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Betrayed (Fearless Series #24)

Betrayed (Fearless Series #24)

4.8 19
by Francine Pascal

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As high school graduation looms, Heather Gannis -- onetime prima donna and nemesis of Gaia Moore -- is terrified. In a moment of envy and desperation, she allowed Gaia's uncle, Loki, to inject her with the fearless serum -- and it worked, for a while. Now, however, she is growing increasingly distracted and nervous. She approaches Gaia for help. But Gaia has been


As high school graduation looms, Heather Gannis -- onetime prima donna and nemesis of Gaia Moore -- is terrified. In a moment of envy and desperation, she allowed Gaia's uncle, Loki, to inject her with the fearless serum -- and it worked, for a while. Now, however, she is growing increasingly distracted and nervous. She approaches Gaia for help. But Gaia has been betrayed too often to let her guard down.

Loki, meanwhile, has become impatient. Gaia is slipping through his fingers yet again. Is he ready to be his own test subject? Fearlessness is perhaps the only edge he can muster against his twin, Tom. In the ultimate confrontation, will Tom be able to murder his brother in cold blood? He desperately needs to regain his daughter's trust. If Gaia can find a way to realign with Tom, Natasha, Ed, and even Tatiana, does she have a shot at being a "normal" girl, after all?

Product Details

Simon Pulse
Publication date:
Fearless Series , #24
Product dimensions:
5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.59(d)
Age Range:
16 Years

Meet the Author

Francine Pascal is one of the most popular fiction writers for teenagers today and the creator of several best-selling series, including Fearless and Sweet Valley High, which was also made into a television series. She has written several novels, including My First Love and Other Disasters, My Mother Was Never a Kid, and Love & Betrayal & Hold the Mayo. In writing her stories, Ms. Pascal is inspired by her own memories of growing up and by the experiences of her three daughters.

Francine Pascal lives in New York and the south of France.

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Betrayed 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Natasha evil or not????????? Did anybody but me notice how Natasha insisting on Tom to have a glass of wine. And then said something along the lines like 'this might be the last time, we're all together and a LIVE' and then she said' I have been waiting to use this wine for a special occasion' and then minutes later Tom started.... I would say choking but he wasn¿t choking something was hurting him from the inside and he turned all purple and when Gaia came ranging to him ask what happen. Tom took one glance at her and starting staring at Natasha. freaky. i think Tom knows Natasha up to something evil or maybe not I am not sure but some got to email me about this because I am way confused?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????
Guest More than 1 year ago
i really love this book. it was great and what is all this stuff about ed and gaia splitting up because sam came back in #25? i mean they only got back to gether in #24 and now theyre splitting up again?
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read Cody's review and I was absolutely shocked so I went and checked it out myself. Gaia does not have a child nor does she die in #25. Not saying Cody's wrong or anything. Some chick did write a review on #25 saying that her dad owned a publishing company or something, she had already read the book, and supposedly told us the true ending to #25. But I also just got done reading a review from another girl that said she knew who wrote the false ending to #25 LOST, and that she is a liar. Her dad doesn't even own a Publishing company. And Cody made a good point before, why on earth would the next book be sort of like a time warp. I mean, Gaia has a baby in less than a month? Mmmk. I don't know. I just wanted to make sure none of ya'll get freaked out over what that girl said. GAIA DOES NOT DIE, AND SHE DOES NOT HAVE A BABY ALSO BORN WITHOUT THE FEAR GENE. Oh yeah, and this is also an awesome series. Someone else is spreading rumors saying that there's a TV show fearless that might be coming out around fall next year. But I'm not sure if that's true or not. TTYL!. bye...
Guest More than 1 year ago
I reallly liked this one, its probably one of the best. I've been hooked on them for a while and its gotten to a point where I can read 2 to 3 per day for about a week. (I started reading them after about 15 books had already been published) I really think the guy at the end is either Sam or her father after they poisoned him because the paramedics got there AWFULLY fast... I'm so glad Ed finally learned the truth because it was getting really frustrating with the whole Tatiana/Ed plot and I like that whole thing with the Time Travel thing was good... OK just a thought does any one see a commonality with Fearless and Alias and Dark Angel (a TV show from Fox that was cancelled last year... stupid fox) they have the whole souped up woman(whether genetically or mentally) who kicks a$$ and has the guy sidekick they are all in love with...
Guest More than 1 year ago
right after i wrote the review i read the book again and then i realized i made a mistake and it's Sam not loki.but thats still not so good because gaia is with ed.anywayz sorry about the mistake.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was obviously one of the best books in series. After i read it i couldnt stop wondering if the so called prisoner is really Sam. I really think it is...well i also hope it is. I'm still deciding on whether or not that "red head girl" was really Mary, because didnt they Ed and Gaia go to her funeral?....theres something fishy going on there but maybe it's really Mary. I'm practically going crazy over the ending. I'm not to sure about trusting Tatiana or Natasha....u know with the whole early EMS people.....could either one of them poisoned Tom?.....Maybe...maybe not....its just a theory. Ya know if Sam really did come back would he do if when he found out that Gaia and Ed are a couple....I keep thinking he'd wanna get w/ Tatiana cuz since Gaia and her both kinda look alike...but again just a theory..which i'd rather not happen but im not the writer..go figure. Anyway to sum it all up the wait was worth it. I was beginning to think the author was gonna drag on w/ the same frustratingly dumb plot. I'm kinda obsessed with these books.....I'm sure u can tell. So if anyone wants to chat about them u could message me at AIM my sn is purpopunker15 or at surferkids05@yahoo.com
Guest More than 1 year ago
i can't believe that sam is alive!!! how can he be? hes supposed to be dead! but right when i read where it said "sitting across from gaia in the rain playin chess" (or something like that) i knew he wasn't dead!!!! i just read the book yesterday and it is sooooooooo good! i CAN'T WAIT until the next one comes out!!!! i was reading it with my friend and she didn't realize that it was sam! but i did, right away! SAM ISN'T DEAD!!!!!!!! and mary isn't either! this is SO COOL! francine pascal is such an awesome writer! the fearless series rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been an avid Fearless reader ever since I first got my hands on them sometime around two years ago. I've been hooked since. This book begins in the cab ride from the medical lab that Loki has just tried to burn them into smithereens, along with everything in his lab. It kept me hooked till I reached the end, (Imagine how bad I was torn between doing school work and to just ignore the teacher and continue reading). For all you who haven't read the book, don't read what I'm about to say next. The ending, when it goes into the prisoner's point of view, I don't think it's Loki. For one thing, Loki's totally and completley deteriorating and why would he clone himself and then put himself in a prison? Doesn't make any sense, plus there's that thing where one of them are talking and the guy says, "Loki's practically dead," or something of the sort. Then again, none of my other theories make much sense, b/c I think it's Sam. Only, Sam supposedly died, way back when, and then I'm thinking why in the world would Loki make it seem like Sam is dead, only to have him locked up somewhere. I only think this because of the way its written, cause the Unknown Prisoner talks about chess and compares it to how his life is going at the current moment. Plus the way he talks about Gaia... it leaves one wondering. Also, it mentioned a red haired girl in a cell, could that possibly be Mary? P.S. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, well, actually I read it from someone else on the #25 reviews, but they siad that Gaia had a girl that was born with a fearless gene, and that Gaia dies... so what are we doing? Time warping to when she's about 23? I'm not sure weather to believe it or not, so for the time being, until December rolls around, I'll happily stay in my happy little world of Oblivian.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally fearless books are getting as good as they used to be! the last couple were really slow... oh yea pamela is wrong... she think's luki's back in the end, too bad it's sam... duh the chess set hmmmm who was the awsome chess player? hope i didn't ruin it 4 anyone! sorry if i did i just wanted to clear that up!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Loki does not come back in the end. That was someone else. some one who suposedly died a couple of books ago.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can't believe Sam is actually alive! I know it is him, it just has to be, and MARY IS TOO!!! For those of you that have read #24 you probably are abso-freaking-lutely obsessed like I am. When Sam "died" I was in denial. Some of my friends read the series, too, and I was telling them every day, no he isn't dead. And after the CIA told George and Tom they "found Sam Moon's body in a TriBeCa alleyway" I ALMOST started to believe it. But I never really did. And now I know why. He isn't dead, he is sick and still wounded from the gunshots, but very much alive, as is Mary. I hope she made it out of that prison like he did. On another issue, I have had this bad feeling in the back of my mind about Natasha ever since she was introduced after Gaia was injected with that serum and was all delusional for a while. I kept thinking there was something not quite right about her, and at the end of Betrayed when her life begins to crumble, as it inevitably does whenever she gets to experience a sliver of normalcy or happiness, and her father started turning various shades of purple: I know that Tatiana or Natasha is behind it. And how else could EMS possibly arrived so quickly? It was the wine. Francine Pascal sure has us wrapped around her little pinky, doesn't she? These cliffhangers get worse and worse every time, and just when you think it can't possibly get any more suspenseful, she adds another completely unexpected twist. I have so much speculation about this and I¿m freaking out so if anyone wants to talk to me about any of this Fearless stuff please contact me on AIM at TheAngelicious1 or at angel@graphaholic.com. Thanks!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am soooooo happy that Ed and Gaia r back together.hopefully things will work out.(sorry if i spoiled it 4 any1)and just when u think Loki is gone he comes back in the end.HE'S BACK!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
You have got to read this book! It's full of questions and surprises cuz you never know whats coming next. It's mainly about a teenage girl, Gaia Moore, who was born without the fear gene. Gaia has to move in with some foster parents in New York since her father is part of the CIA and won't be with Gaia for "her own safety". Then, to top that all off her lunatic Uncle is trying to capture her so he can somehow make an army of fearless people. And the only person who's stuck with Gaia through out all of her time in New York is Ed. Ed her best friend. Ed the guy she had sex with. Ed the guy she is now forced to pretend to totally hate. Anyway if you want to read a real thriller then u totally gotta get this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i've read every single one of these and the one thing i hate about them is the one mounth period waiting for the next one! these books are like a drug and you get addicted by at the most the 3rd page of the 1st book. if you're not reading this series, you're missin out! and if you hate reading, it's 'cause ya haven't picked up one of these! i cant wait for the next book and the next and the next and the . . .
Guest More than 1 year ago
the sereies isnt ending, theres a 26 coming out... i dunno when, but im pretty sure its not ending any time soon
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this series and I cant wait till 23 and 24 come out! About the book its main character is Gaia Moore. She doesn't have the fear gene so its makes a good fighter! Her life is lonely and she hates everyone until she meets Ed. At first she thinks she is in love with Sam. Which she is but then trying to save her Sam dies. So she fines her new comfort in Ed. Who she loves so much and had sex with him for her first time ever. Then as something bad happenes she finds out she can never be with him. So she isolates herself which she shouldn't do. While her enemy Heather Grannis get a shot of a fearless serum she herself doesn't no how to cope. She might be fearless but shes dumb doing it. She doesn't know how to controll herself. READ these books they are by far one of the best I've read.