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Behind Enemy Lines (Infinity Ring Series #6)

Behind Enemy Lines (Infinity Ring Series #6)

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by Jennifer A. Nielsen

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Fix the past. Save the future.

Dak, Sera, and Riq involve themselves in one of the most bizarre spy missions in history . . . and the outcome of World War II hangs in the balance.


Fix the past. Save the future.

Dak, Sera, and Riq involve themselves in one of the most bizarre spy missions in history . . . and the outcome of World War II hangs in the balance.

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"Tight plotting, snappy dialogue . . . the story moves at a breathless pace." - Rick Riordan, NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

"A successful mix of action, adventure, and historical substance." - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"Dashner makes the familiar feel fresh. . . . Save a place on your shelves for this fast-paced and fun series about historical time travel." - VOICE OF YOUTH ADVOCATES

Children's Literature - Barbara Monroe
This is book six in the “Infinity Ring” series; there are three main characters, Rig, Dak and Sera These three use a special Infinity Ring for time travel. They find themselves in a town in Scotland. They have to find the Hystorian who will tell them why they are there and what they must do. They have something called a SQuare that gives them directions and simple instructions. This time the SQaure tells them to “run.” The Nazi planes are just about to bomb the town they are in. The find their Hystorian who gets them safely into a bomb shelter but unfortunately, the Hystorian is killed in the air raid before he can tell the kids what they are supposed to do. Now they have to figure this out on their own and they do not have much time. SQuare gives them a clue. It is a message that has been coded. The kids decode the message and learn Operation Mincemeat has begun. Operation Mincemeat was an actual event that happened during WWII. The kids have to somehow make sure that the Germans believe the dead body that washed up on shore is a British Officer. In fact, the body is of a homeless man that had died. He was dressed up like a British officer. Attached to his body are ‘secret plans.’ And that these ‘secret plans’ are real. Dak goes to work for Colonel Von Roenne, also a real part of WWII history, where he comes face-to-face with Hitler. The book does alter history slightly but introduces details of real events and people that might not get much attention. In that sense, it is a great way to bring history alive. The story is well-written and suspenseful. It also is an open invitation for the reader to research more about these events and have fun. There is a guide and online game, similar to the “39 Clues” books. Reviewer: Barbara Monroe; Ages 8 to 12.

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Infinity Ring Series, #6
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8 - 12 Years

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Jennifer A. Nielsen is the acclaimed author of the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller THE FALSE PRINCE and THE RUNAWAY KING, the first two books in the Ascendance Trilogy. She has also written The Underworld Chronicles, a humorous middle-grade fantasy series. Jen lives in northern Utah with her husband, their three children, and a perpetually muddy dog.

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