The Bermuda Triangle (The Unexplained Series)

The Bermuda Triangle (The Unexplained Series)

by Aaron Rudolph, Gian J. Quasar

Describes some of the mysterious happenings and disappearances reported in the Bermuda Triangle.


Describes some of the mysterious happenings and disappearances reported in the Bermuda Triangle.

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Children's Literature
Author Rudolph tells the story of the Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious disappearances of planes and ships there in this 32-page photo illustrated book. The first chapter tells the reader that the Bermuda Triangle lies in the Atlantic Ocean between the southeastern cost of Florida and the islands of Puerto Rico and Bermuda. An imaginary line connecting these three places forms a triangle and is about twice the size of Texas. The other three chapters tell the facts of lost and abandoned ships and planes and what has been done to find the answers to these mysterious disappearances. One such disappearance was a rescue plane called a Martin Mariner that was sent out over the Bermuda Triangle in 1945 to investigate the disappearance of Flight 19, a U.S. Navy training exercise of five pilots flying Avenger torpedo bombers. All of the Avenger bombers and the rescue plane Martin Mariner disappeared from the radar screen. No wreckage was ever found. In 1948, another disappearance occurred when a DC-3 airplane carrying 31 passengers was lost over the Bermuda Triangle. Search crews never found any wreckage of the DC-3. Throughout the years many unusual occurrences have taken place over the Bermuda Triangle area and researchers are looking for answers. Some of the reasons given for these disappearances are weather and storms, waterspouts, and magnetic forces. Some people believe pilots and ship captains have misjudged their locations. Today, better communication equipment helps pilots and captains to stay on course, but disappearances still occur. Over 1,000 planes and boats have disappeared since the late 1970's. Good color photographs and illustrations accompany the text as well as a glossary,further reading sources, and a list of Internet sites. 2005, Capstone Press, Ages 7 to 11.
—Della A. Yannuzzi

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Unexplained Series
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