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Chapter One


You can use Bible IQ all by yourself, or challenge Bible classes, youth groups, or family members to an IQ contest! The format lends itself to "Category Challenges," in which a person or group challenges another to compete in a given category or categories. For example, the challenge could be on creation, Noah, Solomon, Paul's missionary journeys, family values, or workplace ethics. The index of Bible IQ quiz topics found on pages 5-9 makes it easy to locate subjects of interest. Answers by category, with scriptural references, begin on page 217.


While some categories will be less difficult than others because of familiarity or special interest, we suggest a uniform system of scoring as follows:

Nine to ten correct answers: Outstanding Seven to eight correct answers: Very good Five to six correct answers: Fair Four or fewer correct answers: More study needed

Scorers are encouraged to accept answers that are essentially correct, remembering that Bible students use various Bible translations that vary in language. The King James Version has been used in most direct quotations, but the New King James Version (NKJV) and New International Version (NIV) and other newer translations have been consulted in cases where the King James was unclear. Blanks have been provided for completion questions, but students and scorers should recognize that various versions may suggest more or fewer words. In presenting the answers, paraphrases or indirect quotes are often used in the interest of clarity or conserving space.

In cases where the King James carries an archaic or obscure answer, a slash may be used in the answer section, giving an acceptable answer from a newer version. For example, the Hebrew children had a diet of pulse/vegetables; Peter resurrected a woman who was called by two names in the same passage: Dorcas/Tabitha. Ground rules should be adopted for the scoring of questions with more than one answer. Enjoy your journey through the Bible!


1. COMPLETE: "In the beginning ___________
created the heaven and the earth."

2. According to the Gospel of John, who participated
in creation along with the Father?

3. Who moved upon the face of a dark and
formless world?

4. COMPLETE: After separating land and
water, the Creator called the land _________
and the water ____________.

5. What did God call the two "great lights" that
separated day from night?

6. After God created sea monsters and all manner
of birds, what did God command them
to do?

7. COMPLETE: After creating man in His
image, God assigned man ________ over all
He had created.

8. God finished creation in ____ days and rested
on the ________ day.

9. Where did God place man after he was

10. What reason did God give for creating a
companion for Adam?

Score: ______


1. What was Adam's occupation while he lived in

2. Why was Eve called "woman"?

3. CHOICE: Who first tasted the forbidden
fruit in Eden?
a. Adam b. The serpent c. Eve

4. What did God place at the gardens east
entrance to prevent the first family's return?

5. COMPLETE: Cain's occupation was
_____, and Abel was a _________.

6. How did Cain respond when God inquired,
"Where is Abel thy brother?"

7. What son of Adam and Eve did Eve regard as
a replacement for Abel?

8. What penalty did God promise anyone who
killed Cain?

9. Which son of Cain had a city named for him?

10. COMPLETE: "For as in Adam all die, even
so in ________ shall all be made alive."

Score: ______


1. COMPLETE: In contrast to the wickedness
of his generation, "Noah walked

2. Who were the three sons of Noah?

3. After instructing Noah to build an ark, God
established what covenant with him?

4. COMPLETE: Noah was instructed to bring
_____ of every living thing into the ark,
both _____ and ___________.

5. After Noah, his family, and the preserved animals
were safely in the ark, rain fell for how
many days and nights?

6. After 150 days, the ark rested upon what

7. A dove released by Noah returned with what
in her mouth to indicate she had found dry

8. After Noah left the ark, what was his first
recorded action?

9. What covenant did God establish with Noah
after he left the ark?

10. Which son of Noah exposed his father's
nakedness, resulting in a curse upon his son?

Score: ______


1. What was Abraham's name before God
changed it?

2. COMPLETE: Abraham's father was named

3. Abraham and Sarah migrated from Ur in
southern Mesopotamia to what place in

4. COMPLETE: Abraham obeyed God's call to
leave Haran for a "land _____________."

5. What was the covenant that God made with
Abraham as he was leaving Haran?

6. Why did Abraham and his family change
course and go south into Egypt?

7. Why did Abraham say he misrepresented
Sarah as his sister to Pharaoh?

8. Where did Lot choose to live when he and
Abraham separated?

9. Abraham begged God to spare what city for
the benefit of fifty righteous persons living

10. What substitute sacrifice did God provide
when Abraham was told to harm Isaac?

Score: ______


1. Who were the parents of Jacob and Esau?

2. COMPLETE: Esau was a skilled hunter, and
Jacob was a quiet man who lived _______.

3. What did Jacob use to purchase Esau's

4. When Esau realized Jacob had stolen their
father's blessing, what did Esau resolve to do
when their father died?

5. COMPLETE: After Jacob served Laban for
seven years to marry Rachel, Laban gave him
his daughter ______________ instead.

6. What was the new name given to Jacob after
he wrestled with an angel at Jabbok?

7. CHOICE: When Jacob met Esau in east
Jordan, they:
a. Declared war c. Spoke harshly
b. Embraced

8. Name Jacob's two sons born to Rachel.

9. Jacob and Esau reunited to bury their father

10. COMPLETE: Jacob is regarded as the father
of the Israelites, and Esau is considered the
father of the ______________.

Score: ______


1. Who were Joseph's parents?

2. Why did Jacob love Joseph more than his
other children?

3. Which of Joseph's brothers urged that his life
be spared?

4. Where was Joseph taken by the traders who
removed him from the pit?

5. How did Joseph's brothers try to deceive their
father about Joseph's disappearance?

6. How did Joseph answer the seductive advances
of Potiphar's wife?

7. Joseph impressed Pharaoh by interpreting his
dream that seven years of plenty would be followed
by what?

8. What did Joseph put in the sacks of grain purchased
by his brothers in Egypt?

9. Which brother was held hostage in Egypt
until Benjamin arrived?

10. What did Jacob say upon being reunited with
Joseph at Goshen?

Score: ______


Excerpted from BIBLE IQ by RAYBURN W. RAY Copyright © 2000 by Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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This is a great book, packed with endless hours of Bible fun. It has 100 subject areas with 10 questions each, 1,000 questions in all! this is a must-have for any Sunday school teacher, youth leader, or parent. From creation to Revelation, I highly recommend you get one!!!