Beyond Wolves: The Politics of Wolf Recovery and Management

Beyond Wolves: The Politics of Wolf Recovery and Management

by Martin A. Nie, Martin A. Nie

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During the past decade, the wolf recovery program has become the focal point of a huge rift between property rights activists and environmentalists. Nie (natural resource policy, Univ. of Montana) views the wolf in America as far more than just a beleaguered animal; it is a Rorschach test for how we feel about wilderness and all things wild. The author describes wolf recovery programs in Alaska, northern Minnesota, New England, the Northern Rockies, the Southwest (Mexican wolves), and the Southeast (the red wolf), but the emphasis here is on wolf recovery as value-based political conflict: the wolf is an important indicator species both biologically and politically, and recovery success will depend on the extent to which the program is inclusive, participatory, and democratic. While Nie admits to being an advocate of wilderness and its wildlife components, the coverage appears fair and unbiased; certainly, his arguments are balanced and cogent. This arcane and scholarly book will appeal to researchers, academics, and policymakers. Better choices for public libraries are Michael Phillips and Douglas Smith's The Wolves of Yellowstone, with its gorgeous photos and eloquent essays, or Thomas McNamee's more textual but equally excellent The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone.-Lynn C. Badger, Univ. of Florida Lib., Gainesville Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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