Big Book of Colleges 2010

Big Book of Colleges 2010

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by College Prowler Editors

College guides written by students for students.

Picking a college is hard, but we're here to help. The lists at the beginning of this book group 286 schools in a variety of categories. Interested in location, size, or selectivity? Check the lists. Curious about which schools have the best dining, dorms, or local atmosphere? We rank those, too.

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College guides written by students for students.

Picking a college is hard, but we're here to help. The lists at the beginning of this book group 286 schools in a variety of categories. Interested in location, size, or selectivity? Check the lists. Curious about which schools have the best dining, dorms, or local atmosphere? We rank those, too. Cross-reference between the different lists to find the schools that match all of your needs. Dive into our school-specific sections and find out why those colleges you have your eye on scored well in one category and poor in another. Just like the original College Prowler guidebooks, each school's section is student-written and provides its own unique dialogue to help you discover if the college is right for you.

College guides written by students for students.

Your ultimate source for honest, unbiased information, College Prowler delivers an inside look at the top colleges and universities in the United States. While writing our series of college guides, we felt it was critical that our content was unbiased and unaffiliated with any college or university.

We think it's important that our readers get honest information and a realistic impression of the student opinions on any college campus—that's why we intend to publish information about all aspects of a particular college, even the terrible parts you wouldn't find in a campus brochure. While we do keep an eye out for the occasional extremist—the cheerleader or the cynic—we take pride in letting the college students tell it like it is. We strive to create a college guide that's as representative as possible of each particular campus.Our guides cover both the good and the bad, and whether the survey responses point to recurring trends or a variation in opinion, these sentiments are directly and proportionally expressed through our guides.

College Prowler guides are in the hands of students throughout the entire process of their creation. Because you can't make student-written guides without the students, we have students at each college campus who help write, randomly survey their peers, edit, and perform accuracy checks for every college guide that we publish. From the very beginning, student writers gather the most up-to-date stats, facts, and inside information on their colleges. They fill each section with student quotes and summarize the findings in editorial reviews. In addition, each college or university receives a collection of letter grades (A through F) that reflect student opinion and help to represent contentment, prominence, or satisfaction in each of our 20 specific categories. Just as in grade school, the higher the mark the more content, more prominent, or more satisfied the students are with the particular category.

Once a college guide is written, additional college students serve as editors and check for accuracy even more extensively. Our bounce-back team—a group of randomly selected students who have no involvement with the project—are asked to read over the material in order to help ensure that the guide accurately expresses every aspect of the university and its students. This same process is applied to the nearly 300 colleges and universities College Prowler currently covers. Each guide is the result of endless student contributions, hundreds of pages of research and writing, and countless hours of hard work. All of this has led to the creation of a student information network that stretches across the nation to every college that we cover. It's no easy accomplishment, but it's the reason that our college guides are such a great resource.

When reading our guides and looking at our college rankings, keep in mind that every college is different and that the students who make up each college are not uniform—as a result, it is important to assess colleges on a case-by-case basis. Because it's impossible to summarize an entire college with a single number or description, each guide provides a dialogue, not a decision, that's made up of 20 different topics and hundreds of student quotes. In the end, we hope that this guide will serve as a valuable tool in your college selection process. Enjoy!

Editorial Reviews

"The prospective college student's antidote to the Princeton Review doldrums."
- The Boston Globe

Real Insider Information."

"The real lowdown on campus life."
- The New York Times

"This humble company produces the most useful information I've run across for helping high school kids understand what it's really like on campus."
- Roland Allen, Director of College Counseling at St. Margaret's Episcopal School

Customer Testimonials

"College Prowler is the needed link between students and guidebooks. It's students, writing for future students, about their student experience. It's like having an older sibling that went to the school and is telling you all about it."
- Ashley - Dallas, TX

"The guidebooks this company produces are revolutionary. You should not go to college without getting the College Prowler guidebook on your school."
- Breanna - Chambersburg, PA

"The information just seems so much more truthful than books written by larger companies. What a difference it makes to have a book written by a current student!"
-Alison - Ithaca, NY

"As a parent, I am thrilled that a comprehensive body of information is available in an easy to read and entertaining format which the students will actually read!!"
- Vince - E. Islip, NY

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Big Book of Colleges 2010 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My students like this book, as it is fun, easy to navigate, and written in a language and style that appeals to them. As an independent educational consultant advising high school students and their families through the college search process, I would recommend that students use this as one resource among several. In particular, the very specific comments about which residence halls are popular, or what dining halls are better than others, are especially helpful later in the process (after the student is admitted). Like any guidebook, it has its limitations. I am concerned that the individual author's bias might cause a prospective applicant to gain a false impression about the college, but that is true of any subjective guidebook. To their credit, it seems that these student authors were carefully selected and worked very hard on presenting a true feel for their campus, in contrast to other publications that look for the scandalous comments and gossip! Overall, a good book to include in the college guidance shelves! M. Spiegel, Certified Educational Planner, Spiegel Educational Consulting, CT
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CollegeCounselor-Judi More than 1 year ago
As an educational consultant working with a wide range of students, I find myself recommending College Prowler to all of them! The information is so germain to what today's teenagers are seeking in terms of the academic and social culture of the college campus.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LBrock More than 1 year ago
College Prowler's "Big Book of Colleges" is probably the most popular (with students) volume in our high school's library of college guides & indexes. Our teens love getting the honest opinions of current students at the colleges. The Big Book is fun to read, and gives a good sense of each school's unique personality & culture. It's frank, opinionated, and looks at choices from the student's point of view, so high schoolers get interested and involved in the search process. I find the entries are generally balanced and occasionally insightful, but I didn't give it 5 stars because it does have some built-in limitations. Most college students only know one school, their own, and often hold false ideas about other schools (food, work load, social life, etc.) Also, the entries about Academics can be quite shallow, too often boiling down to "Some profs are good, some aren't." This edition does have more mentions of profs by specific department, which makes it less generalized and more helpful in choosing between schools. Most importantly, this should not be the only guide consulted. Any college-seeker will also need to consult one or more factual guides, the kind that list acceptance statistics, majors offered, etc. - Laurel Brock, College & Career Center Coordinator, public high school
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is great, although I do wish more colleges were reviewed. Our students tend to want to know about other schools and we don't get the same comparison. I really believe in this day of everything student's believe they know about college this one tells it from the horse's mouth if you will. All of our students want to take it home!!!
tp2010 More than 1 year ago
This is the guidebook that my students pore over. They love the candid comments from college students about their campuses. I am a college counselor in a high school and we need to keep two copies of this guidebook on our shelf for a senior class of less than 100. Even so, they often get worn out by the end of the school year from constant use. Although one would be hard pressed to find any college that escapes completely unscathed, the student remarks seem to be a little more balanced than in earlier editions. But maybe I have gotten more accustomed to the critical nature of student opinions. I do wish that a few more colleges and universities could be reviewed, since those in this volume are the most highly selective...and the choices for college certainly extend beyond what is presented. When students read guidebooks like this one, they tend to extrapolate that the only colleges worth looking at are the ones included.
Adrienne511 More than 1 year ago
This book just keeps getting better with each edition. All college counselors should have a copy of this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is time to get the newest version of this book for my office. Last year's version is sitting in two pieces because our students kept reading it over and over. The binding of the book gave out because of the constant use and abuse. Students can relate to the letter grading system used in the book. They also enjoy hearing another student's point of view. It doesn't have all the facts about a college but it will give a good overview. This book does not replace a college visit but it will give an idea of what a school feels like. Walter Pineda Associate Director of College Counseling
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good resource for students. Written in a student friendly manner with answers to the 'real' questions students ask. Would be beneficial for parents to read as well to learn about the realities of campus life. Rachel McCoy School Counselor