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Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition: Communicating Your Faith in a Style That Fits You

Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition: Communicating Your Faith in a Style That Fits You

by Mark Mittelberg, Bill Hybels, Lee Strobel

The best-selling Becoming a Contagious Christian training course—now revised and expanded for students!

For junior and senior-high groups of any size:
* Small groups of 4 to 9
* Large groups of 10 to 150 and more Can be presented in several formats:
* Eight 60-minute sessions
* Four 3-hour sessions
* One-, two-, or three-day retreats


The best-selling Becoming a Contagious Christian training course—now revised and expanded for students!

For junior and senior-high groups of any size:
* Small groups of 4 to 9
* Large groups of 10 to 150 and more Can be presented in several formats:
* Eight 60-minute sessions
* Four 3-hour sessions
* One-, two-, or three-day retreats

After age nineteen the probability of a person accepting Christ as Savior is just 6 percent

Think what that means for your youth ministry. Not only is today's greatest evangelistic opportunity as close as the relationships your students have with classmates, coworkers, friends, and family but the world's most passionate, effective evangelists are sitting right in front of you! No one can top your students in effectively introducing their friends and family to Christ. And now is the critical time to help them learn how.

Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition Groupware is designed with both you and your students in mind. Included is everything you'll need to help students discover and develop their unique evangelism styles. Based on the proven Becoming a Contagious Christian Groupware developed at Willow Creek Community Church, Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition includes an Evangelistic Styles Assessment; activities for individuals, partners, and small groups; and video dramas that model and bring to life the evangelistic skills students can use every day—with powerful results.

Revised and expanded by one of America's foremost youth ministers and teachers, Bo Boshers, this exciting, highly interactive approach addresses the specific needs and challenges of students—in language they can relate to. Students will learn how to:
* be intentional in developing relationships
* transition an ordinary conversation to a spiritual conversation
* tell in plain language their personal story of meeting Christ
* share the gospel message using two different illustrations
* answer ten common objections to Christianity
* pray with a friend to receive Christ

Help your students discover the evangelism style that fits them best . . . and watch them become truly contagious with their faith as they grow confident in introducing their friends to the love and truth of Christ.

Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition Groupware kit includes:
One 60-minute video Student's Guide Leader's Guide PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM All but PowerPoint Presentation also sold separately

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Publication date:
Evangelism Series
Edition description:
BK and Video Edition
Product dimensions:
9.72(w) x 12.58(h) x 2.40(d)
Age Range:
13 - 17 Years

Read an Excerpt

Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition

Communicating Your Faith in a Style That Fits You with CDROM
By Mark Mittelberg

Zondervan Publishing Company

Copyright © 2001 Mark Mittelberg
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0310237696

Chapter One

why become a contagious christian?


the contagious zone


1. Call the group together.

2. Welcome students to Session 1 of the Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition course.

3. Introduce yourself.

Get Connected

As you welcome students to the course, keep in mind that your attitude will go a long way toward setting the tone for the session. If you're upbeat and excited about the things your students are going to learn, your students will pick up on it. If you're open and honest, you'll find that your students will be more willing to respond when it comes time for them to talk.

One way to do this is to personalize the opening and closing prayers for each session. In addition to praying for your students and the session, pray for a friend or family member whom you want to come to Christ. Continue to pray for this person and for your relationship with him or her throughout the course. The more students hear how God is using you-even with your weaknesses-in your friend's life, the more students will be open to practicing these principles in their own lives.

Opening Prayer

Dear Father, thank you for the love and forgiveness you've shown each person in this room. Thank you for giving each of us the incredible privilege of being used by you to help others find your love and forgiveness. We ask that you give us the confidence and wisdom to share your love with our friends and family in ways that will make a difference in their lives. Help us to become contagious Christians, spreading our faith to those around us. In Christ we pray, amen.

The suggested times for each segment are guidelines to give you a framework for covering the contents portion of each session in 60 minutes. See pages 15-17 for more information.

A Word of Introduction

Student's Guide page 9.

NOTE: You can view the corresponding Student's Guide page on the page opposite each Leader's Guide page.

Turn to page 9.

When you hear the word contagious, you probably think of sickness and disease. But not all contagious things are bad. Laughter can be contagious. One person starts, then another person joins in, and before you know it you've got an entire roomful of laughing people.

Christ's love is like that. One person tells another about it, that person tells someone else, and before you know it you've got a whole family, school, or neighborhood full of people who know and love Jesus. At least, that's the way things can be-if enough people make the decision to become contagious Christians.

If you've ever helped someone commit his or her life to Christ, you already know how awesome it is to be a part of God's plan. If you haven't had the chance yet, you'll discover it's a feeling you'll never forget. Nothing in this world is as rewarding as knowing something you said or did made a difference in a person's life for eternity. Our goal is that very soon all of us will experience being used by God this way.

In this first session, we'll be talking about relational evangelism. First, we'll find out what the myths are about evangelism and evangelists. Then we'll look at what relational evangelism really is. Next, we'll look at what the Bible says about sharing our faith. Finally, we'll start an Impact List of people with whom we want to share Christ's love.


Excerpted from Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition by Mark Mittelberg Copyright © 2001 by Mark Mittelberg. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Mark Mittelberg (MA, Trinity Evangelical Theological School) is an author, speaker, and evangelism strategist. He is coauthor with Bill Hybels of Becoming a Contagious Christian and coauthor with Bill Hybels and Lee Strobel of the Becoming a Contagious Christian curriculum. He previously served as evangelism leader for the Willow Creek Association. Mark Mittelberbg es autor, conferencista y estratega de evangelismo. Es coautor con Bill Hybels de Conviertase en un cristiano contagioso y con Lee Strobel de Aventura Inesperada. Junto a Bill Hybels y Lee Strobel es coautor del programa de estudio Conviertase en un cristiano contagioso. Anteriormente sirvio como lider de evangelismo para Willow Creek Association.

Lee Strobel (www.LeeStrobel.com), with a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale Law School, was the award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and a spiritual skeptic until 1981. His books include four Gold Medallion winners and the 2005 Christian Book of the Year (coauthored with Garry Poole). He and his wife live in Colorado. Lee Strobel tiene una licenciatura en periodismo de la Universidad de Missouri y una maestria en estudio de leyes de la Universidad Yale. Fue el galardonado editor legal del periodico Chicago Tribune y esceptico espiritual hasta el ano 1981. Es autor de exitos de ventas del New York Times de casi veinte libros y ha sido entrevistado por numerosos programas nacionales de television, incluyendo 20/20 de la cadena ABC, Fox News y CNN. Cuatro de sus libros han ganado el premio Medalla de oro y uno de ellos fue el ganador del premio Libro cristiano del ano 2005 (el cual escribio junto a Garry Poole). Lee sirvio como pastor de ensenanza en las Iglesias Willow Creek y Saddleback. Ademas, contribuye como editor y columnista de la revista 'Outreach'. el y su esposa, Leslie, residen en Colorado. Para mas informacion, visite: www.leestrobel.com

Bill Hybels is the founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill., and chairman of the board for the Willow Creek Association. The bestselling author of more than twenty books, including Axiom, Holy Discontent, Just Walk Across the Room, The Volunteer Revolution, Courageous Leadership, and classics such as Too Busy Not to Pray and Becoming a Contagious Christian, Hybels is known worldwide as an expert in training Christian leaders to transform individuals and their communities through the local church. Hybels received a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Trinity College in Deerfield, Ill. He and his wife, Lynne, have two adult children and one grandson, Henry. Bill Hybels es el fundador y pastor principal de la Iglesia Comunitaria de Willow Creek en South Barrington, Illinois., y presidente de la junta de la Asociacion Willow Creek. Es autor de mas de veinte libros exitosos, entre los que se encuentran Axioma, Divina Insatisfaccion, Simplemente acercate a ellos, La revolucion de los voluntarios, Liderazgo audaz, y clasicos como Muy ocupados para no orar y Como ser un cristiano contagioso. Bill Hybels es reconocido mundialmente por capacitar a lideres cristianos en cursos de entrenamiento que buscan transformar a los individuos y sus comunidades mediante la iglesia local. Tiene un titulo en Estudios Biblicos y un doctorado honorario de Estudios Teologicos de Trinity College de Deerfield, Illinois. el y su esposa, Lynne, tienen dos hijos adultos y un nieto.

Bo Boshers is vice president of student ministries at the Willow Creek Association and author of several books, including Student Ministry for the Twenty-first Century, Walking with God, and numerous other books in the Student Impact series. Previously, he served for ten years as executive director of Student Impact, the senior-high ministry of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. Bo Boshers es director ejecutivo del ministerio de estudiantes de Willow Creek Association y autor de varios libros, incluyendo La Fuerza G, Momentos de Vision, Ministerio de Estudiantes para el Siglo XXI y Conviertete en un cristiano contagioso, Edicion para Jovenes.

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