Bethlehem Down: Carols by Holst, Warlock, Rutter and Others

Bethlehem Down: Carols by Holst, Warlock, Rutter and Others

by Finchley Children's Music Group

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  1. Deck the Halls (Welsh)  - Christmas Traditional
  2. The Birds, for medium voice & piano  - Benjamin Britten
  3. A Maiden Most Gentle (French)  - Christmas Traditional
  4. Balulalow, for voice & piano  - Peter Warlock
  5. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (English)  - Christmas Traditional
  6. Corpus Christi Carol, for voice or unison chorus & organ  - Benjamin Britten
  7. Old English Carols (4), for chorus & piano, Op. 20b, H. 82  - Gustav Holst
  8. Bethlehem Down, carol for chorus & organ  - Peter Warlock
  9. Sussex Carol ("On Christmas Night")  - Christmas Traditional
  10. Lullay my liking, for soprano & chorus, Op. 34/2, H. 129  - Gustav Holst
  11. King Herod and the Cock, for unison chorus & piano  - Benjamin Britten
  12. I Sing of a Maiden for 2 voices & piano  - Patrick Hadley
  13. The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy, spiritual  - Christmas Traditional
  14. The Holly and the Ivy (English)  - Christmas Traditional
  15. The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came (Birjina gaztettobat zegoen, Basque carol)  - Christmas Traditional

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