Beyond Positivism / Edition 2

Beyond Positivism / Edition 2

by Bruce Caldwell

ISBN-10: 0415109116

ISBN-13: 9780415109116

Pub. Date: 12/06/1994

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

First Published in 1984. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.  See more details below


First Published in 1984. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Table of Contents

Preface to revised edition
Pt. 1Twentieth Century Philosophy of Science
2Logical Positivism
The Vienna Circle11
The Logical Positivist Program13
3The Positivist Tradition Matures - The Emergence of Logical Empiricism
The Search for a Criterion of Cognitive Significance20
The Status, Structure, and Function of Theories and Theoretical Terms23
The Nature of Scientific Explanation27
A Representative Logical Empiricist30
4The Philosophical Attack on Logical Empiricism
Confirmation, Induction, and Popper's Methodological Falsificationism38
Theories and Theoretical Terms45
The Nature of Scientific Explanation53
5Contemporary Philosophy of Science - The Growth of Knowledge Tradition
Thomas Kuhn70
Paul K. Feyerabend79
Imre Lakatos85
Contemporary Philosophy of Science - A Dilettante's Review and Commentary89
Pt. 2Some Essays on Positivism and Economic Methodology
6Robbins versus Hutchison - The Introduction of Positivism in Economic Methodology
Robbins's Essay99
Robbins and the Austrians103
Hutchison's Introduction of Positivism106
Philosophical Evaluation112
The Austrian Revival117
The Inadequacy of the Usual Attacks on Austrian Methodology119
Some Doubts about Falsificationism in Economics124
The Critique of Austrian Methodology128
7Hutchison versus Machlup - On Indirect Testing and the Rationality Postulate
Machlup's Attack139
Hutchison's Ambiguous Response142
Philosophical Evaluation143
The Rationality Postulate - An Overview146
Some Questions Concerning the Rationality Postulate147
8Friedman's Methodological Instrumentalism
Friedman's Marketing Masterpiece173
Philosophical Evaluation175
A Restatement - Friedman as a Methodological Instrumentalist178
The Philosophical Rejection of Instrumentalism179
The Methodological Critique of Friedman's Position181
9Samuelson - Operationalism, Descriptivism, and Explanation in Economics
Samuelson's Operationalism and Machlup's Critique189
An Anachronistic View of Scientific Explanation192
Wong's Critique of Revealed Preference Theory195
Does Explanation Exist in Economics?199
Pt. 3Provisional Answers to Some Unsettled Questions
10Is Philosophy of Science Useful for Understanding Methodology
The Benefits of Understanding the Philosophical Issues211
Can Philosophy of Science Make Economic Methodology Better?215
Can Other Approaches Be Taken?216
11Prescription, Description, and Theory Appraisal
Confirmation and Falsificationism221
The Theory Choice Problem and the Growth of Knowledge Tradition223
The Integration of Prescription and Description228
12Confirmation and Falsificationism in Economics
Confirmationism and the Practice of Economists231
Falsificationism and the Rhetoric of Methodologists235
13A Program for Economic Methodologists - Methodological Pluralism
Methodological Pluralism245
Answers to Some Possible Objections250
Notes for Further Reading - Philosophy of Science253
Notes for Further Reading - Methodology of Economics256
Bibliography - Philosophy of Science258
Bibliography - Methodology of Economics265

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