Between the Species: Readings in Human-Animal Relationships

Between the Species: Readings in Human-Animal Relationships

by Arnold Arluke

ISBN-10: 020559493X

ISBN-13: 9780205594931

Pub. Date: 12/05/2008

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

This anthology, from the literature of sociology and other disciplines as well, examines the various roles that animals play in human societies, and the interactions between people and animals.  See more details below


This anthology, from the literature of sociology and other disciplines as well, examines the various roles that animals play in human societies, and the interactions between people and animals.

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Table of Contents

UNIT ONE: ANIMAL, SELF, AND SOCIETY PART 1 THINKING WITH ANIMALS 1. "The How and Why of Thinking with Animals," Lorraine Daston and Gregg Mitman 2. "Dirty Birds, Filthy Immigrants, and the English Sparrow War: metaphorical Linkage in Construction Social Problems," Gary Alan Fine and Lazaros Christoflorides 3. "Race, Place, and the Human-Animal Divide," Glen Elder et al 4. "Cultured Killers: Creating and Representing Foxhounds," Gary Marvin PART 2 CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS 5. "Actions Speak Louder than Words: Close Relationships Between Humans and Nonhuman Animals," Clinton R. Sanders, 6. "My Dog’s Just Like Me: Dog Ownership as a Gender Display," Michael Ramirez 7. "She Was Family: Women of Color and Animal-Human Connections," Christina Risley-Curtiss, Lynn Holley, Tracy Cruickschank, Jull Porcelli, Clare Rhoads, Denise N.A. Bacchus, Soma Nyakoe, and Sharon Murphy PART 3 THE DARKSIDE 8. "The Causes of Animal Abuse: A Social Psychological Analysis" Robert Agnew 9. "Battered Women and Their Animal Companions: Symbolic Interaction Between Human and Nonhuman Animals," Clifton Flynn 10. "The Relationship of Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence," Arnold Arluke, Jack Levin, Carter Luke, and Frank Ascione PART 4 WILD(LIFE) ENCOUNTERS 11. "Paradise Lost: The Transformation of Wildlife Law in the Vanishing Wilderness," Robert Granfield and Paul Colomy 12. "Swimming with Dolphins: A Phenomenological Exploration of Tourist Recollections, Susanna Curtin 13. "Zoopolis," Jennifer Wolch, in Animal Geographies, edited by J. Wolch and J. Emel UNIT TWO: ANIMALS IN INSTITUTIONS PART 5 SCIENCE 14. "Savages, Drunks and Lab Animals: The Researcher’s Perception of Pain," Mary Phillips 15. "Human Morality and Animal Research: Confessions and Quandaries," Harold Herzog 16. "Cloning Mutts, Saving Tigers: Ethical Emergents in Technocultural Dog Worlds," Donna Haraway PART 6 AGRICULTURE 17. "Consuming the Surplus: Expanding Meat Consumption and Animal Oppression," Bill Winders and David Nibert 18. "The Feminist Traffic in Animals," Carol J. Adams 19. "Once You Know Something, You Can’t Not Know It: Going Vegan," Barbara McDonald PART 7 ENTERTAINMENT AND EDUCATION 20. "Reservoir Dogs: Greyhound Racing, Mimesis and Sports-Related Violence," Michael Atkinson and Kevin Young 21. "The Wild Animal in Late Modernity: The Case of Disneyization of Zoos," Alan Beardsworth and Alan Bryman 22. "‘Hey, They’re Just Like Us!’ Representation of the Animal World in the Discovery Channel’s Nature Programming," David Pierson PART 8 HEALTH AND WELFARE 23. "Veterinary Dilemmas," Joanna Swabe 24. "The Problem of Unwanted Pets: A Case Study in How Institutions ‘Think,’" Leslie Irvine 25. "Hope and Conflict in the Animal Sheltering Community," Arnold Arluke UNIT THREE: THE CHANGING STATUS AND PERCEPTION OF ANIMALS PART 9 HEALING 26. "Domestic Dogs and Human Health: An Overview," Deborah Wells 27. "How Prison-Based Animals Programs Help Inmates," Gennifer Furst 28. "Dogs and Their People: Pet-Facilitated Interaction in a Public Setting," Douglas Robbins, Clinton Sanders, Spencer Cahill PART 10 SELFHOOD 29. "A Language of Their Own: An Interactionist Approach to Human-Horse Communications," Keri Brandt 30. "Not By Bread Alone: Symbolic Loss, Trauma, and Recovery in Elephant Communities," Isabel Bradshaw 31. "A Model of Animal Selfhood: Expanding Interacitonist Possibilities," Leslie Irvine PART 11 RIGHTS 32. "Interactional Progress and Repress on Animal Rights," Bonnie Berry 33. "Practices, Opportunity, and Protest Effectiveness: Illustrations from Four Animal Rights Campaigns," R. Einwohner 34. "Every Sparrow That Falls: Understanding Animal Rights Activism as Functional Religion," Wesley Jamison, Caspar Wenk and James Parker 35. "Two Movements and Human-Animal Continuity: Positions, Assumptions, Contradictions," Barbara Noske

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