Beneath The Scars

Beneath The Scars

4.3 6
by Melanie Moreland

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The sound of the ocean, the crash of the waves as they kick up against the sand and rocks-these are the only sounds Megan Greene wants to hear. She wants to leave the rest of the world behind, and find some peace.

The offer of a private house on the beach, set in a small town in Maine, is perfect. Time to think-to be by herself. It's all she wants. It's the escape


The sound of the ocean, the crash of the waves as they kick up against the sand and rocks-these are the only sounds Megan Greene wants to hear. She wants to leave the rest of the world behind, and find some peace.

The offer of a private house on the beach, set in a small town in Maine, is perfect. Time to think-to be by herself. It's all she wants. It's the escape she needs.

Until she stumbles across the painting that seems to echo her own chaotic mindset.

Until she meets the unfriendly artist behind the stormy painting and discovers his secrets.

All Zachary Adams wants is to be left alone. His canvases, and the unending scope of the ocean and sand, are his life. They direct him-fill his hours. Bring him focus.

Until she enters his life.

She dredges up memories of the past-the haunting images he has hidden for years; the fears he has never shared.

A story he keeps buried below the surface.

Can she make him see what he is missing? Can he trust her enough to believe?

Together they embark on a journey where their pasts collide and threaten to tear them apart.

Will their fragile bond hold or wash away with the ebbing tide?

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Melanie Moreland
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Beneath the Scars 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Candy-Prisoners-of-Print More than 1 year ago
Beneath the Scars by Melanie Moreland is one of those books that draws you in with an absolutely breathtaking cover. Then you read the synopsis and become intrigued by what the book could have to offer, particularly if you have any connection to the ebb and flow of the ocean. When you open the pages of the book, you somewhat lose yourself in this raw, emotion-evoking tale reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. “Sometimes we have to leave the ones we love behind, but it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten them.” Megan and Zachary’s story is, without question, one about two completely broken characters finding their way to self-discovery and strength. Although that can be a formula used in novels quite often, I still felt like this one was unique and had distinguishing qualities. Megan is running from her issues and takes refuge at a beach in Maine. While there, she catches glimpses of her elusive neighbor, Zachary, who has been hiding from his past not only in physical location, but also through an abrasive, nearly impenetrable exterior. There was something about the two of them that just pulled me in. As Megan dug under Zachary’s skin, she burrowed her way under mine. The y were instantly likeable, and I could understand their instant love connection, which I tend to be very iffy about. When someone has been through tragedy, it can be easy to push people away. However when someone cares enough to nudge back, I think it leaves a resounding mark. Those small actions prove to be what matter most and Zachary came to realize that he wanted affection from this vibrant woman. “I could understand shunning the world. That was the same as what I was doing. Maybe he could give me some pointers.” I also love that she continued to challenge him. As much as it was their love story, we saw tremendous character growth in Zachary. To see him go from a man who wouldn’t even wave to Megan to someone who became thoughtful and attentive was quite a special feat. There is one scene where Megan gets him to begin talking about his past and confronting his demons and it was so emotionally charged and raw that I actually had to put the book down and take a break. The way that particular scene was written was incredibly powerful and left me breathless in a sense. “She gave me something I hadn’t felt in years: hope. She made me want to be better – for her.” My only true complaint was that there was a bit of a pacing issue. I sometimes felt like I wanted more of the action and less of the back and forth with trust versus no trust issues. There were also a couple instances were a bigger time gap had passed and I wish that it would have been clearly stated to reduce confusion. Overall, I actually enjoyed Beneath the Scars tremendously. It was very well written with an intriguing plotline that kept me hooked. These two characters may have been broken when they met, but they certainly completed each other in ways I didn’t imagine happening. The story really came full circle for me and I adored seeing just what love and hope between human beings can accomplish. This was my first book by Melanie Moreland, but I am definitely curious to see what her other works have to offer.
Lauren2LC More than 1 year ago
What a very beautiful book with a very strong heroine. Yeah!!! We often don't get to read strong heroines but in this book right from the beginning Megan is strong. Megan is taking a break away from her reality when she gets burned very badly personally and professionally by the same asshat. She just needs a break to recollect herself but after seeing a painting where the artist was able to capture the storm that is inside of her, she now wants that picture and what it represents. Megan loves this little town and the freedom it has, but the only downfall is her very cranky unfriendly new neighbor. Zachary has many demons and doesn't want to let anyone into his hollow world but there is something about Megan that for the first time makes him want more. After Megan realizes that the artist and the cranky neighbor are one in the same she tries to befriend him to no avail but with an incident and Zachary's conscious she finally worms her way inside. However, it is not easy as Zachary has never had positive loving feelings towards him before, so he doesn't trust that things could be real. When Megan finally truly sees Zachary most would run but for her, he only becomes more endearing to her. "They're marks. They tell me you survived something terrible. They don't define you." Zachary may have been marked physically but underneath there is so much more to him. "We all have scars. The only difference is some of them are easier to see. Yours are visible and appear painful, I know. They hurt you physically and emotionally. They hurt me to look at because I know they cause you pain, but they don't make you less in my eyes." Zachary has been hiding from his past in a self inflicted prison but for once Megan makes him feel alive and wanting more. "... Your past is simply that-your past. I've already assumed, from the few things you've said, it isn't pretty or very nice. I know you're not proud of some things that happened, or some of the things you did, but it made you what and who you are today." All Zachary feels is regret and guilt but what he sees now is pity from everyone else, but what he didn't see is that he did have friends he just didn't trust in it. So, when his worst fears and insecurities are put to the forefront he does what he always does and run while losing his belief that someone could have actually loved him. "What are you going to do now?" Turning back to the window, I stared into the night. "The one thing I can do," I whispered. "Keep breathing." Between Megan and Zachary, she has always been the more mature one even though she is many years his junior. But for Zachary his past is what has defined him and also stunted him emotionally. So, the after math of Megan's dreams of falling apart she has to fight to keep breathing while she takes her ex lover and boss down, saving her pride and moving forward. Even though she has so much love to give and can understand and forgive when she is hurting the most, but she also has to try to move on because she is strong and has people depending on her to move forward. Zachary has a nagging feeling that he may have royally screwed up not trusting in Megan but his past has chained him to see the actuality of the situation. Returning home he thinks he will be able to move on but when the reality of what he missed and what he did come crashing back in making him fight for everything that he now believes he can have. For Zachary their past may have helped define them but their love is what helped them both grow and to the best of their abilities. This book was beautifully done and I so highly recommend this book to everyone.
lovelygen13 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Genesis on GenGen's Book Blog I have no idea why I kept pushing this back, not wanting to read it. What the hell was I thinking?! It is so good! I LOVE IT! I related SO much to Zachary's character and I was just crying throughout the book and *sighs* the feels. Zachary is a man with trust issues. Everyone in his life has used him and abused his trust. When Megan enters his life, all he wants to do is push her away and push her away he does, but Megan keeps on coming back. Both of these characters feel a pull towards one another and Megan wants to be Zachary's but he is more reluctant to giving in to what he is feeling for Megan. Beneath The Scars helped me write my story on my blog. While Zachary's scars and mine are different, I still related to him and his feelings for his scars. Someone had to come into our lives to help us accept our scars. For Zachary, Megan came and stayed and showed him that his scars didn't define him, that if people wanted to stare, to not care. Megan helped Zachary in more ways than one and it was inspiring to read about Zachary's character growing throughout the story and changing for the better. I had requested this book but I never found myself wanting to read it. It wasn't until I read a review from a friend of mine that I really got into it. I think many can relate to Zachary's character. All of us have had friends betray our trust. For some, it happens so much that they end up not trusting anybody but themselves. Zachary's character teaches us that even when there are so many bad people in this world, there are also very good people that are willing to help us get that trust back. While I did enjoy reading this book, it had some aspects that I didn't really like. I would have liked more from each character. By this I mean that they fell in love rapidly. For Megan, it was practically love at first sight. Not only that, the characters didn't really interact enough for them to fall in love. The only part where the reader gets to read both characters having a real, full-length conversation is when Zachary is telling Megan about her past. Overall, it was a good story that many readers will enjoy and relate to, just as I did.
Tina_Chan More than 1 year ago
reviewed by Aly on behalf of The Book Landers In Beneath the Scars, the author creates the scenes easily, almost effortlessly, without overloading with descriptive words. They use exactly enough to get the point across and not enough to overwhelm the reader. I found this a marvelous writing style and it immediatly drew me into the book. I only fell more and more in love as I read. I had so many questions as I read, and even as one would be answered, another would pop up. I honestly did not expect some of the things that were shread to happen. It was great to almost constantly be shocked and not in a nice way. It showed the horribleness of humanity but also the marvelous, the love, and just it really balanced it out so that you weren’t constantly down in the dumps. At the same time you felt frustration about certain characters actions while still understanding their motivations. The two characters seemed to fit very well. Thier relationship seemed to do the other a world of good, and I liked how their relationship was not described or could be described as perfect even towards the end. It was still a rocky, and yet worthy quest that they were following and I enjoyed seeing the ups with the downs.  And yet, happiness can be taken in one second. The plot allowed this to happen and didn’t necessarily gurantee the characters would get a happy ending. It kept things intresting and it certainly made me keep reading, even as the emotional problems came out.  At the same time, you also got to know the secondary characters. Maybe not as many as you’d like or as well as you’d like, but you get the necessities to allow you to fall in love with them. There were several characters, other than Megan and Zachary, whom I positively adored throughout the book. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
A woman emotionally beaten down, deceived, humiliated and judged in the court of public opinion seeks a healing place to re-group and get a hold on her life. A mysterious and dark man lives like a hermit just down the beach from Megan. Being anti-social is his only defense against his past and the scars he carries both inside and out. A gifted artist, Zachary is standoffish to the point of cruelty to Megan, who had reached out in friendship, but the kind-heartedness in her keeps her going back for more. There is just something about this damaged man, someone who is far more shattered than she that draws her in. As she slowly breaks down his resistance, she finds a man longing for love, and to be accepted, who has secrets that are tearing him apart, a man who is able to heal her own pain, as well. But is their love destined to last? Will the outside world interfere on their oasis of peace? Are there still doubts to be overcome? Are there new doubts that will arise? Beneath the Scars by Melanie Moreland is a painful journey told through the eyes and hearts of both Zachary and Megan, one much darker, one more full of cautious hope. Ms. Moreland has brought together a warm love story about a man who has stopped living and a woman who never really started. Passionate and intense, her writing colors a tale of two imperfect people in an imperfect world, struggling for acceptance, and above all, trust.