Beyond the Body Proper: Reading the Anthropology of Material Life / Edition 1

Beyond the Body Proper: Reading the Anthropology of Material Life / Edition 1

by Margaret Lock

ISBN-10: 0822338459

ISBN-13: 9780822338451

Pub. Date: 04/28/2007

Publisher: Duke University Press Books

A theoretically sophisticated and cross-disciplinary reader in the anthropology of the body.

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A theoretically sophisticated and cross-disciplinary reader in the anthropology of the body.

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Duke University Press Books
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Body, Commodity, Text Series
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Notes on the Format of the Book ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction / Judith Farquhar and Margaret Lock 1

I. An Emergent Canon, or Putting Bodies on the Scholarly Agenda

Introduction 19

On the Part Played by Labor in the Transition from Ape to Man / Friedrich Engels 25

The Pre-eminence of the Right Hand: A Study in Religious Polarity / Robert Hertz 30

Right and Left in China / Marcel Granet 41

Techniques of the Body / Marcel Mauss 50

Symbols in Ndembu Ritual / Victor Turner 69

The Social Skin / Terence S. Turner 83

II. Philosophical Studies, or Learning How to Think Embodiment

Introduction 107

Opposition of the Materialist and Idealist Outlook / Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels 113

On the Mimetic Faculty / Walter Benjamin 130

from The Phenomenology of Perception / Maurice Merleau-Ponty 133

Making Up People / Ian Hacking 150

from Bodies That Matter / Judith Butler 164

Do You Believe in Reality? / Bruno Latour 176

III. Fundamental Processes, or Denaturalizing the Given

Introduction 187

Time and Space / E. E. Evans-Pritchard 193

Women Mystics and Eucharistic Devotion in the Thirteenth Century / Caroline Walker Bynum 202

On Breath / Kristofer M. Schipper 213

Some Speculations on the History of “Sexual Intercourse” during the “Long Eighteenth Century” in England / Henry Abelove 217

Human Body Parts as Therapeutic Tools: Contradictory Discourses and Transformed Subjectivities / Margaret Lock 224

Meratus Embryology / Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing 232

IV. Everyday Life, or Exploring the Body’s Times and Spaces

Introduction 241

Walking in the City / Michel de Certeau 249

Tactility and Distraction / Michael Taussig 259

The City: The Sewer, the Gaze, and the Contaminating Touch / Peter Stallybrass and Allon White 266

Medicinal Meals / Judith Farquhar 286

Rereading as a Woman: The Body in Practice / Nancy K. Miller 297

V. Colonized Bodies, or Analyzing the Materiality of Domination

Introduction 307

Remembering Amal: On Birth and the British in Northern Sudan / Janice Boddy 315

National Bodies, Unspeakable Acts: The Sexual Politics of Colonial Policy Making / Susan Pedersen 330

The Zoot Suit and Style Warfare / Stuart Cosgrove 347

Cooptation and Control: The Reconstruction of Inuit Birth / Patricia Leyland Kaufert and John D. O’Neil 359

Dosic Bodies/Docile Bodies / Jean Langford 376

VI. Desires and Identities, or Negotiating Sex and Gender

Introduction 383

Men, Beasts, and “Nature” / John Boswell 389

Cartographies of Desire: Male-Male Sexuality in Japanese Discourse / Gregory M. Pflugfelder 400

The Egg and the Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles / Emily Martin 417

We Always Make Love with Worlds / Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari 428

VII. Bodies at the Margin, or Attending to Distress and Difference

Introduction 435

The Woman beneath the Skin: A Doctor’s Patients in Eighteenth-Century Germany / Barbara Duden 443

Memory within the Body: Women’s Narrative and Identity in a Southern Italian Village / Mariella Pandolfi 451

Nervoso / Nancy Scheper-Hughes 459

Somatization: The Interconnections in Chinese Society among Culture, Depressive Experiences, and the Meanings of Pain / Arthur Kleinman and Joan Kleinman 468

Jarring Bodies: Thoughts on the Display of Unusual Anatomies / Alice Domurat Dreger 475

VIII. Capitalist Production, or Accounting the Commodification of Bodily Life

Introduction 489

Time, Work-Discipline, and Industrial Capitalism / E. P. Thompson 495

The Production of Possession: Spirits and the Multinational Corporation in Malaysia / Aihwa Ong 512

Constructing a “Good Catch,” Picking a Winner: The Development of Technosemen and the Deconstruction of the Monolithic Male / Matthew Schmidt and Lisa Jean Moore 550

Alienation of Body Parts and the Biopolitics of Immortalized Cell Lines / Margaret Lock 567

IX. Knowing Systems, or Tracking the Bodies of the Biosciences

Introduction 587

Pulse Diagnosis in the Greek and Chinese Traditions / Shigehisa Kuriyama 595

Real-Time Fetus: The Role of the Sonogram in the Age of Monitored Reproduction / Rayna Rapp 608

Quit Sniveling, Cryo-Baby, We’ll Work Out Which One’s Your Mama! / Charis Thompson 623

Bodyworlds: The Art of Plastinated Cadavers / Jose van Dijck 640

Inventing the Heterozygote: Molecular Biology, Racial Identity, and the Narratives of Sickle-Cell Disease, Tay-Sachs, and Cystic Fibrosis / Keith Wailoo 658

Bibliography 673

Citations for Text Selections 679

Index 685

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