Beyond Charity

Beyond Charity

by Carter H Lindberg

ISBN-10: 0800625692

ISBN-13: 9780800625696

Pub. Date: 07/01/1993

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers

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Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Relieving Misery, Preserving Social Order1
Pt. 1Reformation Initiatives for the Poor
Ch. 1Poverty and Charity in the Middle Ages17
The Concept of Poverty
Theology and Poverty
The Exigencies of Poverty
Medieval Urban Reactions to Poverty
The Secularization of Charity
The Church - Helper and Hinderer of the Poor
Ch. 2Urban Realities and Reformation Ideals68
Humanist Contributions and Ideas
Late Medieval Urban Developments
The Urban Reception of the Reformation
Luther's Theology and Social Welfare
Ch. 3Reforming Responses and Roman-Radical Reactions128
The Evangelical Church Orders
Roman Catholic Reactions
Radical Evangelical Reactions
Ch. 4Social Reform beyond Charity for the Poor161
Focusing on Service to the Neighbor
Recasting Wealth, Poverty, and Salvation
Beginning with Doctrine
Pt. 2Sources on Poverty and Social Welfare
Ch. 5Late Medieval Attitudes to Begging and Poverty173
5.1Canon Law (post-1140)
5.2Jacques de Vitry (d. c. 1240). A Sermon Illustration and Concerning Hospitals for the Poor and Homes for the Lepers"
5.3John Hus (1371-1415). "On Charity Trusts" (1413)
5.4Johann Geiler of Kaysersberg (1445-1510), "Concerning Begging"
5.5Nuremberg Begging Order of 1478
5.6Martin Luther's "Foreword" to Mathias Hutlin
Ch. 6Renaissance and Reformation Perspectives186
6.1Desiderius Erasmus (c. 1469-1536), "Beggar Talk" (1524)
6.2Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt (c. 1480-1541), "There Should Be No Beggars among Christians" (1522)
6.3Martin Luther (1483-1546), "That Clergy Should Preach against Usury" (1540)
6.4"A Conversation concerning the Common Chest of Schwabach, Namely by Brother Heinrich, Knecht Ruprecht, Spuler, and Their Master of the Wool Cloth Trade" (1524)
Ch. 7Social Welfare Legislation200
7.1Order of the City of Wittenberg (1522)
7.2The Poor Order of Ypres (1525)

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