Ben and Becky Get a Pet (We Both Read Series)

Ben and Becky Get a Pet (We Both Read Series)

by Sindy McKay, Meredith Johnson

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Children's Literature - Trina Heidt
Ben and Becky convince their Dad, after much pestering, that they are responsible enough to have a pet. They just can not decide if they should get a snake named Killer (Ben's choice) or a cat named Cupcake (Becky's choice). After it has been agreed that they can have a pet, Dad decides that the best way to find out what sort of pet to get is to go the pet store at the local mall. Once there, Ben and Becky start bickering again and create an uproar throughout the mall by accidentally letting the pet store's snake loose. Hilarious chaos ensues as the kids work to recapture the snake. After finally securing the snake, Dad and the kids having learned about the enormous responsibility of pet ownership and come up with a compromise that pleases them all. If you are a fan of the "We Both Read" series where parents and their beginning readers are encouraged to share the responsibility of reading the story together, this is a highly recommended book. The text is witty and flows seamlessly from adult page to child page. The action-packed illustrations are extremely comedic to the point of inducing outbursts of laughter. The combination of the two will be sure to keep the interest of both adult and child. This is a Level 2 book.

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Treasure Bay, Incorporated
Publication date:
We Both Read Series
Edition description:
1 ED
Product dimensions:
(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)
Age Range:
6 - 8 Years

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