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Disc 1

  1. Night at the Opera
  2. Aggrressive Expansion
  3. Road to Perdition
  4. Kyrie for the Magdalene (for the film The Da Vinci Code)
  5. The Wings
  6. Battle of the Heroes
  7. Prayer for Peace
  8. WALL-E
  9. Harry's Wondrous World
  10. Twisted Nerve
  11. Remember Me (for the film Troy)
  12. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Symphonic Suite

Disc 2

  1. Theme
  2. Cops or Criminals
  3. Theme
  4. The Eternal Vow
  5. Return of the Lion
  6. Sense of Touch
  7. Suite
  8. My Heart Will Go On (for the film Titanic)
  9. To the Roof
  10. The Poet Acts
  11. The Mummy Returns
  12. The Fellowship of the Ring Theme

Disc 3

  1. Driving with the Top Down
  2. The Moon and the Superhero
  3. Life Is a Dream
  4. Eptesicus
  5. The Last Samurai
  6. Catch Me If You Can
  7. Fever Dream
  8. Sean's Theme
  9. The Heart of a Volunteer
  10. Sayuri's Theme
  11. Linda Looks for Love
  12. The Duchess

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Mark Isham   Composer
Philip Glass   Composer
Jerry Goldsmith   Composer
James Newton Howard   Composer
John Williams [composer]   Composer
Richard Harvey   Composer
James Horner   Composer
Carter Burwell   Composer
Bernard Herrmann   Composer
Thomas Newman   Composer
Rachel Portman   Composer
Gustavo Santaolalla   Composer
Howard Shore   Composer
Alan Silvestri   Composer
Hans Zimmer   Composer
Tyler Bates   Composer
Harry Gregson-Williams   Composer
Tan Dun   Composer
Klaus Badelt   Composer
Ramin Djawadi   Composer
John Powell   Composer
Douglas J. Cuomo   Composer
David Arnold   Composer
Sarah Gosevitz   Art Direction

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