Best from Fantasy, Science Fiction: A Forty-Fifth Anniversary Anthology

Best from Fantasy, Science Fiction: A Forty-Fifth Anniversary Anthology

by Edward L. Ferman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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Carl Hays
Under former editor Ferman's 25-year stewardship, "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction"--better known to fans simply as "F & SF"--has remained very much a writer's magazine in which, as Ferman introductorily states, "anything of quality goes." Since many of the stories in this magazine's latest five-year retrospective were nominated for major sf awards, the quality is outstanding. Veteran sf figures Joe Haldeman, Gene Wolfe, and Harlan Ellison headline the collection with minor masterpieces, while more than a dozen relative newcomers prove the genre is still rich in creative diversity. Ray Vukcevich contributes light satire in "Mom's Little Friends," describing the fate of a mother taken over by miniature robots, and Thomas Ligotti provides horror in "The Last Feast of Harlequin," which strikingly imitates Lovecraft. Perhaps the most brilliant selection (controversial, too), however, is Marcos Donnelly's story, which details the postmortem experiences of Don Quixote during the Gulf War. A superb collection with something to satisfy every kind of taste, from hard sf to fantasy.

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