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Become a Fat-Burning Machine: The 12-Week Diet

Become a Fat-Burning Machine: The 12-Week Diet

4.5 13
by Mike Berland, Gale Bernhardt

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Are you ready to change your body for life? Do you want to step on a scale and feel happy? Do you want to look in the mirror and feel proud? Do you want looser-fitting clothes? Do you want more energy? Do you want to sleep solidly through the night?

No games. No gimmicks. No shakes. No starvation. Just a straightforward and simple, doctor-approved approach


Are you ready to change your body for life? Do you want to step on a scale and feel happy? Do you want to look in the mirror and feel proud? Do you want looser-fitting clothes? Do you want more energy? Do you want to sleep solidly through the night?

No games. No gimmicks. No shakes. No starvation. Just a straightforward and simple, doctor-approved approach to eating and exercise that throws out decades of bad science and will transform you from being a fat-storing person into a permanent FAT-BURNING MACHINE.

This is our promise: Follow this plan and you will experience dramatic, life-altering results.

But if you still need further convincing, just ask yourself:
• Have you been gaining a pound or so a year, for the past few years?
• Do you crave sugar and snacks, and worry that you can’t control your cravings?
• Do you feel that the more you exercise, the hungrier you are and the more you eat?
• Does exercise make you feel tired and weak?
• Are you working out more than ever and still gaining weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to find out if the habits you’ve developed are causing your body to store fat or to burn it. So much of what you’ve been taught about fitness and weight loss is patently false—that you have to eliminate all fat from your diet or that you should load up on carbohydrates before a workout. These practices may actually be sabotaging your success. Fat-Burning Machine exposes the myths that have prevented you from achieving your weight and fitness goals, and will revolutionize the way you think about your body, your health, and your outlook on life.

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Meet the Author

Mike Berland is the CEO of Edelman Berland, the strategic research and analytics arm of Edelman. His clients have included multinational companies, professional sports leagues, entertainment figures, higher education and cultural institutions, and political leaders. After becoming a fat-burning machine, he experienced a dramatic reduction in weight (and has kept it off), and successfully completed his first New York City Marathon and the 2015 Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI.

Gale Bernhardt is a two-time Olympic coach and leading athletic trainer. She was selected as one of Men’s Fitness magazine’s top six online trainers and is certified as a Level I Coach by USA Cycling and a Level III Coach by USA Triathlon. She has previously served on the USA Triathlon National Coaching Committee.

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Become a Fat-Burning Machine: The 12-Week Diet 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
BR-LovelandCO More than 1 year ago
During the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas, I was part of a Pilot Program for The Fat Burning Machine. Although he was not signed up as an official participant of the Pilot Program, my husband did this with me. We followed the diet closely and exercised only 3 times a week. During the first month, I lost 4 pounds and my husband lost 6. By Thanksgiving I had lost 10 pounds and was able to wear one size smaller. My husband lost 13 pounds. If you work it, this program works! No doubt about it. We are on track to meet our goal weight this winter. Meanwhile, even the simplest tasks, like tying shoes, are so much easier!
DiabetesSpecialist1 More than 1 year ago
WHAT AN AMAZING BOOK!!! It’s about time someone addresses metabolic syndrome and educates the public. I love the fact it was written by a man as it is usually us women talking about “diets”. I am a diabetes specialist who sees every day the problems diabetes causes and diet and exercise is critical. It addresses his frustrating journey and the many diets that failed for him, also the “emotional” relationship he had with food and how going to his doctor he started discovering answers to begin his journey to success and why he wasn’t losing the weight. I love the way he writes about how he feels and then the “RESET” as that is the key to start with changing your thoughts. I also realized how I was exercising incorrectly as I thought the faster I went the more I would burn. I really enjoy the list of “fat storing” and “fat burning” foods! Now I know how to shop more effectively. This book has it all! Emotional journey, how to exercise correctly, recipes, and most importantly how to reset my thoughts. I love it and as a medical professional patients have to educate themselves and this book will do that for you!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like Mike, I struggled getting my weight into an acceptable range even though I exercised a lot. This book is all about healthy lifestyle changes, which I decided to embark on when my doctor told me my blood markers showed pre-diabetes and unhealthy cholesterol levels. I was told to start eating better or I"d have to start taking medications everyday. After 12 weeks following Mike and Gale's guidance, I've not only lost weight, but all my blood markers are well within the 'normal' range. Woo hoo -- no medications for me!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Feeling better, losing weight, more energized and on the road to great 2016. Thank you FAT BURNING MACHINE!
Robin-DW More than 1 year ago
Could not put this book down! I have been a successful Personal Fitness Trainer and Instructor for 30+ years and in my profession, I have had a lot of experience and education in this field. I know the real thing, what works and what does not from hearing HUNDREDS of failed attempts, by my clients,- not because of lack of WILL POWER, but because of the lack of truth on how the body actually responds to "diets" & exercise, short and long term. I started highlighting things in the book that I wanted to use/communicate to my clients, then I was highlighting so much I started putting parenthesis around paragraphs, then I had to start using my business cards to book mark entire pages! I am grateful to the authors of this book for their research, honesty and obvious integrity in putting together a gold mine of easy to follow information. I cannot wait to implement this healthy life style change to not only my clients but myself and my family as well!
Ron_K More than 1 year ago
My wife and I were members of the initial pilot program for "Fat-Burning Macine" and have been following their nutrition plan since last spring. My goal was not to lose weight when I started the program though l lost ~12 lbs in the first 8 weeks. The real benefit l got from changing my diet was a significant reduction in joint pain. I've also seen much less variation in energy levels during the day as a result of eating foods with lower glycemic indices. Anything worthwhile takes effort but this book can give you tools to help you succeed.
LKColorado More than 1 year ago
Numbers don't lie. I am a huge fan of the Fat Burning Machine because I was a part of the 1st pilot group that tried the Fat Burning Machine program. My motivation was both heart health and moderate weight loss. I considered myself relatively healthy both in exercise and eating habits, but I kept seeing my weight creep up year after year and couldn't lose it. And I have a family history of heart disease so was interested in a plan that helped me modified my risk. Before starting the program, I had a blood panel taken to see my baseline and then again after 4 months. I was amazed at the results. All of my heart-health markers improved from the 1st blood test-- good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, fasting glucose, and triglycerides all improved by 6%-14% and I lost 9 lbs and several inches from my waist and hips. I achieved these results by following the program roughly 85% of the time -- yes, I had pizza and wine occasionally. At my last doctor appointment, she looked at all my numbers and recommended I keep doing what I'm doing because it's clearly working for me. This was not a "diet" for me but a nutritional program and lifestyle change that was easy to implement and stick to. I am still following the plan 8 months later and feel better than I have in years. I really like that the plan doesn't "eliminate" food groups like other diet plans, but gives you choices in all the food groups that fall within lower carb and lower sugar options. For anyone considering it, my advice is try it -- 12 weeks is doable for anyone to see if it works for you. And the results are worth it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been a part of the pilot program since September 2015. This program really works. The beauty of it is that you can tailor it to your body needs and your lifestyle. It will still work. Over the twelve week pilot I lost over 18 pounds. Continue to lose. I am nearing 60 years old and now have the same energy I had in my 30's. I have returned to my passion of running after a hiatus of over a decade. I am a true believer of "everything in moderation." Even this program needs/tolerates customization but overwhelmingly it is a common sense, easy to manage program.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Doctor - approved? What doctor? HE OR SHE LIED! Also, which one of the author's friends posted about reading this book cover to cover already? I only read a little and skimmed the rest. This book is going back tomorrow. It is filled with false promises in an attempt to make a quick buck off people trying to lose weight like me.
cpadamo More than 1 year ago
Essential reading. The importance of understanding the relationship between the "processing" of the food we eat every day and maintaining good health cannot be overstated. We live in a world in which obesity,diabetes, and related illnesses are epidemic. The author approaches this from the athlete's point of view and leaves the reader with a practical " how to" approach to alter your training program to take advantage of this new information. I found this a good companion read to Dr. Listig's excellent book- Fat Chance- published a few years ago. Charles Adamo MD
T Miller More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book! It just make logical sense. The recipes are simple to follow. I've researched many diet books/healthy eating books and this one just makes sense to me. Read this one cover to cover already. Will update with results soon!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is questionable