by Martin Schwabacher

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A bee's sting hurts so much that you may not appreciate that you've possibly caused the untimely death of a hard-working, unappreciated member of a complex society. Bees evoke simple thoughts of lazy summer days, honey, flowers, and pain; but they represent millions of years of evolution. Do you wonder which of the 20,000 bee species you hear buzzing nearby? When you stir a spoonful of honey into your tea, do you think that "Each drop starts out as nectar that is swallowed and carried inside a bee's stomach" and that "It can take 2,000 trips to gather enough nectar to make a single ounce of honey?" And bees communicate: "...bees have a language that is second only to human language in sophistication." These wondrous insects are well served by Mr. Schwabacher in this fascinating and thorough book. His detailed but dynamic prose invites the reader into the world of bees�their anatomy, behavior, life cycle, communication, and enemies. Adults as well as children will want to read this book. Colorful photographs, an index, and suggestions for further research are helpful additions. This book is part of "AnimalWays," a series that seems designed to make every reader an animal advocate. 2003, Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish, Butts

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Cavendish Square Publishing
Publication date:
AnimalWays 3
Product dimensions:
7.70(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
10 Years

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