Best Bar Band Ever

Best Bar Band Ever

by The Morells

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Cd Baby

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  1. What Kind of Fool
  2. Chicken Necks
  3. Off and Running
  4. Luxury Machine
  5. Guitar Man
  6. Thirty Days in the Workhouse
  7. Growin' a Beard
  8. Cara-Lin
  9. M-Motor Vehicle
  10. H.E.L.P. Is on the Way
  11. Red's
  12. Clean It Up
  13. Boogie Woogie Lou
  14. intro to I Got Stung
  15. I Got Stung
  16. intro to I Ain't No Beatle
  17. I Ain't No Beatle
  18. intro to Your Ma...
  19. Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night
  20. A Good Woman Is Hard to Find
  21. I'm in Love with a Girl That I Can't Stand
  22. She Drives Me out of My Mind
  23. Intro to Psychedelic
  24. Psychedelic Situation
  25. Would You Believe
  26. Trans Am
  27. Gettin' in Shape
  28. She's a Bucketful
  29. Red's
  30. You're the One That Done It
  31. People Sure Act Funny
  32. I Want You to be My Baby
  33. Growin' a Beard
  34. Thirty Days in the Workhouse
  35. I'm Sorry (but so Is Brenda Lee)
  36. You Gotta Be Loose
  37. Bumble Boogie
  38. Matchbox
  39. Trans Am
  40. Eager Boy
  41. Ugly and Slouchy
  42. Her Kind of Guy
  43. Cara-Lin
  44. Treat Her Right
  45. Guy in the Quick Shop
  46. Lookin' for a 7-11
  47. May I
  48. Waitin' for a Slow Dance
  49. Tell Her I'm Gone
  50. Big Guitar
  51. Lovers' Leap
  52. Crowd Noise
  53. Psychedelic Situation
  54. Push Kick Shout

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Morells   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Duane Eddy   Composer
Kirsty MacColl   Composer
Carl Perkins   Composer
Titus Turner   Composer
Ben Vaughn   Composer
Maurice Williams   Composer
Brian Wilson   Composer
Lee Hazlewood   Composer
Ernie Maresca   Composer
Freddy Weller   Composer
Roy Head   Composer
Jack Fina   Composer
David Hill   Composer
Jimmy Curtiss   Composer
Bob Feldman   Composer
Jerry Goldstein   Composer
Richard Gottehrer   Composer
Jon Hendricks   Composer
Gene Kurtz   Composer
Stephen Schlaks   Composer
Billy Watkins   Composer
Toni Wine   Composer
Ray Scott   Composer
Dan Marcus   Composer
Roy Whitley   Composer
Claude Johnson   Composer
Robert Nelson Relf   Composer
Charles Wayne   Composer
Louise Whitney   Composer
Joseph Liggins   Composer
Carol Bayer   Composer
Aaron Shroeder   Composer
James McDougall   Composer
Donald C. Thompson   Composer
Phillip Ranbow   Composer
Melvin J. Glazier   Composer
L.C. Pratt   Composer
Johnny K. Elgin   Composer
Jay Floyd   Composer
Jack Wayne   Composer
Herman C. Brasiel   Composer
Fred Sledge Smith   Composer
Bob Edelson   Composer
Bill Dell   Composer

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