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Big Man on Campus: Fresh Gay Erotica

Big Man on Campus: Fresh Gay Erotica

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by Shane Allison

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You've seen him strutting across the green, knowing full well every eye is on him. College guys are the stuff of fantasies but there are those who rise to the head of the class, the "big man on campus" who is like a greek god with his bulging biceps, six pack abs, and legs that go on for miles. These dreamy hunks stride across campus, inciting lust with every step.


You've seen him strutting across the green, knowing full well every eye is on him. College guys are the stuff of fantasies but there are those who rise to the head of the class, the "big man on campus" who is like a greek god with his bulging biceps, six pack abs, and legs that go on for miles. These dreamy hunks stride across campus, inciting lust with every step. Whether showering off after soccer, posing in the library stacks, or engaging in some male bonding at the fraternity house, these gorgeous lads and grads are good for page-turning, arousing action. An enticingly explicit collection of gay erotica, Big Man on Campus explores the first lust for another boy, all-night study sessions with a classmate, and the excitement of a student hot for teacher. This steamy collection relishes the joys of self-discovery and the revelations that happen when a young man has the freedom to pursue his interests—in bed and out. From coming out to falling in love, these stories of sexual awakening will evoke trembling, heart-pounding, sweaty-palmed excitement. The editor himself gets the frat party started with a true confession of his own campus encounter.

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"An enticingly explicit collection of gay erotica."—AVN

"Every story absolutely gives the reader the hot moments they’re looking for." —Erotica Revealed

"Collection of gay erotica themed around an elite group of college guys who everything comes easy to, especially sex; with each other and even with their professors on occasion." —Erotic Trade Only

"An enticingly explicit collection ofgay erotica, Big Man on Campus explores the first feelings of lust for another boy, all-night study sessions with a classmate, and the excitement of a student hot for teacher." —Erotica Readers and Writers Association

"When I see the name Shane Allison, I know that I am getting some wild erotica and literary smut." —Reviews by Amos Lassen

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Big Ten
Chuck Willman

My dorm room was a pit. It would have passed for a prison cell with its shiny gray, chipped linoleum floor, sterile white walls, and a ceiling pocked with big, dark water-stains that must have formed over decades. But this tiny, dingy seventh-floor room of the ten-story Whitman Hall was going to be home for my freshman year at Indiana University.
Fresh out of high school, I had just turned eighteen that June. I couldn’t wait to leave home, and would have slept in the parking lot for the chance to be out on my own, especially at a Big Ten university! My parents helped me move into my room the weekend before the semester began; before most of the other students arrived. I took a short walk around the campus, and then decided to go back to my room. I was exhausted.
The next morning the stairwells and hallways echoed with a manic fury of banging furniture, shouting, and laughter. My short-lived, quiet refuge was permanently spoiled as all of my new neighbors moved in.
I made my way to the large men’s bathroom at the end of the hall to take a shower. Only one other guy was there—a hairy, 6' 2" muscular ox of a stud—with a thin, frayed towel barely wrapped around his narrow waist as he stood in front of the mirror shaving.
The bathroom was a white-tiled cavernous room, and the community shower pit at its end was sunken with rows of spigots on each side. I yanked my sweat pants off and stepped down. For a couple of minutes I was oblivious to anything as I stood under the strong surge of warm water. Then a sudden, deep yell startled me from behind.
“Damn, this water is hot!” I darted around and opened my eyes to see the guy who had been shaving stretching his tall, lean body, and balancing on his toes as he reached for the knob to one of the spigots across from me. “Almost burned my dick off!” he shouted, winking at me with a smile. He twisted the knobs to adjust the water’s temperature, and slowly stepped under the spray. “Ah! This is more like it!” Soaping his broad shoulders and enormous chest, thick white rivers of lather accentuated the dense black hair of his chest and armpits, and covered his dense, luxurious patch of pubic hair surrounding his chubby cock and low-hanging nuts. With his face covered in soap and his eyes closed tightly, I had a few moments to relish the sight before he rinsed the suds from his face. “How ya doin’?” he asked.

I turned to hide my expanding dick. “Okay.”
“Good. Kinda sucks that everyone’s moving in today, though. I doubt we’ll see the john this quiet for a long time!” He soaped up the dark crevice between his muscular, furry round buttocks, and casually scrubbed under his balls and cock, making them bob wildly. “My name’s Jeff,” he said. His full, rosy lips curled into a charismatic smile that framed his perfect white teeth, and his long, wet, dark lashes accentuated his big, bright blue piercing eyes.
“I’m Mitch,” I said, trying to keep my crotch covered.
“I’m in 713,” he said.
“710,” I pointed with a nod.
“Neighbors then!” he flashed another smile.
We finished showering next to each other and I was able to steal quick glimpses of his bulging muscles and lavish black body hair before he stepped into a pair of thin, cut-off cotton shorts that made his mega-bulge stand out, flopping like some freak limb as he moved. I hid my boner with my towel.

“Gotta meet my girlfriend for breakfast,” he said, rolling his eyes. “I’ll catch ya later, man!” Then Jeff disappeared into the bustling hall.
Seeing Jeff’s beautiful body and thick cock was a great way to start my day! I slipped back into my sweat pants to dodge my way through the mob back to my room, locked the door, and jerked-off.
Monday morning began with a whirlwind of activity as everyone rushed and scattered for the first day of classes. My roommate, Derek—a southern California surfer dude—had moved in the night before and was still asleep, snoring on his back with one leg propped against the wall. His semi-hard dick with its head partly hidden by his copious hood, poked out of his white boxers, and his shoulder-length, golden hair surrounded his face like a lion’s mane. I savored the sight for a few moments before tiptoeing out of our room.
As expected, the bathroom was packed. I stood in my tenting sweatpants, trying not to get noticed staring at the smorgasbord of naked bodies. “‘Morning, Mitch!” Derek shouted as he bounced into the bathroom, his uncut penis already pulled through the fly of his boxers as he headed straight for one of the urinals.
“Hey,” I nodded. Soon we were both showering. I tried to keep my eyes to myself. But with cocks swinging and hairy butt-cracks opening close enough for me to touch and taste as the guys bent over to wash, it wasn’t easy.
I was incessantly distracted by the variety of hot guys all around me; already infatuated with Jeff from my dorm. He sat a couple rows away from me in my sociology class. A freshman star on the university’s football team, his muscular body looked just as good in worn gym shorts and a T-shirt—thick tufts of black hair on every limb and sprouting from the stretched neckband. Instead of taking notes, I watched his enormous, thick-veined hands and long fingers manipulate his pen.

Friday afternoon Jeff knocked on my door wearing only his cut-offs and resting his tree-trunk arms over his head on the top of the door frame, his luxuriously hairy, ripe pits right in my face. “Hey, Mitch, what are you up to?” he asked.
I didn’t think he even knew who I was. “Nothing,” I answered meekly.
“I’m bored shitless,” he said. “My roommate’s gone, my girlfriend had a family wedding to go to for the weekend, and I was wondering if you’d like to hang out?”
I almost creamed my pants right then. “Sure,” I answered, swallowing hard.
We headed over to his room and got loaded. But Jeff surprised me when he asked, “Why don’t you crash here, man?”
It was like a thousand slot machines were hitting jackpots at the same time in my head! But I had to keep my cool, despite the fact that I was drunk and unbelievably horny just being around him.
We finally fall asleep around one o’clock in the morning. Jeff passed out on his bed, and I passed out on his roommate’s bed.

Meet the Author

Shane Allison has been published in countless literary journals and publications, such as McSweeney's, Velvet Mafia, Mississippi Review, New Delta Review, and Outsider Ink. He is the editor of Backdraft and Hot Cops. His stories have also appeared in anthologies such as Best Black Gay Erotica, Truckers, and Cowboys. He lives in Tallahassee, FL.

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Big Man on Campus: Fresh Gay Erotica 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just Shane Allison's Big Man on Campus? This collection of stories is sexy sexy sexy! I'm a huge fan of "Big Ten" and "The Jock and the Professor" (give it a chance - I promise it's not as cheesy as it sounds!), but all the stories have something to offer. I definitely recommend this bad boy!