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Beyond a Shadow

Beyond a Shadow

5.0 3
by Alison Kent

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Beyond a Shadow 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Beyond A Shadow by Alison Kent tells the intriguing story of Ezra Moore. Ezra has made appearances in previous SG-5 stories, now we find out who this man really is. _______________ Ezra Moore, Spectra Agent takes an undercover job at a small town B & B. His job as a handyman helps him blend in with the locals until he makes contact with his partners. Ezra¿s first contact with schoolteacher Alexa Counsel sends sparks flying. He has never deviated from his plans but Alexa taps into emotions he didn¿t know he had. ______________ Alexa Counsel at moved to Comfort Bay Oregon to get away from city life. Her marriage didn¿t survive the more but she made a life for herself and decided to stay. The first time she sees Ezra she thinks he is more then just a handyman. But there is something about this man that sends her heart racing with desires like no other man has in her life. _________________ Ezra and Alexa start an affair that they both think will end when Ezra has to leave town. Their passion for each other burns up every page. When Ezra¿s cover is blown and Alexa is in danger, he will use all his skills to safe her. ____________ Beyond A Shadow is heart pounding, fascinating and sizzling story. You will not be able to put this book down once you start it. I can¿t wait to see who the next hero and heroine we get to enjoy from Alison Kent.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Ezra Moore sails into Comfort Bay, Oregon allegedly for a breather from traveling by sea from the Caribbean Island of San Torisco. He claims to be a teacher of disadvantaged children on sabbatical and accepts work as a handyman at the Maples Inn, but in fact is an undercover agent trying to bring down Spectra IT, a mob that sells illegal arms and prostitution. He knows first hand the destruction caused by Spectra IT and its ¿CEO¿ Cameron Bates who enslaves labor from his home island.--------------- His plan to sell illegal guns to Spectra IT but has a slight problem in divorced teacher Alexa Counsel, who does not trust the newcomer though she is attracted to him. She worries that he will harm her friend Molly owner of the B&B or perhaps her child Emmy Rose or Rose¿s spouse Danny. Alexa¿s plan is to stop him before he hurts any of the three Maples. Playing cat and mouse with one another, the SG-5 agent and the schoolteacher fall in love, but his mission leaves the two of them and the Maples in danger from the highly connected Bates who does not mind wasting a life or having his thugs abduct innocent pawns.---------------- The latest SG-5 tale is an exciting thriller starring two likable brave protagonists, who risk their lives to keep loved ones safe. The Comfort Bay residents especially Alexa¿s friends are loyal and caring while the Spectra IT thugs are somewhat stereotypical of the clever callous killer. Series readers and those who appreciate a strong romantic suspense will want to follow the escapades of Ezra and Alexa.------------- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
When Ezra Moore shows up in the quiet little harbor town of Comfort Bay, it is under the guise of a Caribbean school teacher on hiatus, and he quickly takes on the temporary job of handyman at the local B&B. The job couldn¿t have turned up at a more convenient time. While Ezra appears to have stopped there for rest and relaxation, he is on a deadly mission, one that could be his last, and he soon regrets that it will be played out in the friendly and peaceful Comfort Bay. Ezra is immediately drawn to Alexa Counsel, local school teacher and close friend of the family who owns the B&B, and keeping her safe quickly becomes one of his biggest concerns.***** Alexa Counsel is suspicious of Ezra Moore and his dark, dangerous looks, from the moment she first sets eyes on him. She questions his school teacher alibi, and can¿t quite picture him in front of a classroom full of children, most likely because he dresses and carries himself like a mercenary, always aware of everyone and everything around him. Alexa tries to ignore the attraction to Ezra that tugs at her very core, warming her with feelings and desires that she hasn¿t felt since before her divorce a few years prior. Soon the two of them are lovers each finding soothing comfort in the arms of the other. But neither Alexa nor the townspeople could begin to imagine or predict the danger that was headed their way.***** I think that I have used every descriptive possible in reviewing and talking about Alison Kent¿s books. Intelligent, witty, deep, edgy, gritty, savvy and intriguing are just a few, and all remain applicable when talking about BEYOND A SHADOW. When Ezra first appeared several SG-5 books back, he appeared very dangerous, deadly even, definitely unsalvageable. Alison has been softening her readers up to Ezra so that now, when he finally has her telling his story, they are guaranteed to love him and will continue to think about him after the book has been closed. The secondary characters and their loves, families and relationships can only be considered a wonderful bonus to the story of Ezra and Alexa, as is the appearance of previous SG-5 heroes.