Beyond Heroes And Holidays / Edition 2

Beyond Heroes And Holidays / Edition 2

by Enid Lee, Deborah Menkart, Margo Okazawa-Rey

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ISBN-10: 1878554174

ISBN-13: 9781878554178

Pub. Date: 02/01/2007

Publisher: Teaching for Change

An incredible, informative, collection of essays, articles, analysis, interviews, primary documents and interactive & interdisciplinary teaching aids on civil rights, movement building, and what it means for all of the inhabitants of the planet. With sections on Critical Literacy, The Arts, Mathematics, Technology, Science, Geography, Language, School-Wide Activities,


An incredible, informative, collection of essays, articles, analysis, interviews, primary documents and interactive & interdisciplinary teaching aids on civil rights, movement building, and what it means for all of the inhabitants of the planet. With sections on Critical Literacy, The Arts, Mathematics, Technology, Science, Geography, Language, School-Wide Activities, Holidays and Heritage, Talking Back, Early Childhood, Readings and Teaching Aids. Packed into nearly 450 oversize pages are photographs, songs, statements, and work form the likes of such great writers, historians, and activists as Bill Bigelow, James Loewen, Peggy Mcintosh, Luis Rodirguez, Kai James, Clem Marshall, Marta Urquilla, Julie Bisson, the editors and dozens more. What a treasure trove. And what a vital (and useful) tool.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     viii
Introduction     ix
School Staff, Family and Community Development     1
Overview     2
Anti-Racist Education: Pulling Together to Close the Gaps   Enid Lee     3
Educating for Equality: Forging a Shared Vision   Louise Derman-Sparks     13
Affirmation, Solidarity and Critique: Moving Beyond Tolerance in Education   Sonia Nieto
Educating for Critical Practice   Margo Okazawa-Rey     30
Approaches to Multicultural Curriculum Reform   James A. Banks     37
Lessons Learned     39
Teaching Whites About Racism   Christine Sleeter     40
White Racial Identity and Anti-Racist Education: A Catalyst for Change   Sandra M. Lawrence   Beverly Daniel Tatum     49
The True Colors of the New Jim Toomey: Transformation, Integrity, Trust in Educating Teachers About Oppression   Cindy Cohen     57
Activities for Workshops, Courses and Institutes     69
Personal Cultural History Exercise   Margo Okazawa-Rey     70
De-Tracking the Tracking Dialogue   Deborah Menkart     73
Tracking Teacher Expectations and Student Outcomes   Noni Mendoza Reis   Irene McGinty     76
What Is the Bias Here? Staff Development for Critical Literacy     80
White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack   Peggy McIntosh     83
White Privilege in Schools   Ruth Anne Olson     87
Developing Positive Racial Attitudes$dCIBC     89
Readings     91
Do You Know Where the Parents of Your Children Are?   Hugh McKeown     92
Why Do You Force Your Ways?   Frank Fingarsen     96
Growing Up Gay   Katherine Whitlock     98
Understanding the Needs of Youth: "Who 'You Calling Violent?"   Luis Rodriguez     103
A B.S. in Education (Poem)   Toni Blackman     108
When the Frame Becomes the Picture   Clem Marshall     109
Dear High School Teacher   Kai James     114
Dear Principal   Muriel Clarke     116
What I've Learned About Undoing Racism   Andrea Ayvazian     118
Distancing Behaviors Often Used by White People   James Edler   Bruce Irons     120
"Every one of our teachers believed in us." (Essay)   Debbie Wei     121
Butterflies (Short Story)   Patricia Grace     122
Reading Between the Lines: Critical Literacy     123
Lies My Textbook Told Me: Racism and Anti-Racism in U.S. History   James Loewen     124
The Men (Poem)   E. Ethelbert Miller     131
Bias in Children's Movies: Pocahontas   Tom Roderick   Laura McClure   Chief Roy Crazy Horse     132
So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans (Poem)   Jimmy Santiago Baca     137
Arab Stereotypes and American Educators   Marvin Wingfield   Bushra Karaman     138
Media Myths Contribute to Hunger in Africa   Deborah Menkart     143
Language     145
The Best of Both Worlds   Marlene Carter     146
Language Diversity and Learning   Lisa Delpit     154
"Say 'ask,' Deneese" (Story Excerpt)   A. J. Verdelle[greater than or equal]     165
Racism in the English Language   Robert B. Moore     166
Yuba City School (Poem)   Chitra Divakaruni     170
Equity and Literacy: The Challenge of the Decade   Enid Lee     171
Bilingual Education: Talking Points   J. David Ramirez     178
Linguistic Human Rights and Education   Alma Flor Ada     187
Lessons for the Classroom     191
Early Childhood     192
Activism and Preschool Children   Louise Derman-Sparks     193
Redefining the Norm: Early Childhood Anti-Bias Strategies   Ellen Wolpert     198
Social Studies and Language Arts     215
Students' Stories in Action Comics   Debbie Wei     216
Para Teresa (Poem)   Ines Hernandez-Avila     226
Portrait Poems: Stepping into the World of Others   Linda Christensen     228
Mountains of Prejudice; Streams of Justice: The Cherokee/Seminole Removal Role Play   Bill Bigelow     231
The Institutionalization of Racism   Deborah Menkart     240
Violence, the KKK, and the Struggle for Equality$dNEA$dCIB   CEA     247
The Business of Drugs   Deborah Menkart     264
The Cost of an Election   Ben Forbes     275
Exclusion-Chinese in 19th Century America   Debbie Wei     281
Angel Island   Debbie Wei     291
Paradise and the Politics of Tourist Hawai'i   Wayne Au     293
Mathematics     299
Exploring Economic Inequities   Jan M. Goodman     301
Reading the World with Math: Goals for a Critical Mathematical Literacy Curriculum   Marilyn Frankenstein     306
The Algebra Project   Liz Hottel     313
Science and Geography     314
A Question of Biology: Are the Races Different?   Richard C. Lewontin     315
An Issues Approach to Chemistry     320
A Theme for Biology: Crop Diversity   Louis Werner     322
Environmental Racism and Native American Reservations   Lynette Selkurt     323
The Arts     325
Taking a Stand: Student-Led Drama and Dialogue   Karen Donaldson     326
Busting Ads with Art   Liz Hottel     329
Technology     331
Global Learning Networks: Gaining Perspective on Our Lives with Distance   Kristin Brown   Jim Cummins   Enid Figueroa   Dennis Sayers     332
On the Road to Cultural Bias: A Critique of "The Oregon Trail" CD-ROM   Bill Bigelow     351
Schoolwide Activities     361
Cultural Clubs in Public Schools   Bakari Chavanu     362
School Mascots   Barbara Miner     366
Girl Power   Lisa Berndt   Amy Epstein   Valerie Minor      368
Holidays and Heritage     373
Heritage Months and Celebrations: Some Considerations   Deborah Menkart     374
Holidays: An Anti-Bias Approach   Julie Bisson     377
A Native Perspective on Thanksgiving     379
Asian American (Poem)   Joyce Miyamoto     381
Activists for Social Change     382
La Llorona: Exploring Myth and Reality   Marta Urquilla     390
Where I'm From: Inviting Student Lives into the Classroom   Linda Christensen     392
Negotiating Pitfalls and Possibilities: Presenting Folk Arts in the Schools   Debora Kodish   William Westerman     396
On the Question of Race (Poem)   Quique Aviles   Michelle Banks     401
Talking Back     403
Looking Through an Anti-Racist Lens   Enid Lee     404
Compassion and Improvisation: Learning to Stand Up For Others   Linda Christensen     407
"Talking Back" Stories     409
Glossary     421
Word Power     422
Index     427
About the Editors     433
About Teaching for Change     434

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