Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

by Ph.D John O'Donohue

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Disc 1

  1. The Call of Beauty (Introduction to Session 1)
  2. The Journey Between Awakening and Surrender
  3. Now Is the Time in Awaken Beauty
  4. To Experience the Beautiful Is to Experience Unity
  5. Order and Pattern Are at the Heart of Beauty
  6. The Quanimity of Beauty
  7. True Beauty Is Numinous, Autonomous, Spontaneous, And Mysterious
  8. Where Does Beauty Dwell? (Introduction to Session 2)
  9. The Magic of Perception
  10. Twilight as a Threshold
  11. The Native Generosity of Beauty
  12. Thomas Aquinas on the Nature of Beauty
  13. Beauty Invites Graciousness
  14. Balance Between Truth and Beauty

Disc 2

  1. Music: To Hear Beauty (Introduction to Session 3)
  2. The Elemental Music of the Earth
  3. Music Awakens Our Presence to the Eternal
  4. Music Is the Dream of Silence
  5. Expressing States of Soul Through Music
  6. Music Therapy and the Discerning Voice
  7. The Voice of Healing and the Inner Voice of the Soul
  8. The Last Voice
  9. Color: To See Beauty (Introduction to Session 4)
  10. Learning the Language of Color
  11. The Music of Color
  12. Elements of Certain Colors
  13. The Subtlety of Beauty in Color

Disc 3

  1. The Imagination: Beauty's Entrance (Introduction to Session 5)
  2. Awakening the Imagination
  3. Imagination Is the Great Friend of Possibilty
  4. Creativity Is the Heart of Holiness
  5. Everyone Is Creative
  6. Gifts of the Imagination
  7. To Create Beauty out of Woundedness (Introduction to Session 6)
  8. Awakening the Inner Radiance in Others
  9. Beauty as the Priestess to Individuality
  10. Being Kind of Your Own Vulnerability
  11. The Human Flow
  12. Eros Infuses Your Essence

Disc 4

  1. The White Shadow: Beauty and Death (Introduction to Session 7)
  2. Every Life Is Framed by Loss
  3. The Act of Dying
  4. Death as Transfiguration
  5. The Mystery of Eternal Life
  6. Image of the Larvae
  7. God Is Beauty (Introduction to Session 8)
  8. The Human Heart Is Always Drawn to the Beyond
  9. Each Heart Has Its Own Relationship with God
  10. The Notion of God as a Person
  11. The Beauty of "Whoness"
  12. Faith Is the Attraction to Divine Beauty
  13. The Splendor of Divine Otherness and Courtesy
  14. A Blessing for Beauty

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