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Bebel Gilberto

Bebel Gilberto

4.0 3
by Bebel Gilberto

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The electronic bossa nova that made Bebel Gilberto's debut, Tanto Tempo, an across-the-boards hit was never the singer's bag. She's far too intimate with the subtleties of Brazilian song -- being the daughter of legendary guitarist/vocalist João Gilberto and the singer Miucha -- to welcome the


The electronic bossa nova that made Bebel Gilberto's debut, Tanto Tempo, an across-the-boards hit was never the singer's bag. She's far too intimate with the subtleties of Brazilian song -- being the daughter of legendary guitarist/vocalist João Gilberto and the singer Miucha -- to welcome the digitalized deconstruction of her parents' art form. Four years later, the title of her second album hints that the music within is what Bebel Gilberto is really all about. Not that fans will find it hard to follow Bebel away from the bleeps and burps into a more traditional Brazil-pop sound stocked with strings, sinuous guitars, and, more often than not, a whisper of percussion. "Baby," by Caetano Veloso and Os Mutantes, starts the set off blissfully and prepares listeners for the breathy mix of English- and Portuguese-language songs to come. Bebel Gilberto also marks the most intensive songwriting the singer has done to date, with nine of the songs cowritten by her. Collaborators on the others include Carlinhos Brown, the Bahian polymath who has put his mark on Brazilian sirens from Daniela Mercury to Marisa Monte. "Aganjú" is insistent, nearly low-key house music, and his song written with Gilberto, "Jabuticaba," layers vocals and keyboards in a delicate sonic wave. Marius de Vries, who has produced Björk and Annie Lennox, affords Bebel's voice the same respect those divas would demand, and it often feels like the entire album could blow away on one of her breathy exhalations. That's not a bad feeling at all.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Rick Anderson
Although Bebel Gilberto has been writing, performing, and recording since her childhood, this is only her second full-length solo album. The child of Brazilian legend João Gilberto and the celebrated singer Miucha, she comes by her musical talent honestly, but has honed and developed it carefully over the years, being careful not to overexpose herself or peak too early; as a result, she now emerges as a mature and fully developed singer despite her relative youth. Her eponymous sophomore effort is a delightfully warm and unaffected program of Brazilian pop, much (but not all) of it in a fairly traditional bossa nova style. There are electronic elements in the mix, but they are mostly kept in the background; instead of aggressive electronica or superimposed breakbeats, the instrumental accompaniment is mostly woven from organic percussion, acoustic guitars, bass, and piano. This all serves to keep one's attention where it belongs: on Gilberto's sweet, rich voice and her gorgeous melodies. Highlights include the lovely "Aganjú," the gently heartbroken "Every Day You've Been Away," and the lilting, almost funky "Cada Beiju." Very highly recommended.
Rolling Stone - Sarah Pratt
Bebel affirms that this Gilberto is more than just a bossa Lisa Marie Presley.

Product Details

Release Date:
Atlantic Uk


  1. Baby
  2. Simplesmente
  3. Aganjú
  4. All Around
  5. River Song
  6. Every Day You've Been Away
  7. Cada Beijo
  8. O Caminho
  9. Winter
  10. Ceu Distante
  11. Jabuticaba
  12. Next to You
  13. [CD-ROM Track]

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bebel Gilberto   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals
Carlinhos Brown   Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Bongos,Keyboards,Tabla,Background Vocals,Berimbau,Vibes,Tambur,Tamborim,Indian Banjo,Guitar (Electroacoustic),Guitar (Nylon String),Vocal Harmony
Marius de Vries   Piano,Keyboards,Agogo
João Donato   Piano
Tito Duarte   Background Vocals,Cajon,Upright Bass
London Session Orchestra   Strings
Guy Sigsworth   Drums,Keyboards
Marcos Suzano   Percussion,Cymbals,Hand Clapping,Caxixi,Pandeiro,Shaker,Wood Block,talking drum,Tambur,Clay Pot,Cymbalom,Cabasa,Afoxe,Haka,Moringa
Pascal Gabriel   Multi Instruments
Didi Gutman   Piano,Keyboards,Vibes,Synthesizer Bass
Jorge Helder   Electric Bass,Acoustic Bass
Marcelo Costa   Percussion,Pandeiro,Surdo,Wood Block,Cabasa,Afoxe
Mauro Refosco   Percussion,Bongos,Conga,Surdo,Cuica,Shaker,Tambur,Timba,Tamborim,Spaghetti Flute
Chris Elliott   Conductor
MASA   Background Vocals
Paulo Levi   Flute
Miucha   Background Vocals,Guest Appearance
Masa Shimizu   Acoustic Guitar
Grégoire Maret   Harmonica
Dirceu Leite   Clarinet,Flute
Boghan Costa   Conga,Cymbals,Background Vocals,talking drum
Zé Luis Oliveira   Flute
Pedro Baby   Acoustic Guitar
Cézar Mendes   Acoustic Guitar
Carlos Darcy   Trombone
Toni Duarte   Background Vocals,Upright Bass
Magrus Borges   Drums

Technical Credits

Caetano Veloso   Composer
Gary Thomas   Engineer
Carlinhos Brown   Composer,Sound Effects,Producer,Costume Design
Marius de Vries   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements,String Arrangements
Bebel Gilberto   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Vocal Arrangements,String Arrangements
Isobel Griffiths   String Contractor
Antoine Midani   Engineer
Guy Sigsworth   Composer,Programming,Producer
Marcos Suzano   Drum Effects
Gavyn Wright   String Conductor
Pascal Gabriel   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Didi Gutman   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer
Daniel Jobim   Composer
Marcelo Costa   Drum Effects
Chris Elliott   Arranger,String Arrangements
Alexis Smith   Programming
Os Mutantes   Composer
Ale Siqueira   Producer,Engineer
Miucha   Vocal Effect
Hallam Udell   Artwork
Flavio DeSouza   Engineer
Héctor Castillo   Engineer
Léo Bit Bit   Contributor
Sean McGhee   Programming,Engineer
Pedro Baby   Composer

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Bebel Gilberto 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sensuous, sweet and warm. What wonderful album
Guest More than 1 year ago
I listened to the latest Bebel in a Borders Music cafe. Extremely nice music. It's better than the first, in my opinion. But, I come from a hip hop background, so I'm more driven by the beat rather than voice. Really Tight!
Guest More than 1 year ago
There is something magical about the lazy rhythms of contemporary Bossa Nova, a sound that will cascade over you like a cool breeze on a warm summer day. There are dozens of excellent compilations on this renowned Brazilian style of music that are sure to find a home in the most exquisite lounges, clothing stores and Rio cafe's. I would like to introduce one of the most profound artists of this genre, Bebel Gilberto. Her most recent self titled CD is a phenomenal work rooted in the rich culture of her homeland in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Produced by Marius de Vries (Madonna, Bjork, Annie Lennox), Gilberto presents a distinctive sound and voice this is totally her own, for which she says "I decided to call the album Bebel Gilberto because I think its important to make a statement with my name." Tracks such as "Simplesmente", "Aganju" and "River Song" provide a perfect framework for her voice. Based on acoustic instrumentation and subtle electronics the overall sound of this recording gives a simultaneous impression of sophistication and simplicity. You can also find a remixed version of the Cd called Bebel Gilberto - Remixed. Remixed invites Thievery Corporation, Grant Nelson and DJ Spinna among others to add their personal touch to Bebel's brand of Bossa Nova. If your looking to add some pizazz to your next dinner party, your friends are sure to be in awe with the music of Bebel Gilberto. -Chris Stevens