Beyond Bretton Woods: Alternatives to the Global Economic Order

Beyond Bretton Woods: Alternatives to the Global Economic Order

by John Cavanagh, Marcos Arruda, Daphne Wysham

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International Relations
A useful gathering in one place of 'radical' NGO critiques of the Bretton Woods institutions.
Development & Change
What one does appreciate about this collection is the extent to which it also mentions, and sometimes confronts, socio-political as well as strategy difference amongst the victims and opponents of what has been called International Monetary Fundamentalism.

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John Cavanagh directs the Institute for Policy Studies. Marcos Arruda is a leading Brazilian activist and heads an influential NGO. He is also a leading member of the TNI in Amsterdam. He is an economist and educationalist and an expert on the International Financial Institutions. He has written widely on politics and education and is co-editor of Beyond Bretton Woods: Alternatives to the International Economic System (Pluto Press/TNI, 1994).

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