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Bedroom Games: Stripteases, Seductions, and Other Surprises to Keep Your Partner Coming Back for More

Bedroom Games: Stripteases, Seductions, and Other Surprises to Keep Your Partner Coming Back for More

by Mary Taylor
The lights are low. Your favorite sultry tunes are playing quietly in the background. The phone is off the hook. A scented candle is burning. Your man sits in the center of the room, eagerly awaiting the surprise you’ve been planning for weeks. Slowly, you make your entrance, dressed in a little black number you bought on the sly. As his jaw drops you slink


The lights are low. Your favorite sultry tunes are playing quietly in the background. The phone is off the hook. A scented candle is burning. Your man sits in the center of the room, eagerly awaiting the surprise you’ve been planning for weeks. Slowly, you make your entrance, dressed in a little black number you bought on the sly. As his jaw drops you slink toward him, moving to the rhythm of the music. You’ve got his attention now, and the night has only just begun.

The art of the striptease involves more than a revealing costume, stiletto heels, and a red feather boa. To successfully release your inner stripper, ladies, you’ve got to have the moves (of course!), but most important you have to exude self-confidence. With two decades of on-the-job experience, former exotic dancer Mary Taylor offers a wealth of advice for women on how to cast aside their insecurities and inhibitions. Full of tips on choosing the right time, setting, music, lighting, costume, and persona, and step-by-step instructions on basic and more advanced striptease moves, Bedroom Games is your key to turning your (and his!) most secret sexual fantasies into reality and giving the man in your life a night he won’t soon forget!

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Library Journal
This fun, healthy, and upbeat how-to covers the art of womanly seduction. A former professional stripper, Taylor conducts seminars on enticement and self-awareness and here leverages her 20 years of experience. "There's no apprenticeship program for strippers," she shrewdly notes; you can't be "a little bit naked." Thus, Bedroom's first half focuses on overcoming fears and anxiety, at times overemphasizing the "it's okay to do this" angle. The second half, on movement and aesthetics, is clear and leaves little to the imagination (e.g., "emptying your cups"). This is a frank, encouraging start for those uninitiated to moves like "stirring the pot" and "the queen's wave." Tips, like costume ideas and props, are included. As one would expect, there is saucy talk and use of anatomical language. If your library needs more of a manual, consider Hilda Hutcherson's What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex. This is fine for most public libraries, though.

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Every Woman’s Fantasy


I believe that deep down, every woman thinks of what it would be like to perform an erotic striptease. Her fantasy involves slowly and seductively removing her clothes for an audience of at least one enthusiastic, highly appreciative man.

Imagine yourself in this scene:

You call your loverboy, and his manner on the phone and his relaxed tone of voice indicate a frisky and receptive mood.

After days of teasing and prepping him for a “big night” without letting the secret out of the bag, you let it slip that you have a special surprise planned for this evening. You hang up the phone and dive into the preparations. Your vision for this evening is now turned into action. The pages you’ve read in all those trashy romance novels or the scenes you’ve seen in those sexy movies are jumping out at you as you move the coffee table out of the way. First you remove the lightbulbs from their sockets and replace them with bulbs that emit a subtle blue glow. Melted stubs of wax are replaced with scented candles. A slow, seductive CD is cued up to your favorite song. Next comes the food for your feast. You set the table for the kill, with seduction foods like chocolate and fruit, oysters and caviar. Satisfied with your work so far, you slip beneath the foam of a hot bath and begin to relax.

The question of what to wear poses no problem as you sashay up to the closet and dig out your hidden treasure. The French maid’s outfit you picked out last week is ready to work its magic. The black stockings have seams running down the back and little satin bows at the start of your ankles. Your black bra and panties are a matching set. With only half the fabric of a real maid’s outfit, this cute little number has short sleeves and laces up in front down to the waist. Below the waist, the skirt flares out to stop just below the bottom of your cheeks. As you would expect, the apron is white with frilly trim all the way around, and wraps around the back to tie into a big bow. Oh, I almost forgot: The ensemble is set off by cute little frilly gloves with the fingers cut out and a matching white-lace cap that sits just back on your head.

It’s time. At seven o’clock he walks in the door and into your homemade den of seduction. You meet him at the door dressed as his personal maid—a greeting any man would find hard to resist. Your little white frilly apron points to your garter belt as it peeks out of the bottom of your dress. His eyes trace the seams in your stockings all the way down to the four-inch heels of your patent-leather pumps. His eyes light up as the smile on your face gives him only a glimpse of what lies ahead for the evening.

“Would you like a cocktail, monsieur?” you ask with a Lolita-like tone in your voice. He gulps as your finger beckons him to follow you into the living room. You lead him by the tie and then, placing your hands on his shoulders, push him into the large, overstuffed chair. Little does he know how hard you have been practicing for the last two weeks.

You slither slowly into the kitchen, giving him an enticing view of your tush. You come back with a tray of goodies and gently place the hors d’oeuvres in his mouth. As you lick your lips, you move away with a deadly wiggle. He watches you pour a drink with long, sweeping motions. The cold liquid drips into the glass. Standing between his legs, you place the glass to his lips, spilling a small drop down his chin. Your tongue licks his chin clean. You whisper an apology for making him “a little wet.” When he tries to fondle you, you push his hands away and put them by his side.

It’s time to turn on the stereo. You take your time; every movement is like foreplay. Nothing will be rushed tonight. The music starts and so do you. Now it’s time to peel and play!

Standing in front of him, you ask in a seductive voice, “Is there anything else I can do for you, monsieur?” You strut around in front of him, playfully fingering your apron. All the time, the music is playing and you are dancing. Slowly you take the apron strings in your fingers and begin to untie them. Carefully moving the apron back and forth, you tease him with a glimpse of your panties under your short skirt. Then you turn around and toss your apron with attitude, hitting him in the face. You undo the laces on the front of your dress one at a time as your body moves to the music. You wiggle out of your dress, pulling it off your shoulders and dropping it to the floor. Pointing your toes, you kick the dress out of the way, because now it’s time to get closer.

He has suffered enough—almost. You’ve saved the big move you have been practicing. Crouching in front of him as he sits in the chair, you trace a line up his thighs with your fingers, and then on up to his chest until you are in a standing position with your arms on his shoulders. With your body straight, you lean forward until your breasts lightly brush his face. Slowly, gracefully, seductively, you slide down the length of his body, sliding your breasts over every inch of him until you stop gently on the floor at his feet. He’s squirming in his chair and you push his frantic hands away. Oh, he wants you all right.

But not yet—it’s time for him to take a few things off, too. That tie has got to go. Taking the tip of it in your mouth, you growl and shake your head around like a hungry animal. You use the tie to spank yourself gently. Undoing each of his shirt buttons, you uncover his bare chest and give his erect nipple a little lick, again asking, “Can I get you anything else, monsieur?” Without listening for his answer, you prove it’s your show by placing your foot on his thigh. You unclip your garter and roll your stockings down one leg at a time. You straddle his struggling form and begin kissing his neck and whispering in his ear.

You repeat this Front Slide (a move you’ll learn in detail later) and find yourself between his legs, facing his crotch. With a soft touch to feel his erection, you lie down on your back and carefully slip your heels out of your shoes and flip them one by one over your head and across the room. You play with your breasts, savoring the moment before removing your bra. As you straddle him once again, he needs no coaxing to taste your fabulous breasts. Only for a moment, though, because you still have one more song to dance to before you let the “master” have his way. In actuality, of course, you are the one having your way. He is putty in your hands for the rest of the evening—maybe longer! You have created the illusion in his overheated brain (and elsewhere) that you are his maidservant for the night.

Does that sound like what you have been imagining? “Noooo,” you say to yourself. “I’m a good girl. I’ve been brought up properly to know right from wrong and could never have such thoughts.”

Think again, sister!

I believe it is perfectly normal, even healthy, to entertain such a fantasy. All women want more than anything else to be loved and appreciated. Many women are lucky enough to achieve the love they seek from close, long-term relationships, one man at a time. Others, including entertainers but most notably strippers, get the love and admiration they crave in strong but short-term doses from men they barely know. Are these the “bad girls”?

Meet the Author

MARY TAYLOR is a former exotic dancer with more than twenty years of experience. She is now the owner of Live Girl Productions, a distributor of instructional CDs and videos. Mary also leads Peel and Play workshops, sharing her techniques with women throughout the United States and Canada. She lives in Toronto.

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