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Best Kept Secrets

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In this specially priced classic suspense from the "New York Times" bestseller, one woman risks everything to find her mother's killer.

Young woman returns home to uncover the mysteries surrounding her mother's murder. Three charming men pursue her, but only one can ignite a desire equaling her quest for the truth.

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Best Kept Secrets

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In this specially priced classic suspense from the "New York Times" bestseller, one woman risks everything to find her mother's killer.

Young woman returns home to uncover the mysteries surrounding her mother's murder. Three charming men pursue her, but only one can ignite a desire equaling her quest for the truth.

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Editorial Reviews

Library Journal

Twenty-five-year-old Alexandra Gaither is a Texas state prosecutor, whose mother, Celina, was murdered when she was an infant. Since her grandmother has always considered her the cause of the murder, Alex is driven to solve the mystery of her mother's death in an effort to earn her grandmother's love. Strangely, she gets permission from the state district attorney to reopen the case but must complete her investigation in one month's time. Alex has three suspects: her mother's lover, Sheriff Reede Lambert; town mogul Angus Minton; and Minton's son Junior. Sexual tension grows immediately between Alex and Reede even though he is 25 years her senior and could possibly be her father. Angus pushes Junior to seduce Alex in order to halt the investigation, which threatens his plans for a racetrack. The creepy result is that the same two men who loved the mother become rivals for the affections of the daughter. Alex, who is described as a strong, self-made woman, comes across as a neurotic weakling who wreaks havoc in order to satisfy her own needs. Award-winning reader Dick Hill does his usual outstanding presentation; however, even he cannot save this one. The characters and the plots are unbelievable and unappealing. Purchase only for adult fiction collections where Brown is a favorite.
—Nancy Reed

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780446533287
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • Publication date: 4/9/2008
  • Pages: 480
  • Sales rank: 870,659
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 1.19 (d)

Meet the Author

Sandra Brown
Sandra Brown is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers - including most recently Smash Cut, Smoke Screen, Play Dirty, Ricochet, Chill Factor, White Hot, Hello, Darkness, The Crush, and Envy. She is the recipient of the 2008 Thriller Master Award from International Thriller Writers, Inc. She and her husband live in Arlington, Texas.


In 1979, Sandra Brown lost her job at a television program and decided to give writing a try. She bought an armful of romance novels and writing books, set up a typewriter on a card table and wrote her first novel. Harlequin passed but Dell bit, and Brown was off and writing, publishing her works under an assortment of pseudonyms.

From such modest beginnings, Brown has evolved into multimillion publishing empire of one, the CEO of her own literary brand; she towers over the landscape of romantic fiction. Brown has used her growing clout to insist her publishers drop the bosom-and-biceps covers and has added more intricate subplots, suspense, and even unhappy endings to her work. The result: A near-constant presence on The New York Times bestsellers list. In 1992, she had three on the list at the same time, joining that exclusive club of Stephen King, Tom Clancy, J. K. Rowling, and Danielle Steel.

Her work in the mainstream realm has taken her readers into The White House, where the president's newborn dies mysteriously; the oil fields and bedrooms of a Dallas-like family dynasty; and the sexual complications surrounding an investigation into an evangelist's murder. Such inventions have made her a distinct presence in a crowded genre.

"Brown is perhaps best known now for her longer novels of romantic suspense. The basic outline for these stories has passionate love, lust, and violence playing out against a background of unraveling secrets and skeletons jumping out of family closets," wrote Barbara E. Kemp in the book Twentieth-Century Romance & Historical Writers . Kemp also praises Brown's sharp dialogue and richly detailed characters. "However, her greatest key to success is probably that she invites her readers into a fantasy world of passion, intrigue, and danger," she wrote. "They too can face the moral and emotional dilemmas of the heroine, safe in the knowledge that justice and love will prevail."

Critics give her points for nimble storytelling but are cooler to her "serviceable prose," in the words of one Publishers Weekly reviewer. Still, when writing a crack page-turner, the plot's the thing. A 1992 New York Times review placed Brown among a group of a writers "who have mastered the art of the slow tease."

Staggeringly prolific, Brown found her writing pace ground to a halt when she was given a different assignment. A magazine had asked her for an autobiographical piece, and it took her months to complete. Her life in the suburbs, though personally fulfilling, was nonetheless blander than fiction. That may be why she dives into her fiction writing with such workhorse gusto. "I love being the bad guy," she told Publishers Weekly in 1995, "simply because I was always so responsible, so predictable growing up. I made straight A's and never got into any trouble, and I still impose those standards on myself. So writing is my chance to escape and become the sleaziest, scummiest role."

When she started writing, her goal was always to break out of the parameters of romance. After about 45 romances, the woman who counts Tennessee Williams and Taylor Caldwell among her influences told The New York Times that felt she had reached a plateau. In fact, she doesn't even look at her books as romances anymore. "I think of my books now as suspense novels, usually with a love story incorporated," she said. "They're absolutely a lot harder to write than romances. They take more plotting and real character development. Each book is a stretch for me, and I try something interesting each time that males will like as well as women."

Good To Know

  • "I hate to exercise and only do so because I absolutely must."

  • "I love to eat and my favorite foods are all bad for the body. Fried chicken and gravy, TexMex, red meat (hey, I'm from Texas!). My only saving grace is that I'm not that fond of sweets. Salty is my thing. Chocolate cake and ice cream I can skip. But a bag of Fritos. . ."

  • "It takes me a long time to go to sleep, usually because I read in bed and hate to put down the book. But when I do nod off, I'm a champion sleeper. I can easily do eight or nine hours a night."

  • "My worst "thing" is mean-spirited people. People who deliberately belittle or embarrass someone really irk me. The people I admire most are the ones who find something good about even the most undesirable individual. That was a quality my mother had, the one I hope most to emulate."

  • "I have a fear of gravity. Recently my whole family went to Belize. We had several adventures. We tubed a river through miles of cave, wearing head lamps so we'd have illumination. No problem. I scaled Mayan ruins. I rode horseback (on a monster named Al Capone) through the rain forest. No problem. But I couldn't zip line. Even though my five-year-old grandsons did it with glee, I just couldn't make that leap."

  • "I and my husband are huge fans of Jeopardy! We never miss it if we can help it. Does that make us complete dorks?"

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      1. Also Known As:
        Laura Jordan, Rachel Ryan and Erin St. Claire
      2. Hometown:
        Arlington, TX
      1. Date of Birth:
        March 12, 1948
      2. Place of Birth:
        Waco, Texas
      1. Education:
        Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Texas Christian University, 2008
      2. Website:

    Read an Excerpt


    By Sandra Brown

    Time Warner

    Copyright © 1989

    Sandra Brown
    All right reserved.

    ISBN: 0-446-53328-9

    Chapter One

    It wasn't so much the cockroach that made her scream as the chipped fingernail.
    The cockroach was small. The chip was a dilly. On her manicured nail it looked
    as deep and jagged as the Grand Canyon.

    Alex swatted at the cockroach with the laminated card that displayed the motel's
    limited room service menu. The reverse side advertised the Friday night Mexican
    buffet and The Four Riders, a country and western band currently performing in
    the Silver Spur Lounge nightly from seven till midnight.

    Her swipe at the cockroach missed by a mile and it scuttled for cover behind the
    wood veneer dresser. "I'll get you later."

    She found a nail file in the bottom of the cosmetic case she had been about to
    unpack when the metal clasp had wrecked her fingernail and the cockroach had
    come out to inspect the new tenant of room 125. The room was located on the
    ground floor of the Westerner Motel, three doors down from the ice and vending

    Once the nail had been repaired, Alex gave herself one last, critical look in
    the dresser mirror. It was important that she make a stunning first impression.
    They would be astonished when she told them who she was, but she wanted to
    create an even stronger impact.

    She wanted to leave them stupefied, speechless, and defenseless.

    They would undoubtedly make comparisons. She couldn't prevent that; she just
    didn't want to come out on the short end of their mental measuring sticks. If
    she could help it, they would find no flaws in Celina Gaither's daughter.

    She had carefully chosen what to wear. Everything-clothes, jewelry,
    accessories-was in excellent taste. The overall effect was tailored but not
    severe, smart but not trendy; she exuded an aura of professionalism that didn't
    compromise her femininity.

    Her goal was to impress them first, then surprise them with what had brought her
    to Purcell.

    Until a few weeks ago, the town of thirty thousand had been a lonely dot on the
    Texas map. As many jackrabbits and horned toads lived there as people. Recently,
    town business interests had generated news, but on a comparatively small scale.
    By the time Alex's job was done, she was certain Purcell would capture newspaper
    headlines from El Paso to Texarkana.

    Concluding that nothing about her appearance could be improved upon short of an
    act of God or very expensive plastic surgery, she shouldered her handbag, picked
    up her eel attaché case, and, making certain she had her room key, closed the
    door to room 125 behind her.

    During the drive downtown, Alex had to creep through two school zones. Rush hour
    in Purcell began when school dismissed. Parents transported their children from
    school to dentists' offices, piano lessons, and shopping centers. Some might
    even have been going home, but the sluggish traffic and clogged intersections
    indicated that no one was staying indoors that day. She didn't actually mind the
    stop-and-go traffic. The delays gave her an opportunity to gauge the personality
    of the town.

    Black and gold streamers fluttered from the marquee outside Purcell High School.
    The caricature of a black panther snarled at the passing cars on the highway and
    temporary letters spelled out POUNCE PERMIAN. On the field inside the stadium,
    the football team was working out and running plays. The marching band, its
    instruments flashing in the sun, was rehearsing Friday night's halftime show on
    a practice field.

    The activity looked so innocent. For a moment, Alex regretted her mission and
    what its outcome would most likely mean for the community. She dismissed her
    guilty feelings quickly, however, when she reminded herself why she was here. A
    harvest of rejection, as well as her grandmother's harsh accusations, were
    stored in her mind if she ever, even for a second, forgot what had brought her
    to this point in her life. She could ill afford the slightest sentimental

    Downtown Purcell was almost deserted. Many of the commercial buildings and
    offices facing the square were closed and barred. Foreclosure signs were too
    plentiful to count.

    Graffiti was scrawled across plate-glass windows that had once been filled with
    enticing merchandise. There was still a hand-lettered sign on the door of a
    deserted laundry. Someone had scratched out the r, so that the sign now read, 3
    SHI TS/$1.00. It crudely summed up the economic climate in Purcell County.

    She parked in front of the county courthouse and fed coins into the meter at the
    curb. The courthouse had been built of red granite quarried in the hill country
    and hauled by rail to Purcell ninety years earlier. Italian stonecutters had
    carved pretentious gargoyles and griffins in every available spot as if the
    amount of decoration justified the expense of their commission. The results were
    ostentatious, but gaudiness was one of the edifice's attractions. Atop its dome
    the national and Texas state flags flapped in the brisk north wind.

    Having worked in and about the state capitol of Austin for the last year, Alex
    wasn't intimidated by official buildings. She took the courthouse steps with a
    determined stride and pulled open the heavy doors. Inside, the plaster walls
    showed peeling paint and signs of general disrepair. The aggregate tile floor
    had faint cracks in it that crisscrossed like the lines in the palm of an
    ancient hand.

    The ceiling was high. The drafty corridors smelled of musty record books,
    industrial-strength cleaning solution, and an overdose of perfume that emanated
    from the district attorney's secretary. She looked up expectantly as Alex
    entered the outer office.

    "Hi, there. You lost, honey? I love your hair. Wish I could wear mine pulled
    back in a bun like that. You have to have real tiny ears. Wouldn't you know it,
    I've got jug handles sticking out from the sides of my head. Do you put henna on
    it to give it those reddish highlights?"

    "Is this District Attorney Chastain's office?"

    "Sure is, honey. Whatcha need him for? He's kinda busy today."

    "I'm from the Travis County D.A.'s office. Mr. Harper called on my behalf, I

    The wad of chewing gum inside the secretary's cheek got a rest from the pounding
    it had been taking. "You? We were expecting a man."

    "As you can see ..." Alex held her arms out at her sides.

    The secretary looked vexed. "You'd think Mr. Harper would have mentioned that
    his assistant was a lady, not a man, but shoot," she said, flipping her hand
    down from a limp wrist, "you know how men are. Well, honey, you're right on time
    for your appointment. My name's Imogene. Want some coffee? That's a gorgeous
    outfit, so high-fashion. They're wearing skirts shorter these days, aren't

    At the risk of sounding rude, Alex asked, "Are the parties here yet?"

    Just then, masculine laughter erupted from the other side of the closed door.
    "That answer your question, honey?" Imogene asked Alex. "Somebody prob'ly just
    told a dirty joke to let off steam. They're just bustin' a gut to know what this
    hush-hush meeting is all about. What's the big secret? Mr. Harper didn't tell
    Pat why you were coming to Purcell, even though they were friends in law school.
    Is it something to do with ME getting that gambling license?"


    "Minton Enterprises." She said it as though she was surprised Alex was not
    familiar with the name.

    "Perhaps I shouldn't keep them waiting any longer," Alex suggested tactfully,
    sidestepping Imogene's question.

    "Shoot, just listen to me running off at the mouth. Did you say you wanted some
    coffee, honey?"

    "No, thank you." Alex followed Imogene toward the door. Her heart started
    beating double-time.

    "Excuse me." Imogene interrupted the conversation by poking her head into the
    room. "District Attorney Harper's assistant is here. Y'all sure are in for a
    treat." She turned back toward Alex. One set of eyelashes, gummy with navy blue
    mascara, dropped over her eye in a broad, just-between-us-girls wink. "Go on in,

    Alex, bracing herself for the most crucial meeting in her life, entered the

    It was obvious from the relaxed atmosphere that the men in the room had been
    expecting another man. The moment she crossed the threshold and Imogene pulled
    the transomed door closed, the man seated behind the desk sprang to his feet. He
    ground out a burning cigar in the thick, glass ashtray and reached for his suit
    coat, which had been draped over the back of his chair.

    "Pat Chastain," he said, extending his hand. "'Treat' is an understatement. But
    then, my good buddy Greg Harper always did have an eye for the ladies. Doesn't
    surprise me a bit that he's got a good-lookin' woman on his staff."

    His sexist remark set her teeth on edge, but she let it slide. She inclined her
    head in acknowledgment of Chastain's compliment. The hand she clasped in a firm
    handshake was so loaded down with gold-nugget jewelry it could have anchored a
    fair-sized yacht. "Thank you for arranging this meeting, Mr. Chastain."

    "No problem, no problem. Glad to be of service to both you and Greg. And call me
    Pat." Taking her elbow, he turned her toward the other two men, who had come to
    their feet out of deference to her. "This here is Mr. Angus Minton and his son,

    "Gentlemen." Confronting them, meeting them eye to eye for the first time, had a
    strange and powerful impact on her. Curiosity and antipathy warred inside her.
    She wanted to analyze them, denounce them. Instead, she behaved in the expected
    civilized manner and extended her hand.

    It was clasped by one studded with calluses. The handshake bordered on being too
    hard, but it was as open and friendly as the face smiling at her.

    "A pleasure, ma'am. Welcome to Purcell County."

    Angus Minton's face was tanned and weathered, ravaged by blistering summer sun,
    frigid blue northers, and years of outdoor work. Intelligent blue eyes twinkled
    at her from sockets radiating lines of friendliness. He had a boisterous voice.
    Alex guessed that his laugh would be as expansive as his broad chest and the
    beer belly that was his only sign of indulgence. Otherwise, he seemed physically
    fit and strong. Even a younger, larger man would be loath to pick a fight with
    him because of his commanding presence. For all his strength, he looked as
    guileless as an altar boy.

    His son's handshake was softer, but no less hearty or friendly. He enfolded
    Alex's hand warmly, and in a confidence-inspiring voice, said, "I'm Junior
    Minton. How do you do?"

    "How do you do?"

    He didn't look his forty-three years, especially when he smiled. His straight
    white teeth flashed and a devilish dimple cratered one cheek, suggesting that he
    behaved no better than any given occasion called for him to. His blue eyes, a
    shade deeper than his father's but just as mischievous, held hers long enough to
    intimate that they were the only two in the room who mattered. She withdrew her
    hand before Junior Minton seemed ready to relinquish it.

    "And over yonder is Reede, Reede Lambert."

    Alex turned in the direction Pat Chastain had indicated and located the fourth
    man, whom she hadn't noticed until now. Flaunting etiquette, he was still
    slouched in a chair in the corner of the room. Scuffed cowboy boots were crossed
    at the ankles, their toes pointing ceilingward and insolently wagging back and
    forth. His hands were loosely folded over a western belt buckle. He unlinked
    them long enough to raise two fingers to the brim of a cowboy hat. "Ma'am."

    "Mr. Lambert," she said coolly.

    "Here, sit yourself down," Chastain offered, pointing her toward a chair. "Did
    Imogene offer you some coffee?"

    "Yes, but I told her I didn't care for any. I'd like to get to the purpose of
    the meeting, if we could."

    "Sure enough. Junior, pull that other chair over here. Angus." Chastain nodded
    for the older man to sit back down. When everyone was reseated, the district
    attorney returned to his chair behind the desk. "Now, Miss- Well, I'll be
    damned. During all the introductions, we failed to get your name."

    Alex held center stage. Four pairs of eyes were trained on her, curiously
    waiting to hear her name. She paused for dramatic effect, knowing that divulging
    it would cause a profound reaction. She wanted to witness and catalog their
    individual reactions. She wished she could see Reede Lambert better. He was
    sitting partially behind her, and the cowboy hat hid all but the lowest portion
    of his face.

    She took a breath. "I'm Alexandra Gaither, Celina's daughter."

    A stunned silence followed the announcement.

    Pat Chastain, befuddled, finally asked, "Who's Celina Gaither?"

    "Well, I'll be a sonofabitch." Angus flopped backward in his chair like a
    collapsing inflatable toy.

    "Celina's daughter. My God, I can't believe it," Junior whispered. "I can't
    believe it."

    "Somebody want to fill me in, please?" Pat said, still confused. Nobody paid him
    any attention.

    The Mintons openly stared at Alex, searching her face for resemblances to her
    mother, whom they had known so well. From the corner of her eye, she noticed
    that the toes of Lambert's boots were no longer wagging. He drew his knees in
    and sat up straight.

    "What on earth have you been doing with yourself all these years?" Angus asked.

    "How many years has it been?" Junior wanted to know.

    "Twenty-five," Alex answered precisely. "I was only two months old when Grandma
    Graham moved away from here."

    "How is your grandma?"

    "She's currently in a Waco nursing home, dying of cancer, Mr. Minton." Alex saw
    no merit in sparing their sensibilities. "She's in a coma."

    "I'm sorry to hear that."

    "Thank you."

    "Where have y'all been living all this time?"

    Alex named a town in central Texas. "We lived there all my life-at least, as far
    back as I can remember. I graduated high school there, went to the University of
    Texas, and then, straight into law school. I passed the bar a year ago."

    "Law school. Imagine that. Well, you turned out fine, Alexandra, just fine.
    Didn't she, Junior?"

    Junior Minton turned on his charming smile full blast. "I'd say so. You don't
    look a thing like you did last time I saw you," he told her teasingly. "Best as
    I recall, your diaper was wet and you didn't have a single hair on your head."

    Considering the reason for this prearranged meeting, his flirting made Alex
    uneasy. She was glad when Pat Chastain intervened again. "I hate to butt into
    such a touching reunion, but I'm still in the dark."

    Angus enlightened him. "Celina was a classmate of Junior's and Reede's. They
    were best friends, actually. Rarely did you see one of them without the other
    two when they were in high school. Crazy kids."

    Then, his blue eyes turned cloudy and he shook his head sorrowfully. "Celina
    died. Tragic thing." He took a quiet moment to collect himself. "Anyway, this is
    the first time we've heard a word about Alexandra since her grandma, Celina's
    mother, moved away with her." Smiling, he slapped his thighs. "Damned if it's
    not great to have you back in Purcell."

    Excerpted from BEST KEPT SECRETS
    by Sandra Brown
    Copyright © 1989 by Sandra Brown.
    Excerpted by permission.
    All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
    Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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    • Posted November 14, 2010

      Don't bother!

      This book was so incredibly stupid, gross, and far-fetched. A 25 year old woman is attracted to her mother's ex-boyfriends who are old enough to be her father AND dated her mother? That is disgusting! Not to mention far-fetched considering she has named them as suspects in a murder. Alex is described as "smart" and "good at her job" working in the district attorney's office and yet she gallavants around town with her biggest suspects. Puh-lease. I rolled my eyes so many times reading this book that it's a wonder they didn't freeze skyward. Don't waste your time with this book. Sandra Brown must have been cutting her teeth with this book because it is lame with a capital "L".

      8 out of 10 people found this review helpful.

      Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
    • Anonymous

      Posted July 22, 2002

      Best Kept Secrets--Captivating and unpredictable

      Best Kept Secrets is the first book I've read by Sandra Brown. I enjoy murder mystery novels, and this one was different from all the others I've read. Brown keeps you guessing, every character in the book could be considered a suspect in one way or another. I recommend this book to anyone who appreciates mystery books, you won't be able to put this novel down!

      3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

      Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
    • Anonymous

      Posted November 2, 2006


      I couldn't put this book down. It had me from the very beginning till the end. Alot of suprise's you did not see coming. The story is so diffrent than I thought it would be.

      2 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

      Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
    • Anonymous

      Posted February 16, 2004


      I loved this book, it had so much suspense but loving and good at the same time.

      2 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

      Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
    • Anonymous

      Posted September 7, 2003

      Another great story by Sandra Brown

      Sandra Brown rarely disappoints with her mainstream fiction. BEST KEPT SECRETS is about a decades old murder mystery and a modern day romance that can't quit. Grab a copy now and you won't be in for a snooze! Jean Brighton in NY

      2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

      Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
    • Anonymous

      Posted April 22, 2014

      one of her old books, not one of her best

      I get very mad when a book is an old book that's been re-issued as a new one. There should be something that states that it's a re-issued book. I really like Sandra Brown's newer books but don't care for the old ones. I would have never bought this book had I known it was an old book that'as been re-issued

      1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

      Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
    • Anonymous

      Posted April 29, 2013


      Laughs and ducks whayevs im oiut. Night you of death

      1 out of 6 people found this review helpful.

      Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
    • Posted April 12, 2013

      A Must Read

      Sandra Brown never ceases to amaze her readers, this is one of her best ever books, you will not be disappointed. Marion

      1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

      Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
    • Anonymous

      Posted May 15, 2006


      it was awsome!!! i must have read this book in 2-3days!! if i had the time it would have taken one. i was guessing the whole way through! and then i was still wrong! op if u like books with lots of twists and turns, its worth the read!!

      1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

      Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
    • Anonymous

      Posted May 27, 2005

      Good Read

      Sandra Brown keeps things sexy, sensual and spicy in Best Kept Secrets. Her characters are very well developed and multi-dimensional. The supporting characters are also well developed and aren't thrown in as filler. At the end of the novel the reader really gets a good sense of who the characters are. The tension between all the characters in this book was riveting and compelling. The only negative thing about this book was that the main character was involved with both mother and daughter - in different era's for sure, but involved with and loved each nonetheless. My gripe isn't with the age difference but rather that I think it a bit unnerving to think of a man who at one point was in love with my mother. The only unfortunate thing was that I couldn't forget about that point because it was a salient and intricate point to the novel. But when I did manage to forget Reede's connection with Alex's mother the book kept me on edge and heartily entertained.

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    • Anonymous

      Posted March 30, 2004

      Amazing as usual!

      This was such a great book, you really get to know the charecters well. When I finished reading this book I did not think I could find one better. Well, I just got done with another of her books, 'Breath of Scandal' and I couldn't believe that it was better then the first, I am highly recommending both to everyone who likes a great, suspense filled love story. They definitly have you hooked from the very first page, I honestly could not put either down until I was through! The best books I've read yet!! You just can't beat a Sandra Brown romance!

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    • Anonymous

      Posted October 13, 2001

      Romance and Haterd all at once!

      'Best Kept Secrets' by Sandra Brown was the first book of hers i read... its excellent. Very romantic,, very unpredictable!! As soon as you pick it up... you wont put it back down until you know the murder....

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    • Anonymous

      Posted November 8, 2000

      AMAZING!!!!!can't resist this texas romance.

      i love the story from the very beginning, especially the romantic part between Reed and Alex. i am looking forward for another romance from my favourite couple, Reed and Alexandra.

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    • Anonymous

      Posted October 31, 2014

      Good read!

      Have read many of her books. Keeps the suspense going and then the clincher.
      Good book for people who like mysteries.

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    • Anonymous

      Posted February 27, 2014

      Enjoyed but not Brown's best work


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    • Anonymous

      Posted January 22, 2014

      Best Kept Secrets

      The degree of character's layers is really unique. I like the way that Sandra Brown allows you to see a character through different lenses in the story. Each character had their strengths and weaknesses that made them appear innocent and guilty at the same time. She gave credence to the belief that sometimes good people do bad things and sometimes really bad people appear good.

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    • Anonymous

      Posted January 2, 2014



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    • Anonymous

      Posted September 13, 2013

      good mystery

      Too much explicit sex but story line fine till ending when it falls flat. Most of her books are sex, sex, sex, and should be classified as beach reads for the ignorant.

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    • Anonymous

      Posted July 21, 2013


      Monotinous and predictable. Not up to par with her other novels

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    • Posted July 13, 2013

      more from this reviewer

      This was a fairly well written tale of a small TX town with seve

      This was a fairly well written tale of a small TX town
      with several hidden secrets. These are secrets a young
      lady attorney is determined to uncover. Secrets she feels
      has caused her a lifetime of unhappiness.
      After graduating at the top of her class and landing a
      job with a top of law firm, she soon approaches
      her boos with a request to open a twenty-five year old case
      near where they work. After some searching and persuading sh
      was granted one month to solve it or give it up.
      It was a long, drawn out, beleaguered case. It was also very predictable.
      The lady made a profound discovery at the end.
      The narrator, Dick Hill, did an OK job of narrating but not exceptional.
      There was extreme profanity and crudeness in the conversations.
      There were a few sexual discussions and a couple of sexually explicit scenes.

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