeps saying clever things like "hasta la pizza" during "Pancho Maximilian Hernandez," a rather racist spoof of Mexican politics that came across a bit less offensively when Ray McKinley tried it on. There's something marvelously unsettling about the sentence "We're awfully sorry we shot him -- he was the best president we ever had." Finally, Ozzie Nelson wins the prize for one of the longest titles ever squeezed onto a 78-rpm record label with "I'm Looking for a Guy Who Plays Alto and Baritone, and Doubles on Clarinet, and Wears a Size 37 Suit."
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 3/21/2006
  • Label: Asv Living Era
  • UPC: 743625559927
  • Catalog Number: 5599


Disc 1
  1. 1 Beat the Band to the Bar (2:28)
  2. 2 Parade of Bands, Pt. 1: Hot Lips/Vilia/Dinah - Richard Himber & His Orchestra (3:01)
  3. 3 Parade of Bands, Pt. 2: Marie/Sugar Blues/Can I Forget You? - Richard Himber & His Orchestra (3:20)
  4. 4 Parade of Bands, Pt. 3: When My Baby Smiles at Me/I'll Love You in ... - Richard Himber & His Orchestra (3:09)
  5. 5 Parade of Bands, Pt. 4: My Time Is Your Time/Let's Dance/Got a ... - Richard Himber & His Orchestra (2:34)
  6. 6 Parade of Bands, Pt. 5: Rhapsody in Blue/Summertime/Ngihtmare - Rhythmic Pyramids Orchestra (2:24)
  7. 7 Parade of Bands, Pt. 6: The Dipsy Doodle/Nocturne in E Flat/One ... - Rhythmic Pyramids Orchestra (2:47)
  8. 8 Barnacle Bill the Sailor (2:47)
  9. 9 Annie's Cousin Fanny (3:07)
  10. 10 The Drunkard Song (There Is a Tavern in the Town) - Rudy Vallée (2:57)
  11. 11 What's the Reason I'm Not Pleasin' You? - Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra (3:24)
  12. 12 Are All My Favorite Bands Playing or Am I Dreaming? - Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra (2:54)
  13. 13 Ol' Man Mose (2:29)
  14. 14 So You Left Me for the Leader of a Swing Band (3:27)
  15. 15 The Wrong Idea (2:54)
  16. 16 She Had to Go and Lose It at the Astor - Johnny Messner & His Orchestra (2:39)
  17. 17 Friendship (2:53)
  18. 18 I'm Looking for a Guy Who Plays Alto and Baritone, and Doubles on ... (2:49)
  19. 19 The Yogi Who Lost His Will Power (3:09)
  20. 20 Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long (2:29)
  21. 21 Serenade to a Maid (A Bronx Serenade) - Teddy Powell (3:02)
  22. 22 Juke Box Saturday Night - Glenn Miller (3:05)
  23. 23 The Latest Thing in Hot Jazz - Bud Freeman (1:19)
  24. 24 I Used to Work in Chicago (2:41)
  25. 25 Pancho Maximilian Hernandez (The Best President We Ever Had) (3:14)
  26. 26 All Right, Louie, Drop the Gun (3:00)
  27. 27 Theme from the Lombardo Ending (2:36)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Wayne Henderson Piano
Vaughn Monroe Trumpet
Louis Prima Vocals
Rudy Vallée Vocals, Compere
Bill Nelson Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Bunny Berigan Trumpet
Bob Cooper Tenor Saxophone
Eddy Duchin Piano
Maynard Ferguson Trumpet
Bud Freeman Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Jimmy Giuffre Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Benny Goodman Clarinet
Bob Gordon Baritone Saxophone
Bobby Hackett Guitar, Trumpet
Herbie Harper Trombone
Woody Herman Clarinet, Vocals
Hal Kemp Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Vocals
Gene Krupa Drums
Eddie Lang Guitar
Yank Lawson Trumpet
Shelly Manne Drums
Billy May Trumpet, Vocals
Bud Shank Flute, Alto Saxophone
Joe Venuti Violin, Vocals
Tony Aless Piano
Trigger Alpert Bass
Harry Babasin Bass
Dave Barbour Guitar
Ralph Burns Piano
Bobby Byrne Trombone
Pete Candoli Trumpet
Sam Donahue Tenor Saxophone
Hank D'Amico Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Pee Wee Erwin Trumpet
Peanuts Hucko Clarinet
Al Klink Tenor Saxophone
Ray McKinley Drums
Johnny Mince Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
Buddy Morrow Trombone
Adrian Rollini Cello, Vibes
Arnold Ross Piano
Howard Smith Piano
Claude Williamson Piano
Blue Barron Trombone
Jerry Colonna Vocals
Horace Diaz Piano
Godfrey Hirsch Vibes
Jack Martin Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Ozzie Nelson Vocals
Buddy Weed Piano
The Modernaires Vocals
Carson Robison Vocals
Shorty Rogers Trumpet
Bubber Miley Trumpet
Stuart Allen Vocals
Bix Beiderbecke Cornet
Tex Beneke Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Milt Bernhart Trombone
Artie Bernstein Bass
Harry Betts Trombone
Larry Binyon Tenor Saxophone
Kurt Bloom Tenor Saxophone
Red Bone Trombone
Bob Bowman Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Verlye Mills Harp
Arnold Brillhardt Alto Saxophone
Bob Burnet Trumpet
Ernie Caceres Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Toots Camarata Trumpet
Jess Carneol Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Conrad Gozzo Trumpet
Jimmy Dorsey Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Tommy Dorsey Trombone, Vocals
Mike Doty Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
George Esposito Trumpet
Buff Estes Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Bus Etri Guitar
Bob Fitzpatrick Trombone
Barry Galbraith Guitar
Doc Goldberg Bass
Harry Goodman Tuba
Hymie Gunkler Tenor Saxophone
Harold Hahn Drums
J.C. Heard Drums
Skeets Herfurt Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Roc Hillman Guitar, Vocals
Bill Hinshaw Flugelhorn
Howard Roberts Guitar
Marion Hutton Vocals
Les Jenkins Trombone
Stan King Drums
Gene Kinsey Alto Saxophone
Harry Klee Flute, Alto Saxophone
Manny Klein Trumpet
Eddie Kusby Trombone
Steve Lipkins Trumpet
Fud Livingston Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Carmen Mastren Guitar
Don Mattison Trombone, Vocals
John McCormick Trumpet
Ken Meisel Trombone
Ray Michaels Drums
Ralph Muzillo Trumpet
John O'Rourke Trombone
Phil Olivella Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Ronnie Perry Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy Priddy Trombone
Moe Purtill Drums
Bill Robertson Trombone
Irving Rosenthal Drums
Don Ruppersberg Trombone
Wilbur Schwartz Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Jack Stacey Tenor Saxophone
Phil Stephens Tuba
Tak Takvorian Trombone
Paul Tanner Trombone
Alan Thomson Saxophone
George Thow Trumpet
Gene Traxler Bass
Bobby Van Eps Piano
Lyman Vunk Trumpet
Charlie Wilson Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Milt Yaner Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Gene Zanoni Trombone
Paul Ricci Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Harry Babbitt Vocals
Charlie Butterfield Trombone
Jim Feraci Drums
Ish Kabibble Trumpet, Vocals
Sully Mason Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Dick McDonough Guitar
Ginny Simms Vocals
Mickey Bloom Trumpet
Carl Loeffler Trombone
Andrew Ferretti Trumpet
Edward Shea Drums
Fulton McGrath Piano
Zelly Smirnoff Violin
Sid Stoneburn Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Frank Victor Guitar
Ruby Weinstein Trumpet
Joe Yukl Trombone
Bud Davis Trumpet
Irene Daye Vocals
Bob Eberly Vocals
Orrin Tucker Clarinet, Trumpet, Vocals
Lloyd Turner Trombone
Jerry Carr Piano
Joe Bauer Trumpet
Pokey Carriere Trumpet
Mickey McMickle Trumpet
Max Williams Trombone
Lyle Bowen Alto Saxophone
Chummy MacGregor Piano
Haig Stephens Bass
Alfie Evans Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Bill Conway Guitar
Irving Brodsky Piano
Frank Blake Trumpet
Bo Ashford Trumpet
Buddy Bastien Bass
Phil Buatto Violin
Charlie Bubeck Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Armand Buissaret Jr. Alto Saxophone
Saxie Dowell Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Lyman Gandee Piano
Al Kunze Bass
Fred Morrow Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Joe Ortolano Trombone
Harry Patent Bass
Lloyd Snow Bass
Frank D'Annolfo Trombone
Fred Fox Flugelhorn
Walter Mercurio Trombone
Jesse Ralph Trombone
Stanley Worth Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Kay Weber Vocals
Harry Thomas Trombone
Tony Zimmers Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Ben Williams II Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Clifford R. Burwell Piano
George Liberace Violin
John Jordan Guitar
Bill Miller Piano
Milton Shaw Violin
Nat Levine Drums
Robert Nichols Trumpet
Alex Palocsay Trombone
Bill Nichol Alto Saxophone
Milton Schatz Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Bernie Mattison Percussion
Sid Brown Saxophone
Leo Moran Trombone
Al Brown & His Tunetoppers Trumpet
John Dilliard Trumpet
John Sadola Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
George Hines Guitar
Sandy Wolf Guitar
Alexander Diehl Trombone
Patricia Norman Vocals
Rose Ann Stevens Vocals
Gene Baumgarden Guitar
Frank Friselle Drums
Bill Mustarde Trombone
Paul Petrilla Tenor Saxophone
Harry "Sky" Campbell Drums
John McClanian Best Jr. Trumpet
Glenn McGaha Miller Trombone, Vocals
Norbert Stammer Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Paul Sarmento Tuba
Seymour Bilkie Saxophone
Mike Dokla Saxophone
Iggy Greco Trumpet
Joe Maranzino Trombone
Frank Marceante Bass
Albert Luzzi Trombone
Frank Nicolais Trumpet
Roland Dupont Trombone
Don McCook Alto Saxophone
Aaron Voloshin Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Charles Trotta Trumpet
Harold Dankers Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Bobby Guy Trumpet
Wilton Hutton Trumpet
Art Dedrick Trombone
Joe Miller Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy Curry Trombone
Tommy Greco Trumpet
George Mazza Trombone
George Brandon Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Ernie Rudisell Drums
Jimmy Hanson Trumpet
Jack Read Trombone
Jimmy Smith Guitar
Lois Ashford Trumpet
Jimmy Athens Bass
Andrew Bagni Alto Saxophone
Howard Bruno Drums
Clayton Cash Trumpet
Henry Cincione Trumpet
Roy Cohan Violin
Joe Connie Trombone
Ray Crider Piano
Johnny Cusmano Trumpet
Tom DAgostino Trumpet
Bob Damos Bass
Sam Diehl Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Dino Digiaro Trumpet
Doc Essick Trumpet
Don Falco Alto Saxophone
Lou Falk Bass
Will Flanders Violin
John Forys Alto Saxophone
Harry Garey Trombone
John Geller Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Harry Gozzard Trumpet
Harold Greene Trumpet
Morton Gregory Tenor Saxophone
Benedict Gustaferro Trumpet
Roy Hammerslag Tenor Saxophone
Elmo Hinson Trombone
Earl Hoffman Trombone
Holly Humphreys Trumpet
Arnold Jensen Bass
Zeb Julian Guitar
E.A. Kenyon Drums
Max Kriseman Tenor Saxophone
Frank Levine Alto Saxophone
Gilbert Martyn Compere
Bruce Milligan Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
James Murphy Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Carl Overn Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
John Owends Trumpet
Phil Patton Drums
Mitch Paull Trumpet
Dante Saraceni Saxophone
Guy Scafati Guitar
Walter Sherman Bass
Jack Shirra Bass
Harry Sniffin Guitar
George Sontag Piano, Valve Trombone
Frank Staffa Banjo
Eddie Steinber Piano
Joe Strassburger Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Harvey Streiner Trumpet
Swing A-Roosters Vocals
Ziggy Talent Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Sal Ternini Violin
C.A. VanNordstrand Piano
Bud Webber Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Morton Wells Trumpet
Harry Williford Trumpet
Ben Hall Trombone
David Matthews Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Chuck Campbell Trombone
Technical Credits
Louis Prima Composer
Charlie Barnet Composer
Billy May Composer
Sam Donahue Composer
Pete Rugolo Composer
Jimmie Grier Composer
Jimmy McHugh Composer
Ozzie Nelson Composer
Carson Robison Composer
Milton Berle Composer
Louis Armstrong Composer
Joseph Bonine Composer
Bob Hilliard Composer
Ken Meisel Composer
Johnny Mercer Composer
Cole Porter Composer
Zilner Randolph Composer
Don Raye Composer
Al Stillman Composer
Johnny "Guitar" Watson Director
Victor Young Composer
Frank Luther Composer
Sam M. Lewis Composer
David Lennick Liner Notes
Paul McGrane Composer
Mark Ranshaw Cover Art
Pinky Tomlin Composer
John Jacob Loeb Composer
Al Frisch Composer
Earl Hatch Composer
Ray Carter Composer
Moe Jaffe Composer
Larry Vincent Composer
Traditional Composer
Charles Dornberger Composer
Alan Bunting Remastering
Archie Gottler Composer
Coy Poe Composer
Bobby Gregory Composer
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