Become A Putting Machine

Become A Putting Machine

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by Yvon Legault

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Golf is 18 holes, a field of grass, sand traps and, often, a lot of frustration. Sometimes, no matter how much one plays, when it comes down to just a few feet from the hole, the ball just won�t seem to go in. For people… See more details below


Golf is 18 holes, a field of grass, sand traps and, often, a lot of frustration. Sometimes, no matter how much one plays, when it comes down to just a few feet from the hole, the ball just won�t seem to go in. For people who need to shave a few strokes or need to completely change how they play, Yvon Legault offers the winning tips in his new book, Become a Putting Machine (now available through 1stBooks).

      The bestselling guide in Canada and Europe has arrived in America. Become a Putting Machine is a complete and thorough breakdown of the art of putting. Legault covers stance, angle and putter selection as he patiently instructs golfers how to shave strokes off of their games from the green. From the topography of the course to the position of one�s feet, Legault covers everything an avid golfer needs to know to sink that putt for par.

      In addition to addressing the mechanical aspects of the art of putting, the book covers the mental side of the game. He teaches golfers how to keep their cool under pressure, contain their emotions and put the ball into the hole. With this aspect, Become a Putting Machine becomes much more than a book about golf. It teaches readers life lessons based on love, faith and humility. Legault helps golfers carry their passion for the game from the course into the parking lot and out into the real world where it will help them become more well-rounded people.

      For those with a passion for the links or those who seek to improve their lives through this metaphoric book, Becoming a Putting Machine will shave strokes off of one�s game and life.

      With a degree in computer science, Legault has been working in information technology for more than 30 years. He is an avid golfer who has earned the reputation of �putting wizard� and �putter�s maestro� among others because of his putting game and the way he helps other golfers improve their game. Become a Putting Machine, his first book, is a bestseller in Europe and Canada.

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The Putter�s Maestro!


Surprise! A golf book becoming a best seller! The �putter�s maestro�  is a handsome down to earth man that claims and proves that the only part of the Game where you can play like the �pros� is on the greens.  You read this book like you eat your favorite dish. Golfers love it! We love it because it contains all of the ingredients to help become a �putting machine�. If you like golf, this book is a must!


If you don�t putt you don�t score!


By definition, technical golf books are a bit soporific. A first, as far as I know, Mr. Legault had the brilliant idea of transmitting his recognized knowledge through a beautiful story that makes the book a delight to read.  The editor ran out of books and had to re-print two weeks after publication, it says it all.

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Page 6

  First of all, I will ask you an important question and your answer will determine how I will teach you.  Is your goal to become a good putter or to become an exceptional putter?  Think carefully before you answer because the path we take will not be the same.

   Without really understanding the true measure of the question and without realizing the impact of my answer, I replied:

I enjoy a challenge; therefore I choose to become an exceptional putter. 


Page 9

 For the majority of golfers putting is composed of two elements: 50% physics and 50% observation. For an exceptional putter it�s composed rather of three elements: 25% physics of the movement, 25% subjective observation and 50% esoteric matter. This morning we will begin with the physics of the movement.

 His definition of the three necessary elements to carry out a putt left me a little perplexed: subjective observation was one thing but 50% esoteric matter?

What does esoteric mean uncle?

We�re not there yet. I will explain in time


Page 25

        Once I arrived at the house, even before opening a beer I was drawn to the dictionary.  I consulted my old Webster and turned to page 478 finding the word esoteric: adj.  a) designed for or understood by only a chosen few, b) beyond the understanding or knowledge of most people.  Wow!  My jaw dropped, I was very intrigued�


  Page 19

the rotation axis of your shoulders and the position of your left hand on the putter( if right handed) are the keys to the square-back-and-square-through path of the putter�s head.


Page 23

You must also understand the work of your left side.  Your right side seems to be taking over on the forward stroke.  When you dance with your girlfriend who leads?

  I do.

  Would you say she�s a better dancer than you are?

  Absolutely, she makes me look good.

  You�ve said it all.  When putting you are the left side and your girlfriend is the right side.  Your left side and that includes your left hand, must remain in motion and active all the way, otherwise you will develop something I call a 'punch stroke'.  What you want is a �penetrating stroke�.  The fact that your entire left side is in front of the ball before execution results in a continuous motion that goes through the ball producing a wonderful true roll.  You do not want your right hand to take control at impact.  The continued movement of your left side will keep the right hand out of mischief.  The right hand wants to go the target and like I said before, that�s fine, but it needs help from all the other parts.


Page 19

 A reliable and repetitive stroke cannot be controlled by the arms or/ and the hands. When a stroke originates from the hands, you are playing Russian roulette.


Page 29  

  You must realize that a putt is never straight.


Page 93

because very few golfers realize this.  A lot of golfers unconsciously experiment it. Professionals exploit it at different levels of comprehension and attain variable degrees of success, with the help of different methods.  Champions try to exploit it at its maximum.

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C. Gallo

My total mental outlook on putting has gone full circle. Thanks to this book, I can�t wait to get on the green. I have shaved 6 strokes off my game...down to a 5.

Montr�al,  Canada
R. Robillard

Recognized as a master of the putting game, Mr.Legault transmits us his knowledge through a warm and original story. A diamond on the green�.for a golfer.

Toronto, Canada

H. Setlakwe

I arranged for a private lesson with the author. After watching me hit a few balls with my 7 iron, Mr. Legault told me that I was missing putts short and left of the hole.  I asked him if he was a wizard because he was right.  I learned more on putting in 90 minutes than in my entire life and my younger days are long gone. 

Laval, Canada

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