Becoming a Nurse Educator: Dialogue for an Engaging Career / Edition 1

Becoming a Nurse Educator: Dialogue for an Engaging Career / Edition 1

by CeCelia R. Zorn

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Table of Contents

Foreword Michael Perry, RN ix

Introduction xi

Acknowledgments xxi

Unit 1 Knowing the Self as Teacher 1

Chapter 1 Then and Now: A Call to Pause 3

Learning and Teaching 3

A Moment in Time 4

Pauses at Departure and Arrival 5

You Are Yourself 7

References 9

Chapter 2 Honoring the Present in the Best and Worst Year 11

Quarrying the First-Year Challenges 12

Honoring the Present and Renewing its Nobility 15

Where Have I Been as Teacher? 17

Where Am I Going as Teacher? 18

The Educator Moves Inside 20

References 23

Chapter 3 "As If": More of That First Year 25

Appeal of the Educator Role 26

Preparing to Teach 28

Getting Started: Before the First Class Meeting 30

Relationships with Teaching Colleagues 34

Conclusion 36

References 36

Chapter 4 Scott's Spirit on Lassen Peak: Finding the Spirit That Sustains You 37

Lesson from Lassen Peak 38

Learning as My Sustaining Spirit 39

What I Have Learned About Learning 40

Find the Spirit That Sustains You 45

References 46

Chapter 5 The Rhythm of Education: Dr. Harriet Werley, Thank You for Teaching Me 47

Thank You for Teaching Me 47

Rhythm of Staccato 48

Rhythm of Tapestry 52

Rhythm of Stillness 54

References 55

Unit 2 Relationships with Students 57

Chapter 6 How Can the Students Help Us Teach? 59

Who Do the Students Say That They Are? 60

The Nurse Educator: What Is Most Important? 61

About Being a New Nurse Educator 70

Beyond Balance 73

References 74

Chapter 7 Presence with Students: Posing Interest, Not Merely Paying Attention 75

Posing Interest as a Clinical Teacher: An Early Lesson 76

Posing Interest as a Classroom Teacher 78

ShowingUp and Circulating 80

Getting Inside the Students' Heads 83

"A Friend of Your Mind" and Namaste 85

References 85

Unit 3 Teaching Practices That I Am Practicing 87

Chapter 8 Clinical Teaching is Where the Magic Lies 89

Clinical Education as the Pinnacle of Complexity 90

Preparing for Departure 92

In Flight 94

Conclusion 99

Questions to Ponder 99

References 100

Chapter 9 The Novel: "Listen Her and She Will Show Us Everything" 101

Linking Novels and Human Responses 102

Repositioning Novel Reading in Nursing Education 104

Novel Reading: Beyond "Busywork" and "Boring" 105

"Listen Her and She Will Show Us Everything" 109

Questions to Ponder 110

References 110

Chapter 10 The Students Co-Construct the Classroom 111

Similar Experiences, But What Makes Them Different? 112

Relentless Preparation 114

Take a Break 116

Students and Course Assignments Co-Construct the Classroom 116

Conclusion 119

Questions to Ponder 120

References 120

Chapter 11 Creative Projects: "Could You Please Tell Us What You're Looking For?" 121

A Newbie's Anemic Attempts 122

What I've Discovered 123

Creativity as a Concept 125

Beginning to Make it a Practice 126

Conclusion 130

Questions to Ponder 130

References 131

Unit 4 Nursing Education as Liberal Education 133

Chapter 12 Teaching Life, Not Teaching Work 135

Beyond Compliance in Health Care 135

Shadow Side of Nursing Education 138

Nursing Education as Liberal Education 142

In Procession: Where is it Leading Us? 152

References 153

Afterword: The Musicality of Teaching: More Dreams for the Future than Memories of the Past 155

The Musicality of Teaching 155

Building Bridges 157

References 159

Index 161

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