Behavioural Ecology of Fishes / Edition 1

Behavioural Ecology of Fishes / Edition 1

by Felicity Anne Huntingford, Huntingfordd

ISBN-10: 371865346X

ISBN-13: 9783718653461

Pub. Date: 12/01/1993

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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Taylor & Francis
Publication date:
Ettore Majorana International Life Sciences Series, #13
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7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Series
Behaviour, Ecology and Teleost Fishes1
Fish Behavioural Ecology: Pros, Cons and Opportunities7
Evolution of Adaptive Variation in Antipredator Behaviour29
The Development of Adaptive Variation in Predator Avoidance in Freshwater Fishes45
Learning Interactions between Prey and Predator Fish63
Conflicting Demands in Gobies: When to Eat, Reproduce, and Avoid Predators79
Choosing Prey Size: A Comparison of Static and Dynamic Foraging Models for Predicting Prey Choice by Fish91
Factors Affecting the Behavioural Mechanisms of Diet Selection in Fishes105
Morphological Constraints on Behaviour through Ontogeny. The Importance of Developmental Constraints119
Whether or Not to Defend? The Influence of Resource Distribution137
The Puzzling Paucity of Feeding Territories among Freshwater Fishes155
Knowledge of Proximate Causes Aid Our Understanding of Function and Evolutionary History175
Behavioural Implications of Intraspecific Life History Variation187
Behavioural Causes and Consequences of Life History Variation in Fish205
Sex Role Reversal in a Pipefish219
The Importance of Male-Male Competition and Sexually Selected Dimorphic Traits for Male Reproductive Success in Site-attached Fishes with Paternal Care: The Case of the Freshwater Goby Padogobius martensi231
Male Competition, Female Mate Choice and Sexual Size Dimorphism in Poeciliid Fishes257
The Advantages of Being Red: Sexual Selection in the Stickleback287
Behavioural Organisation and the Evolution of Behavioural Strategies301
Species List317

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