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Bible Answers for Life's Questions


What does the Bible say about money, divorce, marriage, or grieving? How about emotions, God’s will, praying or worship? Find out here! This helpful reference is a concise, easy-to-read resource on important contemporary topics, featuring more than 2,700 categorized scriptures. With more than 70 main headings and 400 subheadings, you’ll easily find the verses you need for the questions you have. With scriptures drawn from several easy-to-read translations, and with personal stories and practical, “One Moment at a...

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What does the Bible say about money, divorce, marriage, or grieving? How about emotions, God’s will, praying or worship? Find out here! This helpful reference is a concise, easy-to-read resource on important contemporary topics, featuring more than 2,700 categorized scriptures. With more than 70 main headings and 400 subheadings, you’ll easily find the verses you need for the questions you have. With scriptures drawn from several easy-to-read translations, and with personal stories and practical, “One Moment at a Time” tips, Bible Answers for Life’s Questions is an ideal resource for personal or ministry use.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781602608658
  • Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 1/1/2010
  • Series: What the Bible Says About...
  • Pages: 384
  • Sales rank: 688,822
  • Product dimensions: 5.30 (w) x 8.20 (h) x 1.20 (d)

Table of Contents

Section 1: Finding God’s Will 1. God’s Will and His Promises to You1.      Creating You with a Purpose2.      Revealing His Will3.      Directing Your Life 4.      Remaining Faithful to You

2. God’s Will and How He’s Created You to Fulfill It5.      Living Subject to Your Creator6.      Understanding Your God-Given Identity7.      Discovering Your Gifts and Talents 8.      Being Good Stewards 9.      Submitting to God’s Will10.  Identifying Your God-Given Passions

3. God’s Will Can Be Found11.  Surrendering to God’s Plan12.  Acknowledging the Supremacy of God’s Plan13.  Seeking Direction through Prayer14.  Praying Your Dreams Line Up with His Will15.  Confessing the Sin which Obscures Your View 16.  Going to the Bible to Find His will 17.  Trusting God and His Plan18.  Listening to Good Advice 19.  Acquiring Wisdom 20.  Being Faithful in All Things 21.  Finding Peace while You Wait

4. God’s Will Regarding Your Spiritual Life22.  Loving God23.  Obeying God’s Commands24.  Maintaining Intimacy with God25.  Continuing to Grow 26.  Praising God27.  Telling Others about Jesus28.  Being Thankful29.  Prioritizing the Church

5. God’s Will Regarding Your Money and Work30.  Steering Clear from the Love of Money         31.  Honoring Your Debts and Taxes32.  Remembering the Poor33.  Working with Integrity34.  Praying for Success

6. God’s Will Regarding Sex, Marriage, and Family35.  Remaining Devoted to Your Spouse36.  Holding Marriage in High Regard 37.  Guarding Your Sexual Behavior38.  Raising Your Children39.  Honoring Your Parents

7. God’s Will Regarding Dealing with Others40.  Loving Others41.  Living Peacefully42.  Being Free from Anger43.  Forgiving Others44.  Discipling Each Other

8. God’s Will Regarding Your Character45.  Being Filled with Integrity46.  Resisting Pride47.  Overcoming Temptation

9. God’s Will May Be Painful 48.  Trusting through the Disappointment49.  Refusing to Envy Others 50.  Sensing God’s Care when Dreams Disappear51.  Remaining Content

10. God’s Will May Involve Risk52.  Being Bold 53.  Stepping Out in Faith54.  Persevering to the End

Section 2: Emotions: The Color of Life

1. Emotions of Love1.      Affection2.      Caring3.      Compassion4.      Concern5.      Longing6.      Love7.      Tenderness

2. Emotions of Joy8.      Cheerfulness9.      Enjoyment10.  Enthusiasm 11.  Gratitude12.  Happiness13.  Hope14.  Joy15.  Pleasure16.  Triumph17.  Wonder

3. Emotions of Peace18.  Comfort19.  Contentment20.  Peace21.  Relief22.  Satisfaction

4. Emotions of Passion23.  Ambition24.  Courage25.  Desire26.  Determination27.  Envy28.  Greed29.  Infatuation30.  Lust31.  Passion32.  Playfulness33.  Pride

5. Emotions of Anger34.  Anger35.  Bitterness36.  Contempt37.  Frustration38.  Hate39.  Hostility40.  Irritation41.  Vengefulness

6. Emotions of Sadness42.  Boredom43.  Confusion44.  Defeat45.  Depression46.  Discouragement47.  Embarrassment48.  Emptiness49.  Grief50.  Guilt51.  Hopelessness52.  Loneliness53.  Pain 54.  Rejection55.  Remorse56.  Sadness57.  Shame

7. Emotions of Fear58.  Anxiety59.  Denial60.  Distress61.  Fear62.  Insecurity63.  Laziness64.  Nervousness65.  Panic66.  Shock

Section 3: Uninvited Grief

1. You’re Not Alone

  1. Believing in a God Who Cares
  2. Following a God Who Knows Your Pain
  3. Crying Out to God
  4. Finding Safety with Him
  5. Allowing Friends to Care
  6. Joining the Universal Experience

2. Life-Changing Events

  1. Feeling the Sting of Death
  2. Losing a Dream
  3. Facing Illness
  4. Dealing with Divorce
  5. Experiencing the Loss of a Child
  6. Saying Good-bye to a Parent

3. Assaulted by Anger

  1. Dealing with Anger
  2. Extending Forgiveness to Others
  3. Combating Bitterness

4. Wrestling with Guilt

  1. Embracing Forgiveness
  2. Letting Go of Your Guilt

5. Depression

  1. Feeling Depression
  2. Being Alone
  3. Crying with a Broken Heart
  4. Living with Anxiety

6. The Recovery Process

  1. Finding Healing
  2. Becoming a Survivor
  3. Mending Your Soul
  4. Coming to Terms with Grief
  5. Discovering Relief

7. Helping Your Children Grieve

  1. Reducing Their Load
  2. Helping Them Heal

8. Ministering to others

  1. Finding Your Joy Again
  2. Being Grateful for Life
  3. Helping Others

9. Spiritual Journey

  1. Questioning God
  2. Trusting God’s Plan
  3. Believing in a Future hope
  4. Refreshing Your Heart

10. Knowing God during This Time

  1. Knowing God’s Love
  2. Gripping God’s Grace
  3. Experiencing God’s Concern
  4. Holding onto God’s Strength
  5. Strengthening Your Faith

11. Lingering Hurts

  1. Coping with Enduring Pain
  2. Reminding Yourself of God’s Constant Care
  3. Experiencing New Hope

Section 4: Love and Marriage

1. Defining Marriage

1.      Achieving Oneness

2.      Submitting to Each Other

3.      Sharing a Vision

2. True Love

4.      Defining Love

5.      Being Steadfast

6.      Showing Affection

3. You and Your Spouse

7.      Defining the Ideal Man

8.      Defining the Ideal Woman

9.      Aspiring to Be a Godly Mate

10.  Looking beyond Your Spouse’s Faults

11.  Supporting Each Other

12.  Respecting Your Spouse

13.  Living with an Unbelieving Spouse

4. Divorce and Remarriage

14.  Avoiding Divorce

15.  Becoming Remarried

5. Communication

16.  Communicating Well

17.  Listening Well

18.  Handling Conflict

19.  Avoiding Squabbles

6. Anger and Abuse

20.  Dealing with Anger

21.  Resisting Bitterness

22.  Keeping Short Accounts

23.  Confronting Abuse

24.  Getting Help

25.  Recovering from Abuse

7. Sex and Intimacy

26.  Living Intimately

27.  Enjoying Sex

28.  Maintaining Purity

29.  Warnings against Unfaithfulness

30.  Guarding against Immorality

8. You and Your Family

31.  Sharing God’s Perspective on Children

32.  Being Intentional about Parenting

33.  Serving Together

34.  Enforcing Discipline

35.  Honoring Parents

9. Traits of a Strong Marriage

36.  Choosing a Joyful Spirit

37.  Feeling Secure in Your Identity in Christ

38.  Knowing Your Self-Worth

39.  Remaining Humble

40.  Dealing with Difficulties

41.  Finding Strength in Christ

42.  Being Grateful for What God Gives You

43.  Glorifying God Together

Section 5: In God We Trust?

1. Stewardship: It’s All from Him

  1. Recognizing God’s Ownership
  2. Remembering That God Is Responsible for Your Wealth
  3. Seeing Biblical Examples of God’s Blessing
  4. Realizing God Entrusts You
  5. Being accountable to God
  6. Loosening Your Grip

2. Income: Blessing and Responsibility

  1. Keeping a Right Perspective
  2. Benefiting from Hard Work
  3. Avoiding Laziness
  4. Finding Contentment
  5. Rejecting Dishonest Gains
  6. Cultivating a Grateful Heart

3. Warnings: Dangers Await

  1. Guarding Your Heart
  2. Protecting Your Spiritual Life
  3. Avoiding Greed
  4. Sidestepping Coveting
  5. Spiraling into Conflict
  6. Passing By Anxiety
  7. Feeding Self-Indulgence

4. Poor & Needy: Receiving God’s Extra Care

  1. Respecting the Poor
  2. Sharing God’s Concern for the Poor
  3. Hearing Their Needs
  4. Watching God Work on Their Behalf
  5. Sensing Our Duty to Help
  6. Neglecting the Poor
  7. Resisting the Temptation to Show Favoritism

5. Giving: Hearing the Call

  1. Hearing the Call of Generosity
  2. Giving to God and the Church
  3. Reading Examples from the Early Church
  4. Being Generous When You Don’t Have much
  5. Blessings of Giving
  6. Having the Right Heart about Giving
  7. Giving as an Act of Worship

6. Obligations: Business, Debts, & Taxes

  1. Repaying Your Debt
  2. Paying Caesar
  3. Taking Care of Your Employees
  4. Ridding Yourself of Fraud

7. Budgeting: Getting Ahead

  1. Living Within Your Means
  2. Planning Ahead
  3. Putting Money Away for a Rainy Day
  4. Honoring Your Parents
  5. Caring for Your Children

8. True Riches: More Valuable than Money

  1. Knowing God
  2. Gaining Wisdom
  3. Obeying God
  4. Having Integrity
  5. Marrying the Right Person
  6. Possessing Humility
  7. Finding Eternal Riches

Section 6: Why Is This Divorce Happening to Me?

1. Can These Hurts Be Healed?

  1. Feeling like a Failure
  2. Feeling Crushed
  3. Feeling Rejected
  4. Finding Healing
  5. Restoring the Broken
  6. Overcoming an Abusive Past

2. What Does God Think of Me Now?

  1. Knowing Your Identity in Christ
  2. Believing in God’s Forgiveness
  3. Sensing God’s Love
  4. Avoiding Self-Pity and Shame

3. Am I Wrong to Feel This Way?

  1. Facing Your Anger
  2. Finding God’s Grace
  3. Resisting Bitterness
  4. Dealing with Depression
  5. Letting Go

4. Am I Alone?

  1. Finding Heavenly Comfort
  2. Finding Earthly Support
  3. Learning to Trust God
  4. Plugging into a Good Church
  5. Avoiding the Rebound

5. Where Will the Money Come From?

21.  Asking God for Help

22.  Finding God’s Provision

23.  Becoming a Good Steward

6. How Will This Affect my Kids?

24.  Minimizing Their Guilt25.  Helping Them Heal26.  Carrying Your Own Burdens27.  Avoiding a Toxic Relationship with Your Ex

7. Will I Always Be This Exhausted?

28.  Finding Physical Rest

29.  Being Still for a Moment

30.  Refreshing Your Heart

8. What about Sex?

  1. Preserving Purity
  2. Avoiding Temptation
  3. Knowing Your Limitations
  4. Acknowledging Your Need for Intimacy

9. Do I Have to Forgive?

35.  Forgiving Your Ex36.  Dealing with Adversarial People37.  Handling Well-Meaning, but Insensitive People

10. Is Reconciliation Possible?

38.  Being Open to Reconciliation39.  Pursuing reconciliation40.  Seeking Wisdom

11. Can I Rebuild My Life?

  1. Dealing with Lingering Hurts
  2. Finding New Hope

43.  Believing Your Self-Worth

44.  Healing the Heartbreak

Section 7: Drawing Near to God

1. The Value of Prayer

  1. Remaining in God’s Presence
  2. Reminding Yourself of God’s Care
  3. Strengthening Your Spiritual Life
  4. Experiencing the Blessing

2. Meeting the God of Our Prayer

  1. Finding Him Approachable
  2. Learning He Is Personal
  3. Knowing that He Hears
  4. Trusting Him to Answer

3. The Prayer of Adoration

  1. Understanding Our Duty to Praise
  2. Standing in Awe of God
  3. Revering Him
  4. Praising God

4. The Prayer of Confession

  1. Acknowledging Your Sin
  2. Requesting Forgiveness
  3. Embracing Forgiveness
  4. Confessing Sin

5. The Prayer of Thanksgiving

  1. Being Intentional in Thanks
  2. Thanking God for Salvation
  3. Appreciating His Kindness
  4. Being Grateful in Everything
  5. Enjoying Answered Prayers
  6. Valuing the People in Your Life

6. The Prayer of Supplication

  1. Requesting Healing
  2. Asking for Protection
  3. Seeking Deliverance during Adversity
  4. Finding Help
  5. Praying during Troubled Times
  6. Requesting Provision
  7. Seeking Success
  8. Remembering the Elderly

7. Prayers of the Heart

  1. Avoiding Temptation
  2. Experiencing Joy
  3. Hoping for Grace and Mercy
  4. Searching for Peace
  5. Longing for Spiritual Growth
  6. Needing Comfort
  7. Feeling Lonely
  8. Finding Hope
  9. Obtaining Wisdom
  10. Looking for Guidance

8. Prayers

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