Beat the Players: Casinos, Cops and the Game inside the Game

Beat the Players: Casinos, Cops and the Game inside the Game

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by Bob Nersesian

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Beat the Players: Casinos, Cops, and the Game Inside the Game 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Beat the Players by Bob Nersesian, a Nevada lawyer who represents advantage players against the casinos, starts his preface with three stingingly dramatic words, 'Nevada hates you....' - and the rest of the book attempts to prove why those three words have the ring of truth. The casinos of Las Vegas, and by extension, the casinos throughout the United States have a love-hate relationship with their players. Most casino players don't realize this since most casino players are only thinking about one-half of the casino equation - the half they are on. The casinos love the losers - who make up maybe 99.99+ percent of all the players, whose towering losses make casino gambling a multi-billion dollar industry - but the casinos hate the advantage players, those Davids who by skill and intellect have found ways to turn the tables on the casino Goliaths, beating those monstrous Goliaths at their own games. Goliaths don't like to lose to slingshot carrying Davids - that is for sure. Nersesian's book goes through many of his cases, as well as other cases, where advantage players were mistreated and at times abused by casino security and even law enforcement personnel - even though these players were doing nothing illegal. Sadly casinos can ask players to stop playing and/or leave their properties even though the players are doing nothing illegal but the casino personnel are often not content to just do this - as the book brutally shows. You'll read about phony charges of players cheating which are totally discredited by the security cameras phony 'eye-witness' reports that are totally discredited by the security cameras and depositions where the security personnel and the police offer explanations that would be very funny in a National Lampoon movie, but are downright terrifying when you realize these are being made to hurt honest America citizens doing nothing wrong. Imagine a hero who fought for America in our wars or one who rushed into the World Trade Center in New York after the terrorist attack to save those poor souls trapped therein, being told he can't play in an American casino because 'you are too good' or, worse, being escorted to or being dragged into the 'backroom' to be illegally detained. Disgraceful but it has happened - far too frequently. The book is an eye-opener and a page-turner from start to finish. If you are a card counter, a shuffle tracker, a hole card catcher, or dice controller even if you are only a smart casino gambler taking your best shot at the house - this book makes for enlightening and frightening reading. Nersesian has done all of us who love to play the casino games a great service by showing us what has happened to some of our unfortunate fellows who have the temerity to be 'too good.'