Best Of House 2009: In The Mix

Best Of House 2009: In The Mix


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Zyx Records


Disc 1

  1. Day 'N' Night  - Kid Cudi
  2. No Stress  - Laurent Wolf
  3. Dreamer  - Niels Van Gogh
  4. Everybody Be Somebody
  5. Children  - Simone Anés
  6. Exterminate  -  Novy
  7. Can't Let You Go  -  Simmons
  8. Finally 2009  -  Tune Brothers
  9. Sunshine Day  -  Bodybangers
  10. Needin U  - Adam Shaw
  11. After The Love  -  R.I.O.
  12. Free 2009  - Bacon Popper
  13. I Got a Feeling  -  Herbick
  14. No Superstar  - Remady P&R
  15. Love Deep Inside  - Rico Bernasconi
  16. Speed of Life  - Chris Montana
  17. In and Out  - Alistair Albrecht
  18. Feel What You Want
  19. Show Me Love  - Steve Angello

Disc 2

  1. Let Me Show You  -  Camisra
  2. Release Yourself (Music Takes You Higher)  -  Lissat
  3. Lost  - Peter Gelderblom
  4. You Used To Hold Me  -  D.O.N.S.
  5. Fairplay (Let There Be Love)  - Markus Gardeweg
  6. No Boarders  - Marc Fitzek
  7. Mueve  - DJ Falk
  8. Come On  - Javi Mula
  9. Cool  -  Spencer & Hill
  10. Let The Bass Kick  -  Chuckie
  11. Like This!  -  Unconditional
  12. Keep Control Plus  -  Sono
  13. Around The World  -  Rustler
  14. The Best Thing (2009)  -  Hook N Sling
  15. Leave The World Behind  - Sebastian Ingrosso
  16. Feel This  - Deniz Koyu
  17. I Remember
  18. Hold On Ticht  -  Lambda

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Ce Ce Peniston   Composer
David Morales   Composer
Sol Amarfio   Composer
Benito Benites   Composer
Boris Blank   Composer
Niki Haris   Composer
Jens Lissat   Composer
Fred McFarlane   Composer
Dieter Meier   Composer
Teddy Osei   Composer
Richard Pleasance   Composer
Dwayne Richardson   Composer
Andrew Smith   Composer
Mac Tontoh   Composer
Deborah Cox   Composer
Martin Weiland   Composer
Tunde-Ra Aleem   Composer
Laidback Luke   Composer,Producer
Van Der Zwan   Composer
P. Rossini   Composer
Edwin Keur   Composer,Producer
Chuckie   Producer
Silvio Ecomo   Composer,Producer
Ray Lopez   Composer
Gottfried Engels   Composer
Matthias Menck   Producer
Ottomix   Composer
Axwell   Composer,Producer
Rob Dougan   Composer
R. Fiolet   Composer
Jens Kindervater   Composer,Producer
Niels Van Gogh   Producer
Tune Brothers   Producer
Markus Gardeweg   Composer,Producer
Laurent Wolf   Composer,Producer
Dennis Christopher   Producer
Bernd Johnen   Composer
Mark Brown   Producer
Maurizio Nari   Producer
Ryan Raddon   Composer
Steve Angello   Composer,Producer
Sebastian Ingrosso   Composer,Producer
Rodney Kay Jackson   Composer
DJ Falk   Producer
Bernhard Weimer   Producer
Rico Bass   Composer
Hi_Tack   Producer
Dennis Gertner   Composer
Manuel Schleis   Composer
Unconditional   Producer
Sunloverz   Producer
Peter Gelderblom   Producer
Jens Gimborn   Composer
Thomas Gold   Producer
Josh Hill   Producer
Terri Bjerre   Composer
Andreas Jensen   Composer
Michael Müller   Producer
Chris Montana   Producer
Mark Simmons   Producer
Peter Spencer   Producer
Spencer & Hill   Producer
Kristian M. Sandberg   Composer
Anthony Maniscalco   Producer
Florian Sikorski   Composer
Herbick   Composer,Producer
Andres Ballinas   Composer
Remady   Composer
Joel Zimmerman   Composer,Producer
Patrick Hagenaar   Producer
Torsten Abrolat   Composer
Miu Miu   Composer
Jeremy Hills   Composer
Ronnie Milani   Producer
Eric Rima   Composer
E.L. Linnear   Composer
Joanne Yvonne Thomas   Composer
P. Peroni   Composer
Felipe Delgado   Composer
Remady P&R   Producer
Groeneveld   Composer
Gelderblom   Composer
Allan George   Composer
A. Clayton   Composer
Scott Mescudi   Composer
O. Omishore   Composer
Dot Da Genius   Producer
Pocomoxo   Composer,Producer
D. Evans   Composer
Dave Ramone   Producer
Phillip Hurtt   Composer
Dee Roberts   Composer
D. Parkin   Composer
Giovanni Visnadi   Composer
Manuel "Manian" Reuter   Composer,Producer
Marco Wolters   Composer
P. Daniels   Composer
R. Concina   Composer
R. Armstrong   Composer
Derek A. Jenkins   Composer
Janice Lenora Robinson   Composer
T. Jackson   Composer
Regi Jorgini   Composer
Markus Hägele   Producer
Dietmar Pollmann   Composer
Frank Bülles   Composer
C. Narain   Composer
Del Grosso   Composer
Javi Mula   Composer,Producer
Matthias Kraus   Producer
Nikolaus Binder   Composer
Ralphi the Raz Rosario   Composer
Van Andel   Composer
Tayebi   Composer
Shirazinia   Composer
Finn Bjarnson   Composer
Alexandra Carrington   Composer
Eamonn Russell   Composer,Producer
R. Taomina   Composer
Anthony Maniscalo   Composer
Deniz Akcaoyunlu   Composer,Producer
Taharoa Aleem   Composer
Kossi Gardner   Composer
General Tosh   Producer
Bernhard Reimer   Composer
Michael Felner   Composer
Marc Fitzek   Composer,Producer
DJ Mio   Producer
Nicole Jenkinson   Composer
Christian Iberle   Composer
Alistair Albrecht   Producer
John Virgo Ganett   Composer
Andreas Hinz   Producer
David Jordan   Composer
Peter Holt   Producer
Lazy Jones   Composer,Producer
Maik Ter Slal   Composer
Jason Vintera   Composer
Yann "Yanou" Peifer   Composer,Producer
Adam Shaw   Producer
Maurizio Zoffoli   Composer
Ben Mühlethaler   Composer

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