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by Joshua Graham

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The breakout novel of New York Times bestselling author Joshua Graham.

For fans of John Grisham, Stephen King, Michael Connelly, Dean Koontz, Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti

Barnes & Noble #1 Bestseller in three categories
Winner of the 2011 International Book Awards
Listed in Suspense Magazine's Best of 2010




The breakout novel of New York Times bestselling author Joshua Graham.

For fans of John Grisham, Stephen King, Michael Connelly, Dean Koontz, Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti

Barnes & Noble #1 Bestseller in three categories
Winner of the 2011 International Book Awards
Listed in Suspense Magazine's Best of 2010



Sam Hudson, a reputable San Diego attorney, learns this when the authorities wrongfully convict him of the brutal rape and murder of his wife and daughter, and sends him to death row. There he awaits execution by lethal injection.

If he survives that long.

In prison, Sam fights for his life while his attorney works frantically on his appeal. It is then that he embraces the faith of his departed wife and begins to manifest supernatural abilities. Abilities which help him save lives– his own, those of his unlikely allies–and uncover the true killer's identity, unlocking the door to his exoneration.

Now a free man, Sam's newfound faith confronts him with the most insurmountable challenge yet. A challenge beyond vengeance, beyond rage, beyond anything Sam believes himself capable of: to forgive the very man who murdered his family, according to his faith. But this endeavor reveals darker secrets than either Sam or the killer could ever have imagined. Secrets that hurtle them into a fateful collision course.

BEYOND JUSTICE, a tale of loss, redemption, and the power of faith.

Editorial Reviews

Zondervan author - Glen Scorgie
"This tense, fast-paced story of outrageous injustice, insidious evil, and looming disaster has everything the savvy reader should expect, and more. [Graham] belongs to a new, emerging wave of writers who dare to color outside conventional lines. And he does so with style!"
Publishers Weekly
“…A riveting legal thriller…breaking new ground with a vengeance… demonically entertaining and surprisingly inspiring.”
East County Magazine
…A book worthy of a feature length Hollywood movie…
…Graham has intricately woven together these elements of cyberspace and our criminal justice system in a way that keeps avid mystery readers spellbound.
…Graham’s BEYOND JUSTICE is the best mystery novel that I have ever read.
…a plot worthy of Hollywood, told by a fantastic author with a deft touch and feel for intrigue!
…a fitting climax in
Suspense Magazine
“This book was so much more than a mystery novel; it was an exercise in faith, understanding, joy and mercy in their purest forms.”
“…twists, turns and surprises to be found here.”
“…filled with so much in the way of emotion.”
“…Take the time to read this book. You will not be disappointed.”
Adrian Phoenix
…hits the ground running…handled by a deft hand.”
Simon & Schuster Author - Adrian Phoenix
...hits the ground running...handled by a deft hand."
Glen Scorgie
“This tense, fast-paced story of outrageous injustice, insidious evil, and looming disaster has everything the savvy reader should expect, and more. [Graham] belongs to a new, emerging wave of writers who dare to color outside conventional lines. And he does so with style!”

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Meet the Author

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JOSHUA GRAHAM is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Beyond Justice, Terminus, and Darkroom, the winner of the International Book Award, Forward National Literature Award, USA Book News Best Books Award, and host of Thriller Radio. His award-winning novel DARKROOM hit 3 bestseller lists on Amazon the night of its release.

CBS NEWS described DARKROOM as a book with "action, political intrigue and well-rounded characters...a novel that thriller fans will devour."

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY described BEYOND JUSTICE as: "A riveting legal thriller...breaking new ground with a vengeance...demonically entertaining and surprisingly inspiring."

Suspense Magazine listed BEYOND JUSTICE in its BEST OF 2010, alongside titles by Scott Turrow, Ted Dekker, Steven James and Brad Thor.

Many of Graham's readers blame him for sleepless nights, arriving to work late, neglected dishes and family members, and not allowing them to put the book down.

Josh grew up in Brooklyn, NY where he lived for the better part of 30 years. He holds a Bachelor and Master's Degree and went on to earn his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University. During his time in Maryland, he taught as a professor at Shepherd College (WV), Western Maryland College, and Columbia Union College (MD).

Today he lives with his beautiful wife and children on the West Coast.

Connect with Josh on:
Twitter: @J0shuaGraham

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BEYOND JUSTICE 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 210 reviews.
RhodesReview More than 1 year ago
Sam Hudson is a modern day Job. He's had his wife and daughter murdered. His son is near death. He loses everything, but on the way finds something far greater than himself. This book at 400+ pages is not a light read. However, I found myself glued to the story. I started it on a Friday, and finished it the next night. The characters were honest and believable. The characters were memorable. I loved the characters of Priest and Possum, and felt sad when some characters died. The situations were feasible. I could see these situations happening to someone. You get to see a man go from being athiest, to having a strong faith in God. While this is labeled as a Christian Thriller, it's not as over the top as Tim LaHaye or a Kirk Cameron vehicle. While there are some areas, once Sam finds his faith, that lean towards sweetly sentiments, it also presents both sides fairly. If there is one slight drawback, It seems that Sam might have gone too fast from being a non-believer to having this extremely strong faith in God. Granted, for the purposes of the storyline, you don't see the whole transformation, but just seemed like a big jump. However, for those in it, who are non-believers, there is never a character that criticizes them, or tells them they are wrong to doubt. I think that's a good message. However, if you are intersted in Christian Fiction, and in Thrillers then I think you'd really enjoy this. While not overbearing like Tim LaHaye, it presents a beautiful message about faith and redemption. While there are some strong words here and there throughout the book, if I were to rate it, I'd give it a PG-13. I'd definitely recommend it though if you are looking for a thriller without all the sex and violence.
nook4b More than 1 year ago
You really will not want to put this book down once you start reading. Mr. Graham grabs you from the first page and does not let go. Well written and expertly paced this book will earn a place on everyone's "keeper" shelf. I cannot wait to see what Mr. Graham offers us next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book. It definetly keeps your interest and makes you think. It was a mix between crime thriller and spirtual healing. Its a must read!
Cindy-Lee More than 1 year ago
Joshua Graham has created an absolutely magnificent experience in this book. I did not put it down, from start to finish. He had me crying in the first chapter, confused, dazed, mesmerized, and astounded throughout the entirety, and sobbing at the beautiful, poignant ending. I was feverishly reading, unable to stop, but then completely saddened when the journey was over. I am pleasantly exhausted, after riding this emotional roller coaster, and I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. It is a must read!
shawn1964 More than 1 year ago
I have never read a book from this author. As I got into it more and more, it was surprisingly good. I love the suspense of the story and although I was not expecting the spiritual aspect of the book but but it played into the story perfectly. This is a great read and would gladly recommend it.
nvr4gtn More than 1 year ago
Thank you Joshua for such a fabulous book and such wonderful characters! Once I started in this book, it took me less then a day to finish it, and its no short read!! i couldn't put it down! Suspense, legal thriller, with a ton of humility. While there is a Christian undertone to the book, don't let the religion sway you from reading this book. Its about family, even if they are not related by blood!
1archi1 More than 1 year ago
OMG!!! Beyond Justice is an extremely powerful book. From the first page I was drawn in and didn't want to put it down. I am still thinking about this book today and I know it will always be on my mind. I read Beyond Justice on my Nook but I had to go out and buy a hardcopy. It has definitely earned a permanent spot on my bookshelf. Beyond Justice will remain with me always. Brilliant writing and a Brilliant Brilliant book. I have recommended it too everyone I know.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great read. Hooks you from the first page. I am telling everyone about this ebook. You will not be disappointed
Tayo2 More than 1 year ago
I enjoy Grisham and Patterson and I enjoyed Graham just as much. I could not put this book down and enjoyed the twists and turns of the story as well as the complexity of the characters. If I had paid for this book it would have been worth every penny. What a bonus downloading it for free and discovering Graham!
clarkhamblen More than 1 year ago
A blending of Christian ethics and teaching without going overboard, thought provoking and very suspenseful. Went and bought all the books on ebooks from Barnes and Noble...price just right too!
MyTruth007 More than 1 year ago
I literally could not put this book down! I'm not a religious person at all, and even though this is a Christian thriller, I found the themes of forgiveness, faith, and redemption to be pretty universal. It's 400+ pages, but the writing is very fluid and readable. I will be exploring other books by this author.
SalsJourney More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best books I've read in a while. I'm not usually one for crime books, but I had heard so many good things about this book, that I decided to pick it up. The first 50 pages were pretty hard to get through, because the action starts right out of the box. But things just become so intriguing and interesting, that I kept moving forward at a high rate. The last part is really good. The story is about a husband who comes home to find his family attacked - his wife murdered, his daughter raped and murdered, his son beaten, but alive and in a coma. Before long, he is accused of the heinous crimes. The only ones who believe him are his wife's former pastor and members of her church. As he fights to clear his name, the deck is stacked against him. But the journey teaches him many things about God's grace and mercy and power. What will happen when the true killer is found???? A real page turner, especially in part 3. A surprise ending and much we can take with us as we close the book.
Book_Worm87 More than 1 year ago
I read this on a whim, I picked up a few of his other short stories and I have to say I was definitely surprised with this one. The way Graham paced the story was great. It started strong, with plenty of twists, turns and WTH's to keep me swiping away at my Nook. The religious undertones were a nice touch and made the book all the more intriguing. I finished this in 2 days. I recommend to CourtTV and Forensic File junkies and any reader looking for a court room page turner with plenty of twists.
art2be More than 1 year ago
I must admit I was a little leary this being categorized as christian fiction but found it an amazing legal thriller. It was hard to put down. I would recommend it to anyone looking for the likes of John Grisham. I actually found it a faster read. Thank you Joshua!
tumbling_block More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It has a little bit of everything. It starts off interesting and stays interesting all the way to the end. What an AWESOME BOOK!
nooksandbooks More than 1 year ago
This story is beautifully written with a true anointing. Joshua does an excellent job of merging mystery and faith all in a heart pounding, thought provoking, plot. In his freshman writing he has definitely set the bar of expectation and captured me as a life long fan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A story of how one man can lose just about everything, pay for a crime he didn't commit and still be able to forgive. Very powerful and thought provoking.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I could not put this down. One of the best books I've read in a long time
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best books I've read in years. Great plot with well developed characters you care about. I can't wait to see what Joshua Graham publishes next - he's going to be one of the great authors of our time.
LetsBookIt More than 1 year ago
In Beyond Justice, Joshua Graham tells us the story of Sam Hudson's personal hell. The tale is eerily reminiscent of The Fugitive which is a favourite of mine - well the movie is anyway. (come on - young Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones? Who could resist?) Sam's tragedy is threefold when he arrives home to find his wife and daughter dead and his son beaten into a coma. The detective who railroads Sam into prison is one Detective Anita Pearson - and did I ever hate her! Mr Graham knows how to develop his characters. It was the characters and their distinct personalities that pulled me past the Fugitive deja vu and into this story on its own merit. I enjoyed working against Detective Pearson and I felt the trials and triumphs of Sam as he struggled to reclaim his shattered life. Beyond Justice is well developed, interesting and not at all preachy for Christian literature: easy to read and easy on the sensitivities.
lavahart More than 1 year ago
This was one of the best books ever read.
sugarcookies More than 1 year ago
I lovef this book
runshellyrun More than 1 year ago
This is an awsesome read. I have recommended it to several friends. I couldnt put it down! I cant wait for his next book to come out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was absolutely stunning. A thrilling Christian tale of redemption and forgiveness. gritty and beautiful! I would liken it to a roller coaster. Fast, too many twists and turns to figure it out until the end, exihlerating, and when finished, you want to do it all over again! I've seen some of Graham short stories available here, but I realy want another full novel by him.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a great book. Everytime I had to put it down I could not wait until the next time I could find some time to pick it up again.