The Best of Dental Humor / Edition 1

The Best of Dental Humor / Edition 1

by Stephen T. Sonis

ISBN-10: 1560530677

ISBN-13: 9781560530671

Pub. Date: 12/27/1996

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

A compilation of the best pieces of creative humorous writing from the dental and related literature. Included are essays, poetry, letters and cartoons.  See more details below


A compilation of the best pieces of creative humorous writing from the dental and related literature. Included are essays, poetry, letters and cartoons.

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Elsevier Health Sciences
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Table of Contents

Art and the Art of Dentistry
The Three Stooges5
Lock lips - monkeyshines in the bridgework6
Address to the tootache9
A visit to Dr. Riggs10
Extra credit11
O that this too solid flesh should melt13
Leave 'em laughing15
The Daily Routine of Practice
Sleepless in Lansdale20
Murphy's law in dentistry21
My patients are a small ... (Campbell's kids)24
Close to home25
You can forget that gas!26
Venture beyond burnout29
Just a thought31
Campbell's kids35
Lockjaw: a case study36
Difficult denture birds38
Difficult denture birds - new sightings43
Mrs. Divot (For Better or For Worse)47
"Hey, doc!"48
The reluctant patient (Fox Trot)49
I am Joe's overhang50
The View from the Chair: Patients' Thoughts
An appointment with the dentist55
A child's-eye view of dentistry56
Trading places: When the doctor goes to the dentist57
Now open even wider (The Far Side)59
Enclosed with a check from a patient60
Nothing but the tooth61
This is going to hurt just a little bit63
Tyrants of teeth64
Tyrants of type65
I like young dentists66
Lessons in Practice Management
The twelve days of practice69
10 terrific ways to answer the caller71
Hello, I'm Billy72
A dose of their own medicine73
It will help with office expenses if74
There's more for your life at your dentist's office75
Temporary dressings76
That vacant look78
Weathering the patient management monsoon80
My life in Nilam82
How to make a mess of it85
Ode to a Dental Hygienist (And a Few Others)
Ode to a dental hygienist89
Calling all technicians92
How to relax ... (For Better or For Worse)96
Life Beyond the Operatory
A dentist's guide to fitness99
The parenting advantages of dentists (The Far Side)101
Campo Dentista102
Getting out of dentistry104
How to really earn $500,000 a year in dentistry today105
Dental interventions for fun and profit107
The saga of Danny Dentist - entrepreneur109
Sunrise, sunset110
Tales of Dental Education
Confession #14113
Dentistry's demise114
Bonus question (The Far Side)116
Metering dentistry117
Dentistry, golf, and sex119
Famous courses120
The Three Stooges123
Disease, Pathology, and Research (and Other Things in Journals)
Minimum instrumentation127
A marginal study of the relationship130
Continuous force induced medial movement132
The teething virus135
Case history a la mood139
Goodbye, canker sores141
Same music, different words142
The TMDevil's TMDictionary144
The emperor's new meniscus149
Androcles and the (rich) lion151
Dentistry, the Law, and Regulation
I was a teenage medical waste generator155
Politically correct dentist158
There ought to be a law160
Counterfeited toothbrushes confiscated161
Dental History and Dentistry Past

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