Best Homes of the 1920s

Best Homes of the 1920s

by Standard Homes Company

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It has required years of painstaking bring before prospective home builders the hundreds of practical, money saving ideas offered by this system... A little study of each plan shown will convince any thoughtful person that these are, in reality, the most carefully planned homes in America. — Better Homes at Lower Cost
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It has required years of painstaking bring before prospective home builders the hundreds of practical, money saving ideas offered by this system... A little study of each plan shown will convince any thoughtful person that these are, in reality, the most carefully planned homes in America. — Better Homes at Lower Cost
Faithfully reprinted from the Standard Homes Company's popular Better Homes at Lower Cost, this collection of early twentieth-century house plans was created with a simple system of standardization that allowed 1920s-era home builders to reduce construction costs while maintaining the integrity of an attractive and soundly built abode. Scores of excellent photographs, drawings, and floor plans depict seventy-seven meticulously detailed homes of wood, brick, stucco, and stone. From the substantial beauty of the eight-room "Homestead" and the classic colonial "Cambridge" to the spacious Spanish-style "Ponce de Leon," this is a rare and delightful time capsule for builders, home preservationists, architects, and readers interested in nostalgia and vintage home illustrations.

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Best Homes of the 1920s

By Dover Publications

Dover Publications, Inc.

Copyright © 2014 Dover Publications, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-486-14716-1



(Size 34×34')

Humanity's earnest call is for kindness and good cheer. Those best fitted to do their bit toward human betterment are those who practice in their homes the principles which they endeavor to demonstrate abroad. Living up to one's moral standards is not a great risk if the surroundings are satisfying and the arrangement of the home is as ideal as The Stafford.


(Size 24×28')

Man's strength can easily be gauged by his faith in the strength of woman. Woman's intuition has always equalled, and in many instances surpassed, man's reason. Strong men know this vital principle of life and strive daily to keep harmonious the home in which dwells the heart and source of their strength. This is an easy task in beautiful new homes like The Stanford.


(Size 26×30)

Every movement for human betterment first finds expression in the home. There is something in the inner beings of optimistic men and women which prompts them to lend a hand to the helpless and give a word of cheer to the cheerless. Those who make The Kennilworth their home will be prompted daily to radiate the sunshine its comforts will bring.


(Size 36×26')

Nothing so stimulates and elevates a man as for his life companion to believe in him, and in no other way can a man show his appreciation of such confidence and trust as in the earnest endeavor to build her a home of her own. Any woman who has tact, forethought, and patience with her husband need not despair of owning eventually just such a home as The Hamilton.

It cannot be estimated what civilization owes to pure-minded women who love their homes.


(Size 36×28')

The life that would be complete, that would be sweet and sane as well as strong must be softened and enriched by the love of all things beautiful. In no other way has man proven his onward and upward march as in the creation of beautiful homes like The Emerson. Such homes are civilisation's guide posts on the path of progress.


(Size 20×32')

All mothers should be free from those things which disturb and distress. They should at all times feel a sense of restfulness, serenity, peace and poise. Conditions for such a state of mind cannot be found in crowded districts, but rather in ideal private homes, where only those influences are permitted which tend to satisfy the maternal senses.


(Size 28×28')

It is never the size nor monetary value of a home that grips and holds the heart of a child as the years lead him into manhood. Instead it is the sympathy, companionship and love demonstrated by contented parents who have early learned that life is fuller and more abundant in a convenient home of their own.


(Size 34×28')

If those who occupy homes like The Monticello are not happy it is because they have violated some natural law, or are not conscious of the fact that happiness is a condition of the mind and comes as the result of the mastery of one's moods. It is not a thing to be purchased at a price, but rather a fact to be recognized or accepted, regardless.


(Size 34×26')

The Brentwood is a masterpiece in architecture. Its stately individuality causes it to stand alone in any community as a home of rare grace and permanent beauty; and yet so carefully have its designers considered economy in construction, that it is well within the means of those contemplating the erection of a home of its dimensions.


(Size 36×28')

The hearth that glows with good fellowship warms chilly hearts and drives out the dampness of discord and disappointments. Such hearths are guarded constantly by women who worship sacred home ideals. The Haverhill will make an ideal home for those who yearn for better conditions in which to demonstrate the power of right thought.

Character of sterling worthe is in variably developed in the home.


(size 36×26')

When one looks thoughtfully at the colonial style of architecture as shown in The Cambridge, his thoughts go back to the days when the love of home and family were the most sacred emotions in the hearts of men. There are yet many with steadfastness of purpose who long for the sentiment of colonial days, and to such The Cambridge will be an inspiration.


(Size 42×34')

It is appreciation that humanity really is seeking and not gold. Gold, gained honestly or dishonestly, is in turn paid for appreciation and applause. He is most appreciated by friend and neighbor who contributes to his community a substantial home and unselfishly shares his comforts and pleasures with those of his kind.

In the happiness of the home lies the health and strength of the whole family.


(Size 32×32)

The Stoneleigh was designed for those who wish a home of distinction, decidedly different from the many well-known types. There is carefully combined in this home, grace, character, and comfort, and so cleverly have these three features been blended, it will stand as a thing of beauty in any community, regardless of neighboring mansions.


(Size 30×28')

It is around the firesides of happy homes where children chatter with glee and loving mothers watch over them with divine care that the best and noblest thoughts of men are generated. The germs of selfishness, envy and greed have little chance to multiply in homes of the substantial character of The Berkeley.

All plans are so prepared as to permit frame, stucco, brick or tile construction.


(Size 26×30')

Once in a great while a new idea is born, a thing of beauty developed by a dreamer, or something entirely original is expressed by the hand of an artist. For example, The Pembroke is a new idea in the field of architecture, a creation of rare beauty, with originality expressed in every line.


(Size 40×34')

The faculty of inhabitiveness (the love of one's place of birth) is developed far more in the young man or woman whose home has been one of sunshine and freedom than in those whose place of habitation has been sordid and cramped. One would naturally expect the youth from The Jefferson to reflect all of the joy and purity of a wholesome environment.

Only through home liberty and companionship can men and women grow strong.


(Size 38×30')

Permanent and substantial beauty is expressed in every line of The Homestead. It is typical of the oldest and best loved homes in America—homes that hold our hearts and spur our efforts toward greater achievements. Surely the comforts of such homes as The Homestead cannot pass with a single generation.


(Size 37×32')

Spacious homes like The Lexington are usually constructed in the suburbs by those whose generous natures lead them away from the cramped and crowded districts where limited space and unlimited noises tend to choke their creative thoughts. Furthermore, The Lexington is strictly practical as well as peaceful and restful, and its dignity is undeniable in any community.


(Size 28×28')

Men change only as their environment and associates change. A good home and a good wife will enable any man to become stronger and more efficient. Any man is worthy of the highest trust who saves from his earnings sufficient to build The Chadwick, and whose life companion is in sympathy with him and his work.


(Size 36×40')

Selfishness seldom strangles the man whose pride and ambition lead him to build a home of The El Granada design. Pride in one's home is the fire that kindles power for success, and ambition is the invisible voice that ever calls man successward. It is home and its accompanying sentiments that develop character of sterling quality.


(Size 36x34')

All obstacles stand aside for him who firmly fixes his gaze on a coveted goal, and goes forward with a steady step and a strong heart. Homes in The Willard class are within reach of those whose ideals demand beauty in abundance, and whose wills calmly and fearlessly affirm that substitutes are unacceptable.


(Size 28×26')

A child seldom becomes a burden on society whose home life has been one of happiness and contentment. The home is the localized center from which initial impulses for good or evil go out. Those who select The Amherst as a home in which to purify the environment for their children may well pay the debt to humanity which all of us owe.


(Size 26×28')

Sunshine is to the physical body what joy is to the heart. Those frail of body should seek the sun porches of homes of The Tilden plan, and those frail of heart can find inimitable balm in the building and making complete a new home and a new environment. Health and home joy come to those who prepare expectantly for their reception.


(Size 28×28')

The woman who knows that the surest way to a man's heart is through his sense of taste, and that sympathy and appreciation will lead him over mountains while criticism causes him to balk stubbornly on a level, can make any home an influence for permanent good whether it is of The Fulton style of architecture or a more humble cottage.


(Size 26×28')

When a normal woman comes to herself at the age of twenty, twenty-two or twenty-four, according to her physical and mental growth, she realizes that her highest ambition is for a home of her own, affection and children, but her happiness is never complete until the home in which she lives becomes her very own.


(Size 26×28')

Those only are great who love and are kind, and these greatest of human faculties are best developed in the home. Those who strive hardest to attain a home, strive hardest for the development of the best in themselves and in turn bring out the best in others they meet. Striving for a home such as The Beaumont, elevates, educates and ennobles.


(Size 28×28')

The authority who said, "Give every family a home of their own with garden and flowers and crime will vanish with a single generation"—knew well the inspiration which everyone gains consciously or unconsciously from such surroundings. Truly garden and flowers spell the difference between house and home.


(Size 26×28')

Men and women never so fully realize their oneness with life and the natural Law of Perpetual Progress as when their best efforts are directed toward the creation of a home and family. To build The Luverne for a home, and to make that home vibrate with joy and mutual interest, is to join the front ranks for permanent advancement.


Excerpted from Best Homes of the 1920s by Dover Publications. Copyright © 2014 Dover Publications, Inc.. Excerpted by permission of Dover Publications, Inc..
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