Bellydance Oasis

Bellydance Oasis

3.5 2
by Neena & Veena

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Caravan Music Uk


  1. Egyptian Belly Dance Routine  -  Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
  2. Rakset Al Asaya  - Hassan Abou el Seoud
  3. Wa Marret al Ayam  - Samy Farag
  4. Greek Belly Dance Routine  -  Yervant
  5. Desert Gypsy  - Mohamed Bakkar
  6. Drums of Alexandria  - Said el Artist
  7. Soublil al Ashra  -  Al-Ahram Orchestra
  8. Two Sisters  - Antranik Mouradian
  9. Lebanese Belly Dance Routine  - Youssef Boutros
  10. Untamed Dancer  -  Mosavo
  11. Zaffa  -  Cairo Orchestra
  12. Anatolian Delight  -  Ethem Gunduz
  13. Ya Habibi Ya Ghaybin  -  Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
  14. Veil Dance  -  Nor Serount Ensemble
  15. Syrian Bellydance Routine  -  Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
  16. Tabla Makes You Dance  - Khaled Al Arabi
  17. Eshtaktillak Remixed  - Roger Abboud
  18. Aleppo by Night  -  Jalal Joubi & Ensemble

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Bellydance Oasis 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
SourceressDeStella More than 1 year ago
Really liked how the back liner notes gave a country or origin of the tracks for Oriental Dance (that would be "bellydance"). Nice variety of music styles and speeds- a little something for any move you'd like to practice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago