Beneath Blue Waters: Meetings with Remarkable Deep-Sea Creatures

Beneath Blue Waters: Meetings with Remarkable Deep-Sea Creatures

by Deborah Kovacs, Kate Madin

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Children's Literature - Dr. Judy Rowen
Away from the shore, where depths may reach over 3 miles, the waters of the ocean are much clearer and appear deep blue in color. It is this region that is explored in this book. Bizarre life-forms inhabit these regions, from fish with phosphorescent lures to strange invertebrates which let down "fishing lines." The scientists who study these creatures have also adapted to the strenuous environments, creating special research vessels able to withstand the extreme pressures in the deeper zones. Crisp photographs of the animals enhance the text's description of this alien world. A glossary completes the volume.
School Library Journal
Gr 5-8-This beautifully illustrated book provides an interesting combination of information about life in three distinct ocean zones and how scientists work from direct observations and in laboratories with living samples gathered during expeditions. Divers descend together in the first zone (Epipelagic, from the surface to a depth of about 450 feet), and while the safety diver watches over them, the others observe and search for creatures to collect for later laboratory study. The animals encountered are briefly described in the text; the matching full-color photographs are stunning in their brilliant clarity and vivid portrayal of these unique creatures. Both common and Latin names are used; this is helpful because many of the animals are too new and unfamiliar to have common names. Pronunciation guides are given. Both the second zone (the Mesopelagic, from 450-3,000 feet deep) and the third zone (the Benthopelagic, the 600 feet of water above the seafloor in places where the seafloor is no more than 6,000 feet deep) require special vehicles to explore. These zones yield new discoveries under the most difficult conditions of darkness, cold, and intense water pressure. There is no index, but the three-page glossary provides some page references for illustrations and narrative amplification.-Frances E. Millhouser, Chantilly Regional Library, VA

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